Legendary! Madonna – The Girlie Show Tour Reaction (PART 3)

yes sir mr. sir yes sir yes sir mr. sir yes sir yes sir yes sir Papa don’t preach I’m in trouble deep Papa don’t preach I’ve been losing sleep but I made up my mind I’m keeping my baby I’m gonna keep my baby oh yeah hey what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel I’ve been having a beautiful day you guys already know what today’s video is about it is part three of the girlie show tour come on I am so excited to see what else Madonna has in store for us in this show I mean we have two more parts left and the first two parts have been incredible diggers before we just start this video just like to make a quick announcement real quick just so you’re all aware tomorrow there won’t be a Madonna video I believe the next Mendota video is the final part of the show which is crazy how quickly it’s going like I just want to preserve it but tomorrow there won’t be a Madonna video more and unexpected Taylor Swift videos coming out so on Friday I’ll be uploading at the final part of this show all I’m not ready to make sure that you smash that subscribe button and you hit the notification bell so you can be alerted with every upload that I upload yeah are you guys so if you do end up enjoying this video don’t forget to smash that like button in fact we can rush in three seconds together you ready 3 2 1 smash that like button so forget subscribe to you in the family also don’t forget to leave me all your ex requests in the comment section down below I’m bout 5 Razoo let’s get in this video alright guys just before we start yet again I need to emphasize make sure you got your water I don’t want to see nobody dehydrating ok nobody’s dehydrating alright let’s go oh come on I’m just wondering what else can she give us she’s already given us so much is that you Queen oh my god wait wait wait wait a minute we need to we need to see that entrance oh my god I’m skipping it everywhere we need to see that again I’m sorry that okay gave a scream somehow I made this room oh she looks come on Oh that wing my time now you sound good shiny on the gunner boys for the very first time like a virgin okay yes took me once get that got it oh okay so this is like oh okay that over caught you so are you look so gorgeous this is so iconic got his time to stock I love this come on my door now oh my god she look so good oh come on come on bring a look at this rendition of this song this is everything come on very theater and I’m in love with it oh he failed oh I hope no one’s talking like this in the audience you guys best be screaming okay Madonna she bring comedy and everything in her shells I’m living ha energy is so contagious yet you best stand like the boss you are come on you know you did that you know you did that yeah cuz you made me feel ha ha – hi cooing okay yes literally oh please she said I’ve got nothing to hide hmm okay yes a watchin next come on green what a start to this pod Wow every years yes I bow down to you Queen Oh about to begin about some girl is started from the first second yeah get coming up on the ground yes child oh yeah this song oh and she’s got the filter on the mic – okay okay Thank You Bessie come on dancers look at the sickening – hey yes bye baby bye-bye baby papa yes flexibility okay thank you baby papa yes eyes but or not a D on Josh come on yes you Oh be careful queen Oh got ya you best tell them Queen you best tell them we’re talking about okay what song is this enough oh this soul is sickening oh she kicked that doctor oh the boys I’m like a what is up of every person but you’re attempting at a bite huh bang bang okay this song it’s like a groovy like you just grips away oh no you did not kick his ass we love you cream I kick your sauce please she touched you walk Jack come on choreography oh you best shake it when I’ve had the song wait come on cream yeah oh she looks amazing okay you best play my guitar yes fiamma Madonna Oh what she does this yes oh she’s just arrived on scene now yes come on let’s go to the music is there picking the stop look look at this look at this look at this you know what this says this says big budget and production production esse time yes that come on don’t yeah come on this song is so fun wait a minute wait a minute did you see that right in the background oh my god right up here do you see where my mouse is Wow okay so this is a dancer up here too Wow truly this look at that there’s always something to look at left/right up/down central stage lalalala come on yes Oh even the mic is going down oh you best show you best show everyone had it done come on this this she never gets tired she never gets tired and her vocals always on plane someone explain that how Hey oh good like everyone’s just instinct beautiful – yes yes yes yes yes and yes on top of yes come on I love her she vows after every performance come on green come on so what do you think of my clothes everything I having a good time yeah oh I finally knew if only you said your prayers cause it hasn’t rained so far and I just want to get down on my knees right now come on you guys come on get down on your knees I know it’s not often that you find yourself in this position but oh my god I just want to thank God we’re not raining on my toe thank you I know that it didn’t rain because I chose not to steal that certain article from my hotel room last week I put it back because I didn’t want any bad karma yes all right yes the hotels you guys all right thank you advice of Madonna also you may have noticed there’s several cameras around flying around annoying everybody