Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

over in China the death toll from the
virus Rises while the disease continues to spread across the world
whistle blowing Chinese doctor who was among the first to identify the deadly
new corona virus died of the disease in Wuhan earlier this morning packagin
brings us the updates the death toll in China from the novel coronavirus has had
636 with a total number of confirmed cases standing at more than 31,000
china’s national health commission revealed the latest figures early Friday
with 73 deaths and more than 3,000 additional cases occurring in a single
day but around 1500 patients were discharged from hospital in Fuquay
province alone they’re up in 618 deaths and over 22,000 confirmed cases that’s
an increase of 69 deaths and 2,400 cases in one day among those who died from the
illness is Li wen Liang one of the first doctors to have warned
people about the corona virus the 34 year old had informed the public through
WeChat back in December of a SARS like disease but he was targeted by the
police for making false comments the nation met the news of his death with
grief and anger demanding the government to apologize for downplaying the
seriousness of the virus the news also sparked the issue of freedom of speech
in China in response China announced it will send an anti-corruption team to
probe issues regarding Li with no signs of the outbreaks throwing down china’s
enforce lock downs and similar measures in 14 more provinces and cities outside
of Hebei province the cities affected include Hong Jerell downing and Nanjing
vicar’s continue to rise in other parts of the world as well the virus has
killed two people outside the Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the
Philippines over 30 cases have been detected in Europe Germany having the
most with 13 patients overall Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed
cases outside of China followed by Singapore Thailand in South Korea
packagin young news

Stephen Childs


  1. More like 6000,36. Poor doctor bumped off. It all comes out in the wash, many more whistle blowers will come forward.

  2. https://youtu.be/1GTagu5GuS8
    Coronavirus can be prevented with good personal Hygiene. No need to panic and give in to media hysteria.

  3. This is the result of pray of those Muslim people that are prisoned by China Government and punishing them, Did you see how Almighty Allah is aware

    How God loves his servants and accepts their prayers.. China Government priosoned 1.3 million Muslim in jail but more than 11 million of the Chinese are prisoned in their own homes and cant go outside

  4. China : 1.5 million confirmed patients, 250 millions are segregated actually. More than two dozen cities are completely blocked, including Shanghai and Beijing.

  5. If anything, imagine the chinese population actually hitting a breaking point and riot or revolt against the government with the way this is going!

  6. False numbers 1500 to 3600 per day cremated 14 crematoriums.. 100 to 225 per day eachv


  8. General Li: about 5000,00 died from the virus dear leader
    President Xi: ok just report it as a few hundred
    General Li: what if the death toll reached 1million?
    President Xi: report it as 700 deaths.

  9. “INSIDE EDITION” just did a show on how unethical China is in business too. They send garbage products in place of gorgeous items, like jackets to customers who buy online. They have the audacity to use other businesses fashion photos, then they send crappy, poorly made clothing instead. They lure them in with low prices!! These companies need to be shut down. I think all of China should be shut down after we take all the honest Chinese out. They have proven themselves to have no integrity and take no pride in their work. Ripping customers off and giving them the wrong items cause they don’t carry the real stuff. So cheesy!!!!!!

  10. The doctor died . So sad for his wife and family. He was treated unfairly for telling the truth. Now who is gonna support his family left behind?


  12. All cuz Xi is a big baby who has tantrums if he hears bad news so nobody wanted to tell him how bad it was in the beginning of December

  13. I wonder if people with real strong immune systems end up with more inflammation and fluid in lungs as byproduct of white cells dieing in the fight. Where as if you have a bad immune system your body makes less fighter cells so less fluid in the lungs?

  14. China donot give right numbers of deaths and effected peoples.due to this corona virus.All Fake,thanks

  15. face masks will not stop an infected person from spreading the virus, it's like a bandage for a gun-shot wound.

  16. yep, lies, damned lies and statistics… We aren't swallowing what you are spooning out… nonsense, tell the truth! 🐮💩

  17. What can an apology do to a dead man! It was a suppression of truth by the police to hide the reality when people should have been warned of the danger so as for them to brace up. Communist countries lie to their people a lot!

  18. I don't believe it's just the virus that's causing people in Wuhan to just drop dead! It's not happening to people like that around the world because they are not around experimental 5G!

  19. Check out this very strange article
    On what has happened with the published data:


  20. This is what my life came down too .. keeping up with the latest updates… if this happens in the U.S am I still paying my utilities? My rent? Or am I gunna get back charged

  21. The Bible says that if My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land!!!

  22. I wish people would have some restraint and stop trying to start world War 3 with their words! The power of life and death is in the tongue! The tongue is a world of iniquity : so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature, and is set on fire of hell!

