LoL Special – Happy Holidays!

Bottom lane can kiss our asses Falalalalalalalala Top and Middle lane surpases Falalalalalalalala Damn their Ashe just left the middle Falalalalalalalala Watch your ass for jungle Fiddle Falalalalalalalala Gonna try to snipe their baron Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, YES!™ Run away from pissed off Garen Falalalala Demacia Eve is a fucking slut Falalalalalalalala Buy some wards or you’ll be butt fucked Falalalalalalalala I think Kog’maw’s really pretty Falalalalalalalala Wait until you see his DADDY Falalalalalalalala Use the Ults now all together Falalalalalalalala Double, Triple, Legendary Falalalalalalalala

Stephen Childs


  1. @MFKmuckman if all your team spends is 150g, youre doin it wrong man. and im talking about CONSTANT map awareness. its no longer worth it. its not worth going back for wards anymore. sure, worth buying when you can, but you cant just say "wards are dieing, gunna re-ward"

  2. @duo1666

    i didnt say anything like that
    u said they were useless
    i said they werent

  3. grasshyen can u say me a twisted items ? i begin with him but i dont know what i am buy .. (sry for bad english)

    gj and nice videos 😉

  4. Also does anyone know who kog'maw's daddy is? I do. it's … BARON NASHOR, or malzahar(cuz kog'maw came from the void)

  5. Great editing, man.
    Especially with the announcer part.

    Awesome that you got practically all regulars to join in.
    Great vid!

  6. @Metaknight7047 so like… if malz and kassadin made a baby it would be kog'maw? 😀
    plz say yes, (ogodogodplzsayyes!!!) 😀

  7. @R4Z0R98 read the lore/story from kog'maw. if it hasn't changed then kog came from the viod. it might have changed cuz rammus' story changed.

  8. @MrTheDJRock you're really THAT dumb? he had to do it with his friends…

  9. @MrTheDJRock this wasnt intendet to be a fucking pro video u fucktard just a video for the song.. get some fucking friends

  10. Gonna try to snipe their baron. wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, YES!™

  11. @Grasshyren hes saying you fail for doing this in custom games…
    1. custom games would make the recording easier
    2. if this was done in live games… godam that woulda taken some time
    3. i have nfi wat he ment by 4 in the bar >.>

  12. @Metaknight7047 I know! So does Kassadin and Malzahar. And who says the mom has to sound girlish? its the void, nothing is natural there! 😀

    By all that being said; Kass + Malz = kog'maw! 😀
    They mightve used baron as a surrogate mom or something.. idk im not good at this Dx

  13. "Wait till you see his daddy…." Then a giant potato shows up? -.- am i missing sumpin

  14. EvEEeeEE is AAaaaaAAA FuuUUUuuuckIIIIiiinG SluuuuUUUUuuT BuuUUy SoOOome WaaAAArds or yOOoUU'll be buUUUtFuuUUUcked!!!

    So awesome xD

  15. now heres the ult all together! get boomed by crowstorm and unstoppable force. hahahaha. so hilarious.

  16. falalala is what they used in old songs to replace swear words =O

  17. 2:13 Get butt-fucked by Evelynn
    20:49 Placed ward
    Only took 18 minutes to buy a ward!

  18. what i meant was that u guys made a custom game and u played 4vs4 right? cuz in the sidebar we can see kog maw miss fortune and malphite + ezreal

  19. I dunno who sang: "I think kog'maw is really pretty" but it almost sounded as if Kog'maw was like: …*silence* "lalalalalalaaa..?"


  21. buy some wards or you'll be butt fucked falalalalala. evelyn i fucking see you xD

  22. I miss the winter map 🙁 . if it still would be there i would buy a christmas skin!

  23. Aurina…nice voice…rly:P i'm a singer too and i must say…you rock 😛

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