thank you for putting up with them all like she just is just talking so audience oh this is so cool I feel every time I’m dripping with sweat and it’s not as flying out of my nose it’s oozing that’s kind of like a metaphor for life right when snots flying out of your nose they always zoom in for the close-up it’s a beautiful metaphor yes misery does love company but I’m not bitter does is too short to be bitter okay I admit I need a vacation okay all right I’ll shop okay oh okay you best much 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 is she gonna perform American life wait is she gonna perform American lies yes come on come on Madonna just green okay no it’s not well everyone information hey come on yes Australia this is sickening no holiday look at this crowd and one thing that you guys told me was like you don’t see a phone a single phone in sight and that is so true like everyone’s just enjoying the moment that is just so rare like it’s just so beautiful to see that everyone’s just in the moment come on she looks taught me yeah holiday come on and then we get okay hey do you see the way she moves funny I could get light at least 10% of Madonna’s talent please yeah oh that is so small it’s got this ride come on March March all do that yeah watch out the staff its legs Oh you are constantly impressing me all of the goosebumps Hey look the amount of people look at that look at that yes everyone’s having the time of that line come on yeah haha come on this is sickening oh okay all one another news you Madonna you you give me you give me this energy that no one can give me Oh audience you best you best clap yes shoulders back stomachs in yes Queen yes sir I already failed yes sir mr. star yes sir yes sir mister sir yes sir yes sir mister sir yes sir yes sir mister sir yes sir oh we love you oh we love you we love you we love you we love you yes you just because you’ve been so obedient I’m gonna sing a little song I made up for you you make up you best get her to enroll okay okay okay let’s go yes oh I don’t care I don’t care okay I’m a little bit delayed I’m gonna lens the car down under ain’t nobody gonna steal my thunder I’m in the land with the same good day ain’t nobody gonna stand in my way be my drum gonna bring my bed and I don’t get my day on if I go jump in the land with that call Down Under ain’t nobody gonna steal my thunder I’m in the lamb with the SEC Thursday and nobody gonna stand in my way be my dog i’ma bring fire bill and I don’t give a damn if I go to hell imma beat my dog I’m a ring my bell and they don’t give up I don’t care what you must say we all need a holiday I don’t care what you have done we all need to have some fun we all need fine I have so much luck anything you okay listen oh you bet yes sir mr. sir yes sir yes sir mr. Cerra yes sir yes sir mr. Cerra yes sir yes sir yes sir I’m in love like this is I’m so I’m in love with this shaho – holiday you celebrate oh my god I didn’t see Oh holiday over yes rebel ha come on oh my god she gonna do it again no one you have the urge to dance yes that is I’m looking a lot more comedy like I love this show has everything but this show is everything I make you cry and make you laugh like you would just have the time of your life it will give you energy like it has everything you can tell she’s having a blog that’s no containing huh well maybe if you figure out we’re loving bizarre now ha we love you legend wait at the end of this segment oh that was so much fun come on – Ramu you did that okay Oh Madonna fuck 300k this spot has definitely gonna be like one of my favorite pots so far it was so much fun like the crowd interaction – oh I loved it so much I am in love with this show Wow this show is just bringing everything to the table like we have the we have the full entertainment like we got the full course meal you guys when I’m done watching this toy you bet I’m so gonna get my friends to watch this I’m gonna force I’m gonna force them to sit down and watch this show told me you really did that just to think before watching this pot I was like wait what else can Madonna give to us there it is she gave us that okay and I bet you that pot the last part that we react to of the show I’m just so ready from so excited at the same time sad cuz it’s gonna be over but excited to see how she what she’s gonna do are you guys this is just everything but if you didn’t make it all the way to this part of the video make sure you comment the number 4 alongside your comments so I can figure out the comments and see your comments first and just a reminder the final part the final final final part I’m so sad is coming to an end but the fighter pilots gonna be uploaded on Friday because tomorrow is a Taylor Swift video so uh I’m sorry guys but just just just up the way today and I have to wait – okay it’s not just you I have to wait – because I record fresh every single day I don’t pre-recorded cuz I don’t really like pre recording I like recording on the day so yeah Friday we will react to the final part but you guys if you didn’t make it in studio don’t forget to smash that like button also a huge thank you to all my patreon I love you so much thank you for supporting the channel you should don’t forget to subscribe to the family Tom post notifications on don’t forget stay awesome be kind to one another and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye guys

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  1. This is giving me SO much LIFE! Just to clarify – I only skipped ''The Beast Within'' since in the video I'm watching, that segment is muted.

