Main Aman Jangan Kejebolan | The Agency – Episode 2

The wilder you are, the better Let’s Start The Party Condoms Afternoon sir Sorry for my tardiness, I had to take care of my youngest It’s fine sir Ok let’s not waste time I have to check up on my oldest He has a poetry competition in Taman Mini Of course sir, Alright i’ll get to it then For the online campaign we are splitting it into three parts Right here there’s twitter instagram and YouTube We propose that… (ringtone playing) Hello, what’s up Thor? How did that deal went? Have you sent them the email yet? I did and? any reply? not yet then follow it up Ughh If I keep following up they’re going to think we’re desperate Just let it be for now Ok fine, but don’t take too long just hurry it up But don’t rush it because I don’t want to look desperate but uh when you follow up don’t rush it so… take your time but don’t rush it Do you get it? Yeah yeah yeah hold on, I’m on my last two sets here Sorry sorry sorry guys So my uber was late because I thought I ordered the normal car but it turned out to be an uber carpool So I was the second passenger And the third guy was fast But this fourth guy tooked forever to come out Next time I am so taking a cab with a lower fare Mr. Jo isn’t here yet Ooooh ok Girl I was so lazy this morning, i couldn’t be bothered to wake up. How long did it took you to come up with that excuse? well I finally got up and I knew I’d be late, so I started rehearsing it over and over simple If you’re going to be late just say so Why lie? Just be honest about it Where’s Prisha? At a meeting Uh oh So Thor’s manager just whatsapped me with three smiley emojis Whoa Kinda like how my name has three G’s Guys, help me think of an excuse to turn down Thor Just tell her the fates are not in favor this time Come on, seriously Sep I’m always serious with you Ok just do this, just type something that implicitly states it’s clearly a deal but in reality it’s not a deal How does that work? Excellent question Lala Here’s what you do. use vague words just tell her we had a problem with the budget and decided to go with someone else Yes If it looks like things aren’t working out, just tell them Be brave enough to be honest Don’t reply through whatsapp Email her so there’s hard proof so anyway sir, according to our team, we can reach 1 million users within a week on twitter and instagram doesn’t sound like its enough sir Who’s actually the boss here? You are sir, Ok then that sounds good The important thing is that our campaign message is promoted #play safe, don’t let it through Okay, Absolutely sir Ok so now for the youtuber, I propose that… Sir sir sir, sorry, oh no it looks like Dito just fell off his bicycle Aw shoot, please excuse me Tell the nanny to take him to the clinic But if the nanny goes then Rangga will be home all alone then tell the nanny to bring them both Aisyah is with her mom right? Ok sir! I’ll make the call now, Please excuse me because I have an important call to make Sure My apologies, My third child fell of his bicycle That’s how it is when you’re the man of the house We have to make time for our children Of course sir it’s quite alright How old are your children? My oldest is 9 years old and my second is 8 years old my third is… 6 years old My fourth is… 4 years old and my fifth is 1 year old But that one’s birthday is next month next month? yes Oh so almost 2 years old then and right now my wife is currently pregnant So where were we? Oh right Don’t forget the hashtag #play safe, don’t let it through (laughing) Ok so for the YouTuber we are proposing Joshua Brian His subscribers are currently at….. 70 million Rupiah? It turns out Thor’s price fee is 70.000.000 million rupiah guys! His manager said she made a mistake with the number, there was an extra nominal But he’s still more expensive than Joshua Brian OK but listen to the package he’s offering one youtube video two instagram video one teaser video one photo post on the day of twitter shares 10 tweets for free instagram story during events and mention towards clients and one live instragram QnA session about the condoms but that’s not all guys also broadcast messages to all contacts on his phone (laughing) Mas Bono a round of coffee please but then you’ll cancel on it again this is crazy! This is the best deal of the year Call Prisha now! now now now hurryyyyy Ms. Lala ask for a followback as well so anyway he is the YouTuber that’s right for this in my opinion he is the best one here’s the deal to be frank i have no idea who he is exactly i too have no idea as well why are you speaking louder? yes sir ohh well he is new because only since last year had he just gain traction from soap operas and now is just starting to transition to Youtube that so huh (ringtone playing) ehh pardon me you’re forgiven ughh she’s not answering Now you know how it feels right? Huh? ehh I meant ping her whatsapp just ping her whatsapp ping? not answering huh? bet there’s already somebody else because you just had to lie Mr. Bono That’s a door The blackboard is over there okay i’ll just trust you then