Learn American Holidays – Columbus Day

hi everyone I’m Alicia Columbus Day
celebrates the day that Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americas
the holiday is celebrated on October 12th and in some cities there are very
large parades and many other events it’s particularly popular in US cities with
large Italian populations though it’s celebrated nationwide a famous American charity organization
is named after Christopher Columbus and takes part in celebrations during
Columbus Day can you guess which one will show you the answer at the end of
this video in Italian American communities particularly in the larger
cities in the u.s. Columbus Day is very much tied to a celebration of their
heritage in addition to the celebration of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas
cultural and religious images and symbols specific to Italian Americans
are abundant in Columbus Day parades if there’s one thing that defines Columbus
Day celebrations in the u.s. it’s the parade New York City is particularly
well known for its large Columbus Day parade San Francisco has the
longest-running Columbus Day celebration in the United States dating back to 1868
Columbus Day in the u.s. is not celebrated in every state in fact some
US states do not recognize it at all and many schools remain open on the day
there is controversy surrounding this holiday and it’s been changed to a
celebration of Native American cultures in some areas Columbus didn’t realize he’d arrived in
the Americas this is why Native Americans are sometimes referred to as
Indians which incidentally some say is politically incorrect Columbus initially
thought he was in the East Indies and now here’s the answer to the quiz do you
know a famous American charity organization that’s named after
Christopher Columbus and takes part in celebrations on Columbus Day the Knights
of Columbus is a charitable organization with very strong Italian and Catholic
roots they participate in just about every Columbus Day celebration you’ll
find them marching among the participants in any large parade to be
sure how is this lesson did you learn something interesting
are there any holidays that celebrate a famous historical figure in your country
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  1. Muslims discovered America and Columbus taking their maps and were with him in the ship to tell him where the trend!

  2. Your videos are very good but, Why Have you speak so fast? I'm learning, is difficult to understand. XX

  3. I agree she speak so fast, must be because the time of video she has only 3 minutes to speak.. but nice is good learn this way

  4. I enjoyed watching the video, it was great and quite useful thank you very much Alisha !!!

  5. Yes, I think you are correct but, anyway I still think that She speaks more fast than normal. Can you understand Her without to read?? Uau! Your level is too high. Congratulations. from Brazil.

  6. I think Lucia is right, I also understood the video without subtitles, I have never studied english formally (in a school), instead, I have studied in the internet, podcasts, etc. You only have to be patient and constant. She speaks very clear, although a bit fast. There are other videos I don't understand anything or almost anything. By the way, I think Brazil is a great place. Greetings from Mexico!!

  7. replay the video many times and you will understand. i think her speaking is so good.
    try to speak with the video and you will improve your English speaking

  8. Perfect combination of listening, reading and cultural tips. I want to be plugged on you.

  9. Happy Columbus day. 
    I am in favour of celebrating this holiday. 

  10. Namaste (hii)
    I am from india
    Your videos are interesting .

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