  2. #4 Like what others have said below, you will love the last part. It is so fun to watch your reactions to your videos. Thank you very much…

  3. Please react to the MDNA Tour 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 you should watch the power of a 54 years old woman. Please 💗💗💗💗

  4. when i saw this at Wembley Stadium, I also have never heard some of her earlier songs (before Erotica album). Including, like you now – I never heard of I'm Going Bananas – (but 27 years prior!) .. and after this, over the next few months, I checked out her back catalogues (1983 – 1991) and was blown away by her versatility, her social justice awareness etc. I was enthralled by the album I'm Breathless (which contains I'm Going Bananas). I feel like I am reliving my youth and my Madonna discovery watching this. 🙂

  5. Like a Virgin here is a tribute to iconic German actress Marlene Dietrich, her androginy, her genius. Madonna is a big source of references, always illustrating in art history

  6. I’m loving this reaction series of the girlie show! You’re amazing iCrazy! Kisses

  7. She is playing with genders, all that macho chauvinism… Pure irony. Maybe youre too innocent to get It. She is laughthing at stupid masculinity

  8. 4
    I'm so happy to watch this tour again while watching you react! When Madonna came to Brazil with this concert I was only 13 and my mom didn't let me go, because she thought Madonna was a pervert ahahahah. I converted mom do the church of Madonna only years after, showing her the Confessions Tour.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yes!!! we dont have iphones androids back than jumping around screaming singing we all enjoy every bits of it till the last drop!

  10. Here I am again😂😂 you missed THE BEAST WITHIN medley, maybe it's not in the edit you're reacting. It's a piece of art, I recommend you to watch it. Madonna's not in it but singing this b-side (lyrics taken from the Apocalypse, from the Bible) that was released in the JUSTIFY MY LOVE single. another data: the wardrobe for this tour was from Dolce & Gabbanna -maybe the stripped blue and white shirt is Gaultier's, not sure.
    IM GOING BANANAS is from the soundtrack for the movie DICK TRACY, where she's the co-star.
    What about the choreography of the ending of LA ISLA BONITA?? 25 odd years and I still get in shock when I watch it. THANKS AGAIN! We meet on Friday, YES SIR, MRS. SIR, YES SIR! 😉👬🐶🐶🐶🐱🎩💄

  11. The final pose after 'La Isla Bonita'… She gained her status, yes, she deserves to be there more than any other star, male or female, no matter what

  12. We told you… This is Madonna at her best. This is the difference with any other younger artist.

  13. First, Girlie Show. Then, Blond Ambition. Then, Confessions, MDNA, maybe reinvention. For me, there is not need for visuals, if youve got scenography, good musicians and dancers and TALENT.

  14. Después que canta "Holiday" vuelve a salir a escena e interpreta 2 canciones más. "Justify my love" y el concierto termina con "Everybody"

  15. 4. You definately need to react to the album “I’m Breathless” – inspired by the movie Dick Tracy. You always get lost when a song out of this album drop up in a show. And, a little homework: watch out to the chronology. American Life didn’t existed at 1993. I glad she slayed you in part.3. But it’s more to come…!!! I repeat, this show is everything…!!
    Dita isn’t ready with you..!!

  16. You’re too cute to handle!!!
    I love when you’re dying for Madonna!!!
    I like you that much!!!
    Keep on going, sweetheart!!!

  17. [ 4 ] I think you can see by now from the performances in Blonde Ambition, The Girlie Show and even as recently as the Confessions Tour and perhaps the Sticky & Sweet Tour that Madonna was for the longest time at least the equal of successive generations of her very talented dancers in all but the most specialist disciplines (e.g. b-boying, contortion, etc). And for much of this time, she was significantly older than them AND at the same time singing live a fair proportion. Many of her young dancers have in interviews stated their amazement at how she managed to do it, having watched her do it again and again close up. It's only in the last couple of tours that she's slowed down a bit, but even then she's far ahead of most other singers in dance ability (albeit not in Madame X where she is chronically injured).

