Learn More, See More, B’More: Episode 11, Winter Wonderland in Baltimore

Dan: Hi, I’m Dan, a sophomore Philosophy major from New York. Allison: And I’m Allison, a sophomore Writing Seminars major from Baltimore. Dan: Winter’s an awesome time at Hopkins. There’s always something to do around campus. Allison: But it’s also a great opportunity to get out of the
Hopkins bubble and see how us Baltimoreans celebrate the holiday season. Dan: Today we’ll be taking you around the city,…
…sampling some of Baltimore’s best hot chocolate,… Dan: …ice skating,…
Allison: …ice falling… Dan: …and showcasing some of Charm City’s most beautiful traditions. Allison: This is Learn More, See More, B’More
Both: Winder Wonderland Edition Hopkins is an amazing university, and Homewood is a beautiful campus. But what many students don’t know is how much
the city of Baltimore has to offer. Allison: I’m Allison!
Dan: and I’m Dan! We’re students at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,
Maryland. And we’re here to help you… Both: Learn More, See More, B’more! Allison: You’re previous B’more guides graduated Hopkins last May, so
we’re here to take over as your new hosts. Dan: Lucie’s currently working as a production assistant in New York City,
and Noah’s still here at Hopkins getting his Master’s in Neuroscience. Allison: Ready to go ice-skating?
Dan: Yeah, let’s go! Dan: We’re here at McKeldin Square getting ready for an afternoon of ice skating. Allison: This is the first time in a decade that ice skating is available
in the Inner Harbor – and us Hopkins students are taking full advantage. Dan: Even if you’re not an Olympic figure skater,
there’s definitely something to do down here – from hot chocolate happy hour, to German Christmas Village, even Hanukkah
and Kwanza displays – there’s always something to see. Allison: And, if you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Santa. Dan: Alright Allison, you ready to embarrass ourselves?
Allison: As ready as I’ll ever be. Dan: We’re going to fast!
Allison: AHHHH! Allison: Okay, whatever we do next, can we please do it on solid ground? Dan: No promises, but I think you’ll like our next stop. We’re going to
check out the German Christmas Village right here in the Inner Harbor. Allison: Lead the way! Allison: The German Christmas Village is already new to Baltimore,
but it’s already become a holiday season must. Dan: The Christmas Village has something for everyone, from
authentic German cuisine, hand-crafted Christmas decorations, even a gigantic Christmas tree!
Allison: Let’s go take a look around. Allison: This is all so amazing, where is it from?
Vendor: It’s from Nepal. Allison: Where to now, Dan?
Dan: I don’t know, it’s getting dark. Allison: Well then I know the perfect place.
Dan: Alright, let’s go. Allison: We’re here in Hampden, visiting one of
the most famous winter attractions in Baltimore. Dan: The Miracle on 34th Street.
Allison: If there’s one thing to
see in the city during the holiday season, it’s the Miracle on 34th Street. Dan: Every year the houses on 34th Street pull out all the
stops to turn their neighborhood into a mini winter wonderland. Allison: People come from far and wide to see
the beautiful lights and over-the-top decorations – some of which have gained national attention.
Dan: Local
artist Jim Pollock is famous for his hub cap Christmas trees and a snowman made out of bicycle wheels. Allison: The Miracle on 34th Street is gorgeous,
so come take a look for yourselves. [Mellow Christmas music] Allison: Well, that’s our show!
Dan: We hope you’ve
enjoyed this small taste of the Winter Wonderland here in Baltimore.
Allison: And we can’t wait to
show you more and more of our city over the next couple of years.
Dan: We’ll see you next time on Learn More Allison: See More
Both: B’more. Off screen: Go for it.
Allison: You’re on my hair! Off screen: One more time!

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