‘Listen to the science’ Thunberg tells Congress

I have no come to offer any
prepared remarks at this hearing. I’m instead attaching my testimony. It is the IPCC special report
on global warming of 1.5˚C, the SR1.5, which was released
on 8 October 2018. I am submitting this report as
my testimony because I don’t want you to listen to me,
I want you to listen to the scientists. And I want you to unite
behind science and then I want you to take real action. – Could you expand on why it’s
so important to listen to the science? – It’s just such a thing we should
be taking for granted is that we listen to the current,
best available, united science. It’s just something that
everyone should do. This is not political views or
my opinions, this is the science.

Stephen Childs


  1. Next time those "planet savers" should invite an 8 year old without any "political views", with even more serious face and stronger emotional voice to talk about "united science", and maybe future generations… What a pathetic PR stunt… Congress of United States should not spend their valuable time listening to teens' opinions about science and media should not spend their time delivering this type of content to population…

  2. Sorry kid, this isn’t science! Science is 90% theory 10% fact to come up with a hypothesis, science is full of speculation

  3. Why are there children testifying/talking to Congress telling us to listen to "the scientists" where are these scientists?they only want government funding!

  4. In relation to climate science, the only people who bang on about the science are the people who have not studied it.

  5. hey girl, scientists have never been interested in that, they are just crazy about curiosity and how to prove it. even if it's related, because it's a coincidence in their field … if they want to, why give the stage to children?

  6. Umm shut up girl until I ask you How Many Genders there are, then you may speak. The answer to that question is Real Science, not Political Wishful Thinking

  7. Listen to the science? How about look at demographics!! western countries population are declining this means less carbon. Africa’s population is exploding unsustainably this means lots more carbon and even more as they develop.
    Why is the girl everywhere. She’s not a scientist, not a meteorologist, not politician, not a green economist but her and her views are plastered everywhere. Who would consult a 16 year old on anything important, only probably a 10 year old .
    Let’s be real the population explosion in Africa will generate infinitely more CO2 than Europeans getting electric cars and solar panned will save. But nobody is brave enough to tell Africans to stop fecklessly breeding like rabbits . That would be racist or colonialism or something.
    Going to keep driving my V8 turbo until third population control is addressed.

  8. This will destroy her. Poor fool is being used as a shield to forward a climate change hysteria agenda. In a year no one will remember her, in a decade she will turn up dead from an OD at some orgy.

  9. Causing a child anxiety or any worry at all IS child abuse! Shame on the adults for abusing this CHILD.

  10. Lmfao. You know the moonbats have lost the plot when they start rolling out the children.

  11. I recommend anyone interested to do what Greta recommends and "listen to the scientists". You may be surprised at what you'll hear, you may even wonder what all the fuss is about…the world is already listening to the scientists, and to the IPCC. Hence the action that is already being taken, and has been taken over the last many years. Global warming of +1.5% isn't the huge biblical disaster that's being portrayed by Greta & chums, as the IPCC themselves state in their conclusions so far. We should be wary, and we should be active. But no, humans aren't dying out any time soon.

  12. Thunberg thinks that eating meat is “stealing her generation’s future” and will lead to a climate apocalypse. Additionally, the teenager has touted “flygskam” or flight shaming for anyone who dares use an airplane regularly. (But not flights needed because of her own activities, apparently.)

  13. Always blaming China 😂😂🤦‍♂️ but thats because they make everything and/but we buy it all 🤷‍♂️

  14. A huge thank you to Greta Thunberg for fighting for her, and our, right to have a decent future!


  16. Science is nothing but a hypothesis by a smart person that is usually proven to be wrong later down the line by an even smarter person…….

  17. "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation."
    – excerpt from Mein Kampf by Adopt Hitler

  18. And before I have a child tell me about global warming I say to that child take your science in school learn where the trouble is coming from not from earth it’s coming from the sun child a little child trying to tell me that I am killing the earth it is the sun stupid little one

  19. Was that a book report about Chicken Little 😂 the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

  20. So.. she's saying exactly what she's been told.. "and it's not a political opinion, just something we should do" sure, I'm convinced.

  21. I have not come to offer peppered remarks, reading from the script… "Children of the corn, panic, our house is on fire!"

  22. Who has written her script here with prearranged questions to her come on world wake up how long are you going to be fooled by this circus stop listening to a cabbage patch doll

  23. The little talented clown forgot to include in her speech an important quote: we must reduce population, I repeate…We… must… reduce… child birth. Period. If the little girl's memory isn't that sharp yet, go back to school…or…if this little actress blindly red Washington's manuscript…there is no future for this sweet turtle as an ambassador or any high-ranking diplomat in Europe. Stay there in the US. America always had space for clowns and actors. As u can see Hollywood is a big house and famous for training actors for profit. And u know what? You will continue reading hundreds of speeches which u have no control over. A) Bankers will misuse u for even bigger global profits and continue misusing public funds B) Immigration and tax offices will implement even more absurd laws on as tax payers and C) your future will be ruined if u play your own rules, u are screwed now! Cheers.