  18. [ 4 ] I think it's fair to say that the Girlie Show is the most "fun" of her tours, although a couple of the very early ones come close. They're all fun really, but in terms of humour and pure entertainment rather than high art (Drowned World Tour), feminist empowerment (Blonde Ambition). You can tell she really enjoyed making this show.

  19. #4 I hope you do all her live show reactions . U still have Reinvention World tour 2004 … Who's that Girl 1988 and the OG Virgin Tour 85 …. And of coarse Rebel Heart 2015-16. ..PS . U would LOVE THE ALBUM "IM BREATHLESS" (Where I'm going bananas is on .) It's the dick Tracy soundtrack

  20. Madonna dont have that kind of energy any more like she had at the girlie show I think it's her best concert than sticky and sweet tour ,next the virgin tour ,then who's that girl tour these tours she does her most dancing .

  21. When I have more money again, I’d like to invite you to the next Madonna concert!!!
    I’m honest!!!

  22. But you missed the two last songs justify my love and everybody, and they are just everything!

  23. Hello, my dear! I have to be honest with you. Your videos about this tour are making me cry, and I wasn´t expecting it at all!!!! But it´s tears of joy. You´re bringing me so many memories, making me relive it with you. You can´t imagine how I felt seeing La Isla Bonita live, I was really crying that night, and so so so happy. She brought me joy.
    And also you made me realize something. I always felt that Blond Ambition was my fav of all time of her tours, ´cause it´s imponent, Iconic, but this Girlie Show is her best tour. For years I said that Confessions was her best. Ok, modern times, production, an amazing album as a background, but sorry… the Girlie Show is unique and special. And it came through right after her 1st major backlashes in America (her Erotica album and sex book).
    Thanks a lot for doing this videos. After so many years, I had no idea how much I missed watching it, and it´s really beautiful seeing you enjoying it so much. I was (I guess) your age when it came out.
    Cheers and sorry for the big comment. Keep the good job.

  24. I was gonna say there is one more song after Holiday which is Everybody I’m guessing that will be part 4

  25. I'm obsessed with this holyday performance, i will never get tired of it!
    I'm gonna beat my drum, I'm gonna ring my bell, and i don't give a FUCK, if i go to hell!

  26. #4. I love your reactions!! “I’m Going Banana’s” and “Vogue” is from the “I’m Breathless” album and also includes the Dick Tracy songs that you enjoyed so much on the Blond Ambition tour – I would love to see you react to that album as you would love it so much!! It has such humour, class and excellence, not to mention great vocals!!!!

  27. iCrazyja in 2020: "Is she gonna perform "American Life"

    Madonna in 1993: What da Fuck is that?

  28. #4 This is SUCH a great show and your enthusiasm for it makes it even better. One thing no one mentions that sets this show apart from her others is that the live music component is WAY more alive and vibrant. A lot less backing tracks and programmed beats. That works in a lot of her performances but this, the feeling of that live band, and all of the ways that they reinvent her songs is just wonderful. Her voice is not always in top form but she never fails to throw everything she's got into it. Brava. Bravissimo.

  29. This right here is THE best female entertainer of all time, what a show! So talented, i adore the performance of La Isla Bonita, she sounds amazing, the energy, Truly one of a kind.

  30. I think she's always end her tours with my favorite 'Holliday'..probably her favorite too!

  31. This has always been my favorite tour! Emotion/énergie/ fun/art. You missed the Beast
    within just before like a virgin !!!!!!!

  32. I live in Atlanta and in the late 90s one of those chandeliers from Like A Virgin was hanging in an antique auction house here. Sadly I could not afford it.

  33. please react to the rebel heart tour, it was in 2016, she was 56/57 and still KILLING IT on stage! x

  34. I'm a singer and songwriter and now you see why the 80s and 90s and even early 2000s were so great for anyone in the Entertainment Industry.. We had such good people to inspire us to GET UP AND DO IT!! A lot of young people are starting to look back in time because unfortunately that tradition did not seem to carry over to the current generation.. Love your heart and reactions!!

  35. You like Madonna very much, huh? I also like her music! 80s to "Confessions on a Dance Floor" I think everything is good! But I have to say that I don't like her new stuff! Everyone's taste, but ya…

  36. 1993 there' s not cell phones and 10 years later was the American Life song. You are a baby boy jajajaja

  37. I think you need to see The MDNA Tour next. One of her most impressive productions. There is a pro-shot version but it's horrendously edited (and the Rebel Heart Tour pro-shot is as well) and it's hard to see what's going on, so you might need to find a full fan recording of it. Your choice tho!

