Local gov’ts announce tight measures to curb COVID-19

local administrations are announcing
various measures to stop the spread of the virus
these include bans on public rallies and the closing down facilities related to
the religious sect in tegu with potentially hundreds of infections Kim
again tells us more local governments nationwide have rolled
up their sleeves to contain the corona virus outbreak in the capital Seoul
mayor Park won-soon has announced a total ban on rallies and major plazas in
the city centers starting Friday as part of efforts to protect elderly people who
are active in such protests and who are more susceptible to contagious diseases
weekend protests are a common sight here at the Parliament Plaza but this weekend
the area alongside chunga Plaza and Hall plaza will be empty following the
government’s temporary ban on rallies over concerns of the spread of the COBIT
19 those who breach the measure can be fined up to roughly 2500 u.s. dollars
the mayor also vowed to close down facilities in the city related to the
shin-chan G Church of Jesus the religious group to which as of Friday
more than 100 confirmed cases have been linked in the southern city of Daegu we
decided that there is a need for strict measures on crowded areas such as the
shin chon G Russia facilities beginning today or sin 20 churches in Seoul will
be shut down meanwhile in congedo province governor
ezm young on Facebook called for all internship facilities in the province to
be closed down he vowed told an extensive survey of where the Shin Choji
members have been recently in order to disinfect those places in addition to
those efforts numerous districts have been sending
messages to their residents alerting them about precautionary measures and
what to do if they feel unwell or have had any contact with people from tegu
kim again arirang news

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