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Hey! It’s snowing in Burbank. That means it’s time forSleighed It!The Christmas treat where Netflix starsattempt aNailed It!
holiday baking challenge.
-Hello, hello, hello, hello.
-Hello. Joining us will be Isabella Merced, Jacob Batalon,
and back again is Kiernan Shipka. I did it, wow! I really did it. Thank you. Totally nailed it. We have a champion here. I love it. So your new movie,Let It Snow,
features one very prominent location.The Waffle Town.So today, you guys are gonna be making… Oh, my goodness. A gingerbread house made of waffles! -So difficult!
-That looks very, very hard. I nailed it! You have to figure out
the structure to put inside to hold it all up. You guys can eat glue, right? And I’ve got one Christmas surprise
up my sleeve. The three of you
are going to work together like an ensemble cast. -‘Cause you are an ensemble cast.
-But who wins then? We still judge you on your parts,
so we still have one winner. And, Kiernan, you get to wear -the golden baker’s cap.
-Thank you so much. Gold? I crown you team captain.You got 45 minutes
And it starts right now
Oh, it’s actually a lot of time. And if you don’t start now,
you’ll have less time. -Oh, so we’re starting right now.
-Yeah. Wait, what are we doing? All right. Jacques, let’s sit. -Okay, so, Jacob…
-Yes. -You take the grounds.
-You got it. Bella, you wanna take the side,
and I’ll take the roof? Umm, yes. All right, great.
That’s what we’re doing then. -Kiernan is already delegating.
-She’s going. I’m really usually the one
waiting in the dining room. But I’m excited, and I’m so glad
we’re working together. You’re going down. Oops, sorry. We’re gonna make some
buttercream frosting. Kiernan, my friend, -how is it going?
-What’s going on? It’s so good. How are you?
How’s your life? I’m doing well. My dress is slightly itchy,
but, you know… pain is beauty. Jacob, you’re sweating. I’m nervous, like I’m… If I could take your pain
and put it upon myself, I would. That’s how much I love you. So that’s… Is this vanilla?
Oh, it’s peppermint. Do I want it to be peppermint? Why not? All right. -I’m making the buttercream right now.
-You’re making the buttercream. I made the buttercream too. Do we need two buttercreams? -I think we do need two buttercreams.
-Okay. Is this right? Listen, there is no right,
there is no wrong. There is only nailing it. Nice. Says a half a cup of milk. I put two cups of milk! I’m sorry, I need to see that. I need to go see it. I messed up with the buttercream.I think it was because my brain,it said half a cup,and I didn’t realize that I hada whole four cups.So I put half of four cups
which is two cups. I forgot how to…
I forgot how to English. Okay, we fix it. Okay. Okay, so… all right, go ahead. -It’s a mess.
-Oo-wee. Jacques, is this really helping? -What’s happening over there?
-Don’t… don’t even ask me right now. Everything good, Bella? Everything good? -I think so.
-Yeah? Oh, okay. I saw my life flash before my eyes. Oh, no. Can we use those present boxes
on that right there? -Yep, those are to mold the house.
-Oh, okay. Wonderful. Perfect. Twenty minutes left. -You guys, I love you so much.
-Yes. I think we’re going to
absolutely crush this. And our movie’s great
regardless of how we do today. Oh, no. I did a thing. I did a thing. Oh, my gosh. It’s spilling out. It kind of bust open.
You know, I’m not very much a carpenter. I’m sorry. I think we’re absolutely killing it. Why are you so hard to break? -There we go.
-Sorry, guys. That is a little much, but… I like it. Oh, God. This house turned into a night club. Don’t forget. There is a whole family
who lives in there. I know. I got my man. He’s fully nude. I forgot to put clothes on him. I forgot to put clothes… -There’s a naked man on the roof.
-I’m sorry. Seven minutes left, you guys. Oh, is this…
did you put cereal on it yet? There we go. Look at that. Just sprinkling cereal. Yes! You guys, gotta move fast. Isabella’s just eating.
Good Lord, what is happening? Whoa. One minute left. All right, let’s frickin’ go, guys. -Throw little streamers on this.
-Good. Hurry, hurry, hurry. -Peppermint for the squad?
-Absolutely. I like that. Five, four, three, two, one… You’re done! Look like I got doo doo on my hands. All right. Let’s see…
what… you… made! -Ta-da!
-Sleighed it! Oh, boy! -Yeah.
-We did it. My God. This is the aftermath of a holiday party. And there is a kid in the roof. -Yeah.
-Yes. I will say this, it is standing up. Treats on it. There is boxes inside.
Of course, it’s standing up. -Jacob…
-Yes. What happened with your syrup? I tried so hard to make the two waffles
stick together. And ultimately, I just made it really bad by putting in… -by putting in–
-“I made it really bad.” -Really…
-And who loved the glitter so much? Um, that would be me.
It’s all edible if you want to try it. I’m… I’m good. -Okay.
-Feed it to me, Jacques. -Now you became very courageous, Nicole.
-There you go. Now you’ve become very courageous, Nicole. You have to chew it. You have to chew it.
Yeah, and then… and then you swallow. A lot of flavors. Okay. That’s peppermint buttercream. You gotta taste that. You gotta… you gotta taste that. Why your voice changed, Nicole? Because that mint’s gonna get you. -Wow.
-Oh, yes. Oh, yes. You guys really did it. Somebody has to win, Jacques. It’s a very hard decision. Jacques? You worked together
on a beautiful project. -Yes.
-So we decide that the winner is… All of you guys. Yay! Oh, we won. And to honor the tinfoil woman
in your movie… Okay. …you guys get
your very own tinfoil trophy. -We all won!
-We all won together. I feel like we were making this together,
we were in this together, we were always supportive of each other. -Yes.
-And it only feels right that we all won. -Well, that’s it forSleighed It!
-Let’s take the selfie now. -Yeah.

Stephen Childs


  1. Today is my girlfriend's birthday pls bless her my dear friends ….I want to convey this to her

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