  24. Greta is great-greatgranddaughter of Svante Arrehnius (Nobelpreize chemistry, 1903), a scientist with an explosive mind, first to indicate (& quantify) the negative effect of too much CO2 in the atmosphere (green house effect) in the late 19th century. She knows, she "oozes" knowledge. Sven is warning us for a 2nd time around

  25. 50 years ago, the USA put a man on the moon in one of the greatest contributions to civilization ever undertaken.
    As a contrast to this, in 2019 grown people from the parliament of said country in all seriousness ask, "Why should we listen to scientists?"
    What an epic decline.

  26. The IPCC is not aware that the relationship between CO2 and temperature is logarithmic, not exponential.
    All they’re predictions have repeatedly been wrong. Soon Solar cycle 25 will bring us into colder weather, or even colder climate.

  27. wow, the reason we should liste to science is because politicians are getting so low as to ask the question "why should we listen to science (on climate change)", politiciana are listening to their corporate donors not to listen to science. Science is the process of truth discovery through open and constant unrelenting falsification by world wide scientists community on all conjectures. Believing in corporate donors on the other hand is believing in something that would bring profits to the corporate donors, which are most likely indifferent or detriment to global climate change fighting.

  28. Shouldn't she be in school so that she possibly be a scientist one day? Not sure how skipping school to be an activist is better than having real scientists present the same article. This kid is a prop.

  29. they're only indulging her to avoid being rude. she has nothing whatsoever to contribute, and why do we think that kids have a clue about how the world really works… they are naive by definition…


  31. When a 16 years old girl had to sail across an ocean, to hand over a report the grown-ups should have read a long time ago.

  32. Absolutely read the science — not just the stuff that appeals to your politics & social status. Not just promises from UN quangos about some unscientific, vague 'concensus'.

  33. A special needs kid being abused by left wing parents and allowed to sail away with 2 grown men…
    Very weird and climate change is not real its a fix its stayed same for over 40 years

  34. The Greta Thunberg circus is a sign of how infantilized political debate around climate change has become.

  35. I will say it again. If you want to save the earth hold your breath till death and you will lower your carbon footprint save earth and be a hero. Her parents should also do this.

  36. Imagine a planet completely rid of humans… now imagine all the things we as humans have done and produced and all the technology that we've created and how it affects our earth.… I 100% believe the planet without any knowledge of humans is a much cleaner environment VS the one with us. We do effect the climate and everything we invade and touch whether our political lobbyists tell you or not.

  37. Relaying P.R. U.N. talking points over and over is what she does. She should have begun her tour with the biggest polluter – China. India too is trying to catch up. If this titless wonder will be the cover girl for environmentalism in the same way she was for vegan diet then indeed the world is doomed. Environmentalism is also not science but a religion.

  38. Personally even if we did everything, we'd only delay the inevitable. So much can go on before it resets or becomes pointless.

    Can't the scientists go there and explain? They're the experts. Why have a kid whose raw knowledge of the matter is little to none represent the urgency? At most she can only say what she's told especially given her disability. She should be in school learning more about this and become an expert herself.

  39. People who are using children in this way should be thrown in jail. This is beyond disgusting.

  40. Go home kid, and clean up your messy room. Put your toys in box and do your homework before you watch tv.

  41. Wait… how did she get there? Oh… I see… another hypocrite. Call it in, Greta. Save the plane fuel. Then maybe… just maybe I will take you seriously. But, nope… you are just like all the other Left-wing celebs telling the rest of us to feel bad for being alive. I don't listen to hypocrites.

  42. First and foremost, I have no logical or sound reason to pay any attention to what a 16 year old has to say about the climate, or any other scientific topic for that matter. Would much rather listen to a scientist talk about science.
    Also, they're only giving her the time of day because if they don't there would be public backlash by the masses (because the masses are stupid). She's a child, she's not contributing anything to the topic, or giving solutions, she's just regurgitating what she's heard, most likely what she's heard from her environmentalist parents who have indoctrinated her with their ideologies from a young age. I can guarantee she doesn't understand what she's talking about, nor does she understand the politics that revolve around all this.
    They're essentially using a child as a puppet/mascot for a political agenda, that's child abuse no matter how important you think the political agenda is.

