Learn American Holidays – Daylight Saving Time begins

hi everyone I’m Alisha daylight saving
time begins in the United States in the second week of March it’s not a holiday
in the normal sense of the word but it does mark the beginning of the time of
year when the afternoons last longer and when people enjoy more light later in
the evening daylight saving time is about saving power but there are other
reasons for it as well can you guess what some of them might be
we’ll show you the answer at the end of this video
daylight saving time dates back to the days of World War one it was originally
intended as a way to save energy the logic behind it was that because people
would have more daylight to work with they would have to burn less fuel to
light factories houses and so forth the beginning of daylight saving time is
usually a bit more traumatic for people than the ending of daylight saving time
in November because everybody’s clocks are one hour ahead most people end up
losing one full hour of sleep at night this means a lot of tardiness at work a
lot of drowsy people on the roads and other hazards daylight saving time was
extended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005
this means that daylight saving time always starts on the second Sunday of
March and ends on the first Sunday of November of course this does not apply
to the many states that do not participate in daylight saving time at
all in northern latitudes the effects of
daylight saving time are more pronounced than they are in southern latitudes in
the northernmost parts of the continental United States summer
Twilight can last until as late as ten o’clock p.m. due to setting the clocks
forward in March and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you know other
reasons for daylight saving time another reason that daylight saving time was
extended to the first Sunday in November is actually one of the biggest holidays
in the u.s. Halloween some members of Congress determined that extending
daylight saving time past Halloween would make it more fun for children to
go out trick-or-treating due to the extended daylight hours how has this
lesson did you learn something interesting do you observe daylight
saving time in your country please leave a comment at English class 101.com
until next time you

Stephen Childs


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  2. you have got be kidding me . you have more daylight ? , and you lose an hour of sleep? and you have more light for halloween? give me a break. the sun sets at the same time.

  3. I would love To able to stay on Daylight savings time year round because I don’t work and I rather have the evenings light outside

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