    We need to pray because these are very perilous times!!!

  23. There is one who said He is the Way the truth and the life, maybe its time we turn to Jesus and receive life! Whether I live or die, I belong to Jesus and I will be with Him in life or in death because in Him there is no death only resurrection and life and peace in the midst of the storm! This is the rock everyone needs to build their house on!! He is a very present help in times of trouble!!!
    Here is proof the Bible is absolutely true!!!

  24. Thank God 🙏 for the grace and discovery of Corona virus retroviral drugs available now, interested persons should contact me on telegram: ( @Rickhil ),we are open for investors to join us work as partners,thanks and spread the good news

  25. Dr. LI a hero and a brave man. I cried tears the day I heard about your story. I cry even harder today. I kissed your picture everday and prayed for healing. You are so loved and thought of as a true war hero!

  26. Lets do something. Can we get Dr. Li's pregnant wife brought to the USA for treatment here … tomorrow??

  27. Rational people: This is a serious epidemic and we need to contain before it get out of control.


  28. Xi jinping
    Free and allow Uyghur Muslims to call AZZAN and offer NAMAZ
    In Sha Allah, your country will be free from Viruses

  29. Why everyone saying he's hero. He's not a hero. A hero is someone who saves other lives. He already knew that theres a case of corona virus and he told only few of his friends and family. He still afraid to speak maybe he's not yet sure, the govt police penalized and jailed him and he's afraid loosing his freedom. If he really wanted to help he can find other ways. You should not think of your profession or lose your job or jailed, as this is life and death situation in your community. And now the doctor died, and the number of affected and death still increases even in other countries. There's no hero.

  30. china & pakistan are danger for humanity ….one having lust of relegion and other having lust of power

  31. WHO says new cases in China slowing down . The WHO Director also added , that this is too early to predict on the slow down rate of new cases

    1540 patients recovered and discharged from Hospital

  32. What a tragedy for the family.I feel so bad for him I think they didn't try to help him at all.

  33. All travel to and from China should stop AND the people of China should go after the lying government.

  34. 50000 people died in the United States last year. 180000 died from flu. People die. The corona virus is new. But the interesting thing about it if you ask me is the long incubation period. I mean the death is betweeen 1 and 3 % but it spreads in an interesting way

  35. This virus spread really easily, it is impossible to contain. Unless they develop a cure this will just spread to the whole world. It's race against time

  36. Chen Quishi and Fang Bin are two more whistleblowers MISSING after making independent reports. People, despite what the government says, are being forced to pay for the diagnosis. They are still being turned away from overcrowded hospitals.

  37. In reality the number of people died is exactly the number of people infected as shown in figures… Otherwise why would a hospital be built-up within 10 days?? They know how hard it is to cure the people,so they are killing them, and those who are standing against them are also harmed

  38. 当穆斯林在清真寺祈祷时,您应该跟随他们的祈祷,面对朝拜,以免日冕病毒传到您身边

    Dāng mùsīlín zài qīngzhēnsì qídǎo shí, nín yīnggāi gēnsuí tāmen de qídǎo, miàn duì cháobài, yǐmiǎn rìmiǎn bìngdú chuán dào nín shēnbiān

  39. If these people don't start busting out the real numbers I'll just fuckin assume nowhere is safe and start fortifying

  40. I got a flight in 2 weeks to Thailand smh Spent a lot of money on accommodation. I’m going to make my money’s worth then I’ll go meet Satan in hell

    Goodbye earthlings ✌️

  41. Cinesi fate skifo ve mangiate tutto!!! Che cultura de mmerda che avete!!! Zozzi zozzi zozzi!

  42. This could be the beginning of the end of Communist Party control of China! 🤭

  43. The Chinese communist party was gonna sit around and recount everything they accomplished this year. So any bad news was unacceptable. Well, good luck with that.

  44. If I told you the Chinese gov accused him for false statements on the virus when he blow the whistle earlier..
    Can you guess if he was murdered or dead?????

  45. I am currently documenting what life is really like here in shenzhen china here atm if anyone is interested. Stay safe everyone

  46. These really are the end times we're living in. All the forests are burning up, the oceans are dying, wars, famines, disease and earthquakes. These are signs for the nations, "He's at the door".

  47. I am sure I have got corona virus
    but i am not gonna surrender Myself
    govt doesn't know my location nothing

  48. but there not saying that theres 400 milllion quarantine rightnow this is true this news should say that but the commies are keeping it silent

  49. The communist government is dressing up in quarantine suits to arrest people to sensor them.

  50. After the crimes of the Latex you committed against the Muslims of Igora, I see that it is fair to punish and isolate you, a scholar.

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