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Hi, my name is Lindy Harris. My agency name
is One Agency Lindy Harris, and I’m based in Singleton, the Hunter Valley area. I was
with an independent office, and was with them for nine years. When I came across the One
Agency brand I just felt like it was a perfect fit for me. The value of having the team and
the family of One Agency to help me and hold my hand through this starting up, and still
to this day after five months they’re still there to help and guide me in any direction
that I need. It’s a very daunting process to open your own business up, and to start
from the bottom up again, and to have them work with you and know that you’ve got the
support of a company like One Agency is invaluable. The value I have seen from the team of One
Agency is the accessibility to the CEO being Paul. He was always there whenever I needed
him, from the littlest question right through, and knowing if he wasn’t available the girls
and the team from One Agency were always there to give me any guidance that I needed. Just
get in there and have a go, have a crack, it’s just been the best experience. I wished
I had have done it years ago. It was five years in the making, and five months in it’s
just been I’m so happy and couldn’t be happier, and would recommend it to anybody.

Stephen Childs

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