Learn American Holidays – St. Patrick’s Day

hi everyone I’m Alisha st. Patrick’s Day
is one of the most popular United States holidays it combines a celebration of
Irish culture with a great excuse to get out let loose and have some fun it has
been celebrated since the 18th century making it one of the most enduring
holidays in the United States it’s celebrated in mid-march the biggest but not the first st.
Patrick’s Day celebrations are held in New York do you know where the first one
was held we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
Irish Americans have contributed much the United States in st. Patrick’s Day
to a large extent is about celebrating that st. Patrick’s Day is also about
celebrating the culture from which Irish Americans come it has affiliations with
the Catholic Church and is also recognized as one of the biggest nights
of the year to go out to the local pubs and taverns st. Patrick’s Day in the
United States is a big party if you want to see a big st. Patrick’s
Day Parade New York is the place to be this parade has been held every year
since 1762 and is one of the country’s most vibrant
vivacious and largest celebrations there are parades held across the nation and
most of them date back to the 19th century or earlier st. Patrick’s Day
parades are some of the most attended events of the year
green the color most associated with Ireland is a huge part of st. Patrick’s
Day Americans typically try to sport something green on st. Patrick’s Day to
show their support for the Irish American community and their
acknowledgement of the importance of the day one popular American tradition is to
pinch anybody who fails to wear green on this holiday in some cities rivers and
fountains are dyed green temporarily to celebrate this special day for Irish
Americans in 1780 George Washington gave March
17th to his troops as a day to celebrate the Irish fight for independence he
considered this an act of solidarity with the Irish people of whom made up a
large number in his army and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know where
the first st. Patrick’s Day celebrations were held the first st. Patrick’s Day
observance was held in Boston this was nowhere near as elaborate an event as
you’d see in the United States today but it was important and that it launched a
tradition that is now deeply ingrained in American society how is this lesson
did you learn something interesting is st. Patrick’s Day celebrated in your
country please leave a comment at English class 101.com until next time

Stephen Childs


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  2. The first St. Patrick day parade was celebrated in Ireland as we brought the culture to america

  3. St. Patrick's day is only celebrated by the Irish, and in Canada, sepificly in Newfoundland and Labrador

  4. It is not an "American holiday " it is just a saints feast day (Catholicism ) but is just more popular and is mainly celebrated in England Ireland and Canada

  5. i learned something new some nations dye there lakes green to celebrate st. Patricks day.

  6. What? St. Patrick's day is not an American holiday!!! I understand that many people in America celebrate it but that doesn't change the fact that it is an IRISH holiday, I'm Irish myself and this has always bugged me by the way we don't actually make all that big a deal of it.

  7. St.patricks day ISN'T A AMERICAN HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!! IT IS A IRISH HOLIDAY. WE(THE IRISH) GET ONE GOOD HOLIDAY AND THEN THE AMERICANS TAKE IT ITS NOT LIKE WE HAVE THANKS GIVEING BECAUSE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US BUT ALL THE SUDDEN THE IRISH HAVE A HOLIDAY WE LIKE WE SHOULD TAKE IT AND PUT ARE SPIN ON IT LIKE PINCH ING SOME ONE IF THEY DONT WERE GREEN WE DON'T DO THAT IN IRELAND AMERICANS MADE IT UP……..p.s I have nothing against people separateing the holiday just do it the true Irish way please and I don't know what St.patricks day has to do with American historically speaking so if someone can explain that I will cindly take this post down thanks.

  8. St. Patrick was a Brit and St. Patrick’s Day isn’t an American holiday!… You have to work if it falls on a weekday unlike today which is a Saturday!

  9. Why does the US flag in St. Patrick's day look green (blue and white stars) and the vegetables.?

  10. This is so stupid. Half of the Americans don't even know what st Patrick's day is celebrating and her! It's celebrating how st Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and got rid of the snakes (the paean believers) Not a getting drunk at a bar at it is an Irish holiday he made Ireland a better place and had nothing to do with Americans.

  11. Saint patrick day is not a holiday. Not here in the united states at all. Never have been never will. I dont celebrate saint patrick day.

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