but if it turns out the KPI is subpar we’ll have to revise the fee of course sir (Whatsapp Notification Sound) PING!!! PING!!! JING!!! Eh that was a typo… PING!!! PING!!! PING!!! (chuckling) (Whatsapp Notification Sound) (Whatsapp Notification Sound) (Whatsapp Notification Sound) (Whatsapp Notification Sound) PING!!! PING!!! PING!!! PING!!! PING!!! okay okay you can just call them back i also want to call my wife as well ohh I’m so sorry gentlemen I’ll be quick about it are you calling my wife as well? La really? i’m in the middle of a meeting did you not see my Whatsapp Story? huh? Whatsapp Story? do people really use that? ugh nevermind bottom line is just propose Victhor as the YouTuber wait i’d just locked down on Joshua josh.. jo.. well whatever his name is now you want it to be Thor? i know i know but this is a really great deal just hurry up and lock him down huh fine fine but your foot is alright? gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen ok so.. i want to propose a different YouTuber just a second my child so there’s been a slight change of plan Joshua Brian is actually… currently busy filming a soap opera… with a filming schedule of 4 days 4 nights… and also no breaks but you said that he was best one well… yes but there’s actually somebody better… than the best one itself he’s also a YouTuber and his name is Thor ohh the Avengers guy? no, i meant Victhor and he is also a… Gamer who is he? i don’t know him as well as i sir ehhh uhmm are you meeting Thor Dad? i wanna come Dad you’re meeting Thor right Dad? i wanna come (screaming) (she’s definitely got this) (screaming) Thank you Mel! You’re definitely a Manager great at negotiating ah you’re being overdramatic just hurry up and think up the idea we don’t have a lot of time Mel! It’s only one video i can think up a Storyline in 10 minute so relax alright wait just one Youtube video? ahh you always do this read your emails!!! (sighing) ok wait let me check it why’s there so many request? and how could i possibly send my mom a broadcast message saying #play safe, don’t let it through Wait wait wait wait Mel! how much was the price fee that you proposed? 70 Million Rupiah 70 MILLION RUPIAH FOR THIS MUCH REQUEST? HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY MEL? will you stop complaining so much just hurry up and think up the idea just hurry up and think… Mel you are my manager you know my schedule you know that i am the busiest man in the world huh there..are..so..many..things..and..events…that…i….have…to… baghhhh bye eghh Thor’s manager is asking us to be involved in his creative process Help me out please guys That’s just gonna add up my workload Help me out Brainstorming, Brainstorming come onnn Lala calm down La… i’ll help you out with anything that you need anything an.. ny.. thing Can you all just keep this kind of talk to yourself? I’m trying to finish up my report over here Alright alright let’s take a quick break It’s getting stuffy in here ughh sep you’re blocking my way Could you go on a diet already? sure tomorrow Wow It’s not everyday you all visit my workspace yeah sorry if it’s messy though (pondering over Condoms) ugh sep since you are a man if for example you’re to tweet about condoms whuh what would you possibly write? Look I’ve already told you my relationships have not yet reach the point… to this So there’s no way I would’ve ever tweeted anything like that You’re asking the wrong guy maybe you should ask… Mr. Bono wow talking about condoms? My brain would wander all over the place Ok ok let’s just look for inspirations from our surroundings yeah? I getting nothing guys same here me too well i got something what is it sep? nevermind, tell you about it later (pissed off) Why does our backyard look like this? we’re a creative office our surroundings should inspire us more yeah yeah i agree If I were Mr Jo… like… over here… I would put like a water fountain so that when we work we can hear the sounds of water dripping that would be so soothing right? that’s brilliant now if I were Mr. Jo I would put in like a mini pool… with a little water slide… lawn chairs for suntanning… and don’t forget… a barbecue area over there whoa hoho that would be great too but if I were Mr. Jo I would make this area have more vegetative so i would plant some bonsai trees here… just to make it more vegetative Oh I got another idea I wanna put Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin sculpture right here there? yeah can you Ms.Coco? wahh that would be a great idea Ms. Coco now if I were Mr. Jo… I’d add ponds for catfish and arowana hohohoh that’s a really great idea! Interesting, interesting, interesting If I were Mr Jo ok ok ok what would you do? since there would be a catfish pond here… all that it’d be missing is a sundanese song oh yeah a sundanese song just like this (singing a random sundanese song) nicee ehehh huh? Mr. Bono Mr. Bono Mr. Bono you’re an honest man right Mr. Bono? right Mr. Jo can you be honest with me ? yes Mr. Jo is my backyard great? gre..great Mr. Jo

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