Let It Snow | Official Trailer | Netflix

This place is beautiful. It’s like the perfect
holiday card. Snow hides a lot. It’s like the space of weather. You can do a lot worse
than this place, trust me. Tell her that you like her. I’ve known her since I was five.
It’s not that easy. You have to tell her you
want the same relationship, plus boning. -Tobin.
-Yeah? Hey, what’s up? I’m good. See you downstairs
when you find a bra. Christmas Eve bash.
Come one, come all. Boom! He’s gonna break up with me. He’d have to be the dumbest
human being on Earth to do that. Dumber than the people
who blow on ice cream before they eat it. That girl and I have a thing. Have you been with someone and you stay up until 4:00 a.m.
just talking about everything? And you’re like,
“I can’t believe I get to exist
at the same time as you.” No. But, like, I’m really happy for you. I realized life is just a bunch
of stuff you can’t control. But is that a bad thing? Anything can happen. Good, bad, anything. -She’s hooking up with him.
-No, they’re not hooking up. Yet. -Brake.
-Press the brake. -I am pressing–
-Watch the side line. -No!
-No! Dude, I think your nipple’s bleeding.

Stephen Childs

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