  43. "Could you expand on why we should listen to the science?"

    As a doctor I am horrified about the ignorance of this question.

  44. Listen to the science….from the girl who can see CO2. Isn't it ironic that she is not legally allowed to buy alcohol but is listened to when it comes to something as complex and as important as the climate? Science is and has always been open to scrutiny. A hypothesis only becomes a fact when all questions aiming to disprove it have been answered. The problem with climate alarmists is when you try to question they call you a denier and avoid the question. Like, does anybody know what the ideal earth temperature should be which will then give us a better understanding of when warming is too much?

  45. I'm happy to listen to the Scientists who hail from all sides of the debate. For and against CC. So we can make up our own minds. There is no evidence that proves mankind is responsible. Britain has been through a number of ice ages, still is. So many facts which are not debated on. The minimum and maximum solar output from the sun causes the extreme climate changes. Carbon is the gas of life. Without it we have no forestry, plant life, photosynthesis or growth. Or Oxygen.

  46. Hmm. First frivolous Trump investigations. Now Congress listens to a freak'n kid, reading a script obviously typed-up by some environmental whacko lobbyist group. Sorry. We are not "Touched," nor feel any empathy. "Greenhouse," & the Paris Climate Accord, are the biggest rip-offs in human history.

  47. I encourage everyone in the comment section to read a scientific article which explains the point of view of the other side. I think it's unfair to argue until you have really looked in to other people's opinions.

  48. More dislikes than likes???? In which world am I walking on? 492 likes, 591 dislikes, this can't be true.

  49. Heres your problem Greta.
    Your climate change YOU say..your scientists payed to say this or they dont get paid…Your climate change is man made.
    So the answer is simple. Remove mankind.
    You said you eant us to panic. you said it.
    You said mankind is damaging the planet so the obvious answer is to remove your problem..mankind.
    So how many do you think we should start with..3.5 billion. Ive heard that fig from you b4. Maybe gas 4..maybe 5 billion. Lets start with the young as the olds will die soon on their own.
    You cannot have it both ways. Have your cake and eat it. Humans are destroying the planet. Do you save the planet or save the humans.
    Be clear…olds in Australia and england are already dieing because they cannot afford to heat their houses in winter because your wind power is 50 times more expensive than coal power.
    Your Turbines Greta are destroying rare bird species and trillions of insects on the blade edges. The shadows from blades are flickering through windows. The nav lights are giving sleepless nights. The droning noise of the turbines is driving humans and wildlife mad. The pressure drops destroy bat lungs.
    So you have made a start greta on wiping people out. When do you intend industrialising it as we only have 11 years left
    Time is running out. Germany took 4 years for 6 million people. You want to get rid of 3.5 billion!!
    You had better start soon Saint Greta.

  50. She uses data from the IPCC. Dr Morner resigned his post as head of paleogeo physics & geo dynamics dept from the IPCC because they were altering & promoting false data that the UN relies upon.

  51. Yes, I do recall that about 10,000 peer-reviewed papers published in meteorology, biology, physics, chemistry, physical chemistry and ecology converge on similar findings with regard to climate-change.

    I remember, as well, how many peer-reviewed papers discrediting climate-change have been published. Last time I looked, the number was zero.

    I think that's allows a determination of who is talking sense, and who isn't.

  52. Did you know that our proteins are optimal at a ph 7.35 in our blood due to the delicate nature of the inner bonds? Now imagine that on the ocean if we go higher than 1.5…we are denaturing the proteins of the algae due the warmer waters is more favorable to more lethal algae or bacteria that their by products cause acidity to the oceans causing to end of sea life including our great algae that gives us oxygen…this irreversible damage that takes 50000 years to reset into balance in which you and i will be dead

  53. There are many, far too many evidences that we should reconsider our economical growth based on oil and gas. Oil we still need for medicine and genious chemical new products but to just burn it down especially developed countries should stop. For the poorest countries which badly need economical growth it still should be available in an intermediate time. But the developed countries can change to more costly but working regenerative Energies and the more they will apply regenerative Energies the cheaper it will get. Let's fight for a "Greta" world. Best regards Christian Faust, Master of Science for optical telecommunication and sensor technology (Germany)

  54. To many anti-intellectual Fox News watchers in the comments. BELIEVE THE SCIENCE

  55. Back to school little girl. I'll listen to your 'testimony' in 30 years time when you've paid some taxes and gained some life experience. 'Testimony is not science which is determined on proof not 'opinion' or consensus.

    And by the way get your parents to publish their bank account and portfolio listings so we can see how much they're making by using their intellectually disabled girl as a poster child for stealth taxation to enable the Ecomafia to get richer.

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