Learn American Holidays – Valentine’s Day

hi everyone I’m Alisha Valentine’s Day
is a very popular holiday in the United States it’s centered on romance and is a
heavily commercialized holiday as well during this time of year married couples
partners and sweethearts are encouraged to go out to dinner spend some romantic
time together and generally acknowledge the importance of one another in each
other’s lives this holiday is celebrated on February 14th every year Valentine’s
Day is associated with a particular type of love from the high middle ages do you
know what that type of love is called we’ll show you the answer at the end of
this video valentine’s Day is among other things a
day when one partner is encouraged to essentially court their partner as they
would before they were dating or married presenting a wife lover or girlfriend or
boyfriend with flowers candy and other romantic gifts is a huge part of
Valentine’s Day traditions in the United States during this particular holiday
the most romantic restaurants in any city will generally be booked solid
Valentine’s Day is very important commercially in the United States due to
the traditional gifts that sweethearts and married couples give one another
this is particularly true of the floral industry as giving one special someone
red roses on this day is more or less expected clothing jewelry food and other
items are also popularly given to sweethearts and spouses on this day for
some couples Valentine’s Day is when one member of the couple goes overboard to
spoil the other and is delighted to do so Valentine’s Day celebrations can be
very innocent in addition to being romantic in schools in the United States
children are quite frequently encouraged to make and exchange Valentines
Mora’s gestures of friendship than anything else this allows everybody to
get in on the fun in some cases people in the United States who are currently
single will do something special for a friend who means a great deal to them
and to whom they want to express affection even though it’s not romantic
affection you Valentine’s Day cards are among the most
impressive pieces of artwork associated with this holiday antique Valentine’s
Day cards can fetch handsome prices from collectors due to their intricacy and
their sometimes very imaginative artwork and now here’s the answer to the quiz do
you know what type of love is associated with Valentine’s Day from the high
middle ages Valentine’s Day has strong associations with what was called
courtly love in the High Middle Ages this was a highly ritualized form of
romantic love where each partner was expected to do particular things to
express their appreciation for one another how is this lesson did you learn
something interesting what Valentine’s Day traditions exist in your country if
any please leave a comment in English class 101.com until next time

Stephen Childs


  1. ahah, trop compliqué l'anglais , je comprend rien, c'est comme du chinois :p ,mais j'ai pas le choix de l'apprendre, parceque les états-unis sont nos voisins….(j'habite au Québec) :3

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    Learn American Holidays – Valentine's Day

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  3. In Egypt, there are two Valentine's Day. One on November 4th and the other is on Feb 14th. Not sure if guys, who are usually the ones who buy gifts, are lucky or not for having two V Days. 😀

  4. First, I want to say that you are amazing in terms of look and speech.
    In Egypt this tradition began to spread especially among young people and couples . coz people need, in this kind of dull and speedy life, for some moments of love and be appreciated. So exchanging chocolates in flowers bouquets, flowers, perfumes, going for a meal are among many ways to show love and appreciation to partners and loved ones.
    BTW: We even began to present some fried chicken wrapped like roses to show our love for KFC HaHaHAHA. Happy Valentine's day Alisha and all of her followers.

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