  38. 4 Great fun video. Glad you're liking it. I was concerned it was too old for your liking. Great job!

  39. WOW!!! I just realized that there are dancers up in the background of the stage during La Isla bonita. It is unbelievable after 19 years of watching my favorite show of hers for like thousand times. You see that right away! Thanx Beautiful! <3 I was always focused at her. hahaaa. …Nothing better then The Girlie Show! <3 <3 <3

  40. #04
    Loving your reactions as always!
    "The amount of people" – 45.000 per night on Sidney (she did 3 nights there). She played 8 sold out Stadium concerts in Australia for more than 300.000 people. In 1993 Australia total population was only around 17 million people so imagine how insane that really is (almost 2% of the total population of the country went to see Madonna live in concert).
    During this tour she went to Brazil and performed in front of 120.000 people at once on Maracana Stadium (Rio de Janeiro).

  41. you can't imagine how i love watching your reacts, this brings me back to life! I love this performance by Madonna on TGS, because I was there in 1993 and I felt everything you felt. hahhaa and you speaking in the intro of HOLYDAY that was American Life was great! hahah i love you! Thank you very much!!! 😂

  42. Drowned world is a state of mind. A state of art. Its spiritual. Its not dark. Mdna is darker. You will love Drowned World tour. Its out of this world

  43. Have you or do you watch Dancing With The Stars? The female judge, Carrie Ann Inaba is one of Madonna's dancers on this tour. The performance song "Bye, Bye, Baby", she's the one with the red corset.

  44. This Tour is perfect !
    My favourite for ever (before live screen technology) with Confessions Tour (screen technology) 😉
    Thank you for all your reactions videos, it makes me feel like new again 😁
    Peace, Love & Madonna ♥️✨

  45. That crazy song after Bye Bye Baby is I'm Going Bananas from I'm Breathless album released in 1990, promoted by Vogue

  46. #4 It's been a while since I've watched this tour, and I must admit I'd forgotten how exhilarating this show is! Watching it again with you, I was tingling with excitement and awe. Yes my hairs were standing too lol She truly brings out a gamut of emotions in her audience, there's so much heart, so much thought put into these productions. Two more songs left!! I can't believe it's coming to an end!! 😭😭😭

  47. just a thought, do a reaction video of your friends watching this with you as you said you were going to share this show with them

  48. #4

    I'd love to see you react to Madonna Behind The Music VH1 Special about her life. Sadly when it aired in 1998 and they did a mini updated version in 2000 (which I can't find) but it's still an excellent documentary about a huge chunk of her life and career. Check it out and see if it's worth reacting to/giving your commentary on with us!

    Part 1.


    Part 2.

  49. " Oi galera… oi Brasil… E aí? Bunda suja… Como vai? Mim gostosa!!"
    Madonna – Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil – November/1993
    Estimated audience 120,000

  50. Phenomenal dancer, gender bending entertainer…Must say I was laughing when you had said, "is she going to sing American Life" and when you where shouting yes sir mrs sir yes sir, I was shouting along with you. My dogs were both in my room and looking at me like WTF is wrong with you. Your vlogs are so awesome and your facial reactions call for a kodak moment! Love your channel and love how you represent the one and only QUEEN…MADONNA!🤗😘👍

  51. MADONNA ; Bye Bye Baby on MTV video music award . 1993
    Girlie show preview tour

  52. #Four #4

    In Australia: Colloquially…..

    G'day = Hello

    Sheilas = Women

    Blokes = Men

    and Australia waited 23 years to do it all again….

  53. I love How you mess up the albums order. American Life came out almost 10 years after this tour. People aren`t with their phones cause it`s 1993, no phones with cameras back then. hahahaha But keep up educating yourself about her. I am loving it so much.

  54. You missed the very end of the show, when the mimo became Madonna herself! The character appears to articulate the whole show…

  55. 4 yes I noticed u left out the “beast within “ justify my remix also I’m goin bananas 🍌 is from the movie dick Tracy that she stared in it’s on the I’m breathless album which you should react to very much different and her voice u will be amazed by it also the best parts are coming up especially the outfit she wears next

  56. You should listen to I’m Breathless 😉 I’m going Bananas 🍌 is on this album witch is inspired from dick Tracy movie she did 😁😘

  57. As if I still know the whole dance routine to Holiday 😍😍😍 and danced along while watching with you 😊😊

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