Learn American Holidays – Earth Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia Earth Day is a
worldwide celebration that started in the United States in 1970 a u.s. senator
named Gaylord Nelson held what is considered to be the first Earth Day
celebration today it’s international but particularly important in the United
States it’s all about educating people about and celebrating the importance of
the natural environment and working to preserve it the first Earth Day was tied
to a particular environmental disaster do you know which one it was will show
you the answer at the end of this video Earth Day is a holiday that is designed
to be educational but it’s a lot of fun as well when Gaylord Nelson had the
first Earth Day it was based on the idea of an environmental teachin that first
holiday attracted over 20 million people today the holiday has expanded
tremendously it’s estimated that across the 175
nations that celebrate Earth Day 500 million people participate in the event
Earth Week is an offshoot of the celebration Earth Day celebrations
typically include both events where people gather in public places engage in
games and other diversions and community service efforts some of the people who
go out to celebrate Earth Day attend one of the many parades that are held to
commemorate the day while the first Earth Day celebrations were considered
to be rather political that has faded over time and today most people just go
out and have fun and learn something about the environment in the United
States Earth Day is generally celebrated in schools and teachers use the occasion
to give lessons on environmental science biology and other relevant topics
because Earth Day is so rooted in the idea of educating people about the
environment many of the events are educational in and of themselves
oftentimes large-scale events are held in parks and other public places that
emphasize the importance of keeping green spaces for everybody to use Earth Day is on April 22nd in part
because for students in college it would be right between spring break and summer
vacation this makes it easier to reach out to post-secondary students and now
here’s the answer to the quiz do you know which environmental disaster is
tied to the first Earth Day an oil spill in Santa Barbara California in 1969 is
credited for spurring the first Earth Day the event was designed to be a
grassroots one from the start and continues on in that tradition today how
was this lesson did you learn something interesting Earth Day is celebrated
around the world how is it celebrated in your country please leave a comment in
English class 101.com until next time

Stephen Childs


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  2. Wow…A holiday I didn’t know that….I see North Korea has Earth Day every day…just look at the night lights of the glorious environmentalist NK.
    What ab fab anti capitalist propaganda.

  3. great videos i use them for my classes but please can the people presenting speak in a more up beat voice my classes find them monotonous and get bored easily. Sorry this is feedback from my students as you always have great information in your videos.

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