Learn American Holidays – Election Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia Tuesday after the
first Monday in November marks election day in the United States Election Day
isn’t a national holiday but people are required to be let off of work for a
certain amount of time so that they can participate in the election when people
talk about Election Day they’re usually talking about the
federal offices in the United States the United States has always tried to
position election day near November can you guess why this might be the case
we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
Election Day in the United States means the end of long periods of campaigning
something which many Americans are grateful to see come about it also means
that polling places have long lines and that people sit by the TV radio or
computer waiting to hear the results as soon as they’re turned in for most
people in the United States the Tuesday after the first Monday in November is a
workday this has been controversial for many years some people have advocated
that Election Day be made an official federal holiday so that everybody has
the day off to vote at their leisure the media in the United States covers
election day like nothing else in fact this is one of the most competitive
times of the year for media in general all of the most popular and best known
anchor men and women will be behind a desk with a map of the United States
showing where the electoral votes of those states are going as soon as the
results are available the United States does not vote on a
popular vote system the Electoral College determines the winner of a given
state which translates to a certain amount of electoral votes making some
states much more important than others to politicians and now here’s the answer
to the quiz can you guess why the United States has always tried to position
Election Day in November the November date of election day is due to the fact
that the US was largely an agrarian society when the first elections were
held by November most farmers had their produce harvested and could then make a
trip sometimes long to town to vote how was this lesson did you learn something
interesting is there a special day when elections are held in your country
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until next time Oh

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