LEGO City Tour: December 2016 Update – Happy Holidays

agents of moc reporting in for another city update the last City update of the year for december 2016 so it’s been quite a year for the city have to say come a long way so I’m here starting with an overview of the city I’ve done a little bit of rearranging you can see I moved the crane behind the avengers tower and i was able to get the last bit of girder pieces to finish off the color offsetting for the tower crane so shout-out to Hoosier bricks for sending those to me when we did our sig fig trade we’ve got a little bit of holiday celebration going on in our little park area and some other editions that i’m sure you’re spotting so let’s take a closer look and see what’s going on in the city alright so we’re starting over here in the park area next to the avengers tower outlook and we’ve got Santa he’s come to town but it doesn’t look like it’s actually Santa it looks like Deadpool has taken over the duties we’ve got some children lining up to ask what they want for christmas and we’ve got Erica bricks looks like she didn’t really take what deadpool said to her very well so she’s a she’s punching Hydra Bob Deadpool’s trusty sidekick as an elf in the silver bells and it looks like Hoosier looks like Hoosiers missing it he’s too busy looking at pictures on Instagram and we’ve got mr. t well you know mr. T’s doing what he does best for Hydra Bob let’s pan out here another view of the city we’ve got our sanctum sanctorum all complete I’ve got a mock review up on the YouTube channel if you’d like to check that out got a cool kid bricks nause bricks it’s like they’ve got a pretty good view up on the top there and they’re taking a look at what’s going on down down in the park and i forgot to mention we’ve got myself an agent forget it’s like we’re the security for Deadpool so I’m wondering where the other Santa went and got bricks on yak down here trying to sweep up the sidewalks a little bit got tried bricks oh I think we spotted them i think we spotted the Santa yeah doesn’t look like he’s doing too well let’s get that trash can open let’s continue on down here still got the monorail hooked up our setup here not quite sure where I want to go with it still need to get some straight track got my lego store and the bike shop and check those out as well if you’d like to see the separate videos for those and on down here to the harbor yes they are still working on it the docks we’ve got actually d from spirit particles brick world like she found a polka stop and we’ve also got the brick maniac and Big Sioux bricks like they’re checking out the diesel the diesel engine here’s the beach area the overall look of the city real quick we got a little bit of the cloud covered up there if you hadn’t seen on Instagram got the Redwood there started adding some more foliage to it still trying to figure out exactly how I want to taper off the whole trunk so we’ll see how that works out here we’ve got brick dudes suck he’s waiting for the train looks like we’ve got mr. H trying to get some natural spring water coming off the mountain look at the mountain here’s our countryside I’ve kind of tried to add some some trees to the forest haven’t set up the camper yet we do have some other trees in there it’s coming along eventually it’ll be all filled up the trees we’ve got brick Smith and how we stuff like they’re trying to get the Dragons attention to be on the panel for the new fluff and fold hopefully that works out form looks like we’ve got Chad’s brick hobby he’s starting to grow some mushrooms he just says one-year anniversary on youtube so go congratulate him on that here’s my fire station and don’t know if I’ve ever shown this before in the city but this is the fire station grew up with when I was a kid still think it’s a great set and big thing that’s happened here in the room is this platform that I made which will eventually be completely filled up with residential housing and as you can see I’ve already started placing some burps around the edge of it to cover up the would eventually it’ll all be burps with some green in between and then I’ve also got a tunnel started for the train so eventually it all the mountainside around that tunnel will look nice and covered up here we’re taking a look on the top of the hill side here it’s right above the vintage area of the city looks like we’ve got brick jams going to talk to one of the workers and Big B bricks and busy blocks there’s another look at the city from the backside so I think that is pretty much it for this update oh you know what actually switched around the Parisian restaurant and the greengrocer this was a suggestion by the most bricks I believe to move the greengrocer over here and to have the persian restaurant over here and i gotta say it looks really good that like that so thank you for that suggestion i think i got everybody got all the sig figs in this one so thank you guys for hanging in here for the whole video again thank you very much you really appreciate the support we’ve gotten this year and we’ve got some more stuff to come i think then the next project for me personally will be something to fill this space here between the sanctum sanctorum and the lego store or it may be another skyscraper which will be right close to where the park is right next to the avengers tower so that’s going to be a daily bugle skyscraper so look out for that in the near future hopefully anyways guys thank you for watching like the video like this update subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more from us in the future and I think we’ll see you guys next year this is agent of mock see ya

Stephen Childs


  1. Could you show me how you tile your train so I can use it because it's a good idea

  2. Thanks for the shout out and the city looks great you do some awesome work. Watch out now Erica packs a punch lol

  3. Man your city has so much wonderful detail. I love all the rock work along the harbor and beach area. Bad Santa! Lol! Oh and the snaze berries taste like snaze berries. Thanks for the shout out bud! One of my top Lego Cities!

  4. dude ur city is awesome u just got another subscriber😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺😁😁

  5. Great update! Awesome job on the Sanctum Sanctorum. Looking forward to the Daily Bugle!

  6. Amazes me every time I see it. I want to be a sig fig in your city. Make me one! πŸ˜‰

  7. Cool city! How do you work on the deep parts? Looks like much of the city would be hard to reach. We have that problem.

  8. great video, I like the beach and the rock-work, plus your rails are really nice with the brown tiles (which I am doing soon) I subbed plus you almost have 1000 subs congrats. πŸ˜€

  9. Awesome city! Love all of the details everywhere. All of the landscape details and different layers are great lego eye candy.

  10. This is an amazing layout, but I've gotta say, I was quite bored throughout the entire video. Maybe you should plan a little bit of what you're gonna say beforehand.

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