Latest on the coronavirus in China and across the world

alarming numbers said of china overnight
its death toll from the novel coronavirus it’s 636 as of this morning
and more than 40 confirmed cases from the virus said cruise ship docked in the
Japanese port of Yokohama our park agent has the latest the death toll in China from the novel
coronavirus is now at 636 with a total number of confirmed cases standing at
more than 31,000 China’s national health commission revealed the latest figures
early Friday with 73 deaths and more than 3,000 additional cases occurring in
a single day in Hebei province alone there have been 618 deaths in over
22,000 confirmed cases that’s an increase of 69 deaths and 2,400 cases in
one day the provincial Health Authority says
more than 15,000 patients remain in hospital with 840 in critical condition
among those who have died from the illness is Li wen Liang one of the first
doctors who are warned about the coronavirus Wuhan central hospital said
in a statement that he died early Friday the 34 year old had warned a public back
in December of a SAR site disease although the Chinese government accused
him of making false comments to newborn babies in Wuhan are also known to have
been affected in other parts of the world the virus has killed just two
people outside a Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines
Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed cases with 45 followed by
Singapore Thailand and South Korea more cases are also coming in from the cruise
ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama put under mandatory quarantine
after 10 passengers were confirmed to have the virus
41 more passengers on board tested positive 21 of them Japanese that brings
a total of the ship 261 there are three thousand seven hundred passengers and
crew members stuck on board and a number of cases there is expected to rise as
virus tests continue packagin era news

Stephen Childs


  1. https://patents.google.com/patent/US10130701B2/en?oq=10130701 this is what's going around the internet from different sites

  2. Unfortunately because of close proximity and confined spaces, cruse ships are a known breeding ground for infectious diseases.

  3. We have an upcoming flight to South Korea with my family this coming Feb 22. Im so worried 😥🙏

  4. Your numbers dont match tencent's numbers. People are being welded into their apartment complexes. The new "hospitals" china built are nothing but quarantine centers ripe with cross contamination. ALL of those people who go to the new hospitals are going to die. You bastards need to tell the truth.

  5. Yonhap reported thos earlier, quoting China's top virologist Ms. Chen Wei — we must prepare for the worst. Search in weibo or youtube her full statement 陈薇 做最坏的打算.

  6. if 2 people can infect 40 people in a cruise ship, imagine the infected in Wuhan !!! 20,000 infected this number looks like 0 missing numbers.

  7. Indonesia not in the list yet. Hope my country clean from this virus since our government closed all the border and from and to china last wednesday, even no import activity from China.

  8. The virus is probably spreading throughout the ship so quickly the rooms are so close together

  9. Chinese Government is lying there are more than 5000 died till now and more than 300000 people are infected with virus.

  10. death tolls vary! but still raising up! how about the recovering ones for the good news? 😚😚😚

  11. An ordinary Chinese, because dare to tell the truth, paid the price of life. A government, because it refuses to tell the truth, refuses to let ordinary people tell the truth, has given countless lives: everyone seals up, Kyushu seals up the province, and hundreds of millions of people seal up their homes – this is the true portrayal of the era of the reign of the emperor of the Communist Party of China.

  12. Why those F people are always causing diseases? Because they eat all kind of shit. Dogs cats frogs bats human fetuses yikes

  13. 636 deaths????? More like 20,000!!!!!!RUN FOR COVER!!How does a young healthy 34year old medic succumb??? It is telling of a cover up.

  14. For Chinese gov check see what rabbi have entered ur country before the virus it's him

  15. BS data. 3700 sample population. 61 infected from the 200 that's been checked. Imagine that in a population of 11 million.

  16. Did anyone catch the somewhat subtle difference? China has 636 deaths and 310000 cases. Then the report goes on to say that HUBEI has 616 deaths and 22,000 confirmed infected. They are slowly letting us know that the numbers are much higher. This was uncontainable long before end of January. But there's no point in causing undue panic AND crashing the economy. There is nothing they can do.

  17. Don't worry unless there comes a time when there is a complete black out of information. In that case then it's time to calmly and rationally prepare.

  18. This deadly virus is spreading day by day it's all because Chinese has didn't let anything in the planet except mature human

  19. Help them by Praying, by spending time to talk to our lord. He's listening to our prayers.

    In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit.

    Dear Lord,

    Our almighty God. Heavenly Father of all. We are seeking for your attention to help your people you created in this amazing world. Lord, don't let anyone suffer from this Epidemic 2019 Corona Virus. This epidemic has already affecting many countries now. Some countries has already ban China from their territory. Lord, they are dying by this virus, Heal them lord. We need you, we trust you, we believe in your power. In the name of our Jesus Christ Amen.


  20. People are counting death rate as if it is nothing 600 plus PEOPLE died😭 they were also someone’s father,mother,brother,daughter etc… this is heartbreaking and the doc we lost was big lose they are continuously putting their lives at risk huge respect to those seriously😭 hopefully we all hear a good news soon that they found out the vaccine🤞🏼 stay safe everyone 💙

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  22. China deliberately covered up while it was at the stage of easy containment. Coward governments worldwide delayed or never issued travel ban to or from china just to please china. When things get out of control those people made decision will go their bunkers ordinary people like us will suffer.

  23. China Communist Party definitely concealed the truth number about the infected & mortality. Wuhan city has 11 million inhabitants. Their hospital has at least 500k bed to serve this population. Now they built 2 more hospital & converted 11 convention centre as quarantine place. There were 50+ cremation service house in the city & all was running 24/7 over the past week burning 1000+ body per day.

  24. If this virus started to spread in India then deaths will be in millions.

  25. Chinese Government: Stay at home and don't panic
    Also them: (let 5 million people leave Wuhan)

  26. Taiwan should not be excluded from WHO. Health issues don’t stop at border. Taiwan’s role is important to global health. Health for all, Taiwan can help!!!

  27. It's a kind of Rack ,Torment ,curse of Allah for China to persecution of Muslim communities…..And no any country will remain untouched by Allah's torment,rack who perececutes Muslim communities InshaAllah

  28. Man made. Got to be isn't their a bio lab around the wuan area. no virus spreads so quick without symptoms showing first…

  29. How about North Korea.. God help those over their who get ill.. I prey to the Lord that this is over soon..

  30. Don't worry everybody with the virus, we will be sticking ribbons on our car bumpers as fast as we can!

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  32. For every 1 person they infect another 14! It has a 14 day incubation period and then symptoms will occur, but can also go away for several days and then come back! Flat surfaces are contaminated by the virus up to 5 days or more. So there is no telling who is infected until it's too late! The Coronavirus virus mutated to 2nd Gen and it had already infected 90,000 people.This information was leaked by a nurse in Wuhan China in January. They are now burning the dead and shooting them! I wish I knew why, but I don't think I wanna know. The media is not telling us the real numbers. Here is the proof!

  33. 20k infections 0.5k deaths. So 1,000 to every 40,000 mortality rate. And thats in the worst conditions like China. …. Well if what they're telling us is true at least.

  34. they eat exotic animals to boost immunity, that snake surely knows how to extract revenge.

  35. This is crazy!! I feel sooo bad for the ppl that are dying and feel soo bad for China

  36. The communist government is dressing up in quarantine suits to arrest people to sensor them.

  37. I wonder if china created the virus on purpose to spread it and already have a cure for it to get the upper hand on other countries

  38. People should take lots of garlic pills…it won't keep you from getting the virus but will help you to recover quick

  39. Wuhan, China seafood, wild food market – the original source. If this market had not been there, would it have made a difference? How close to the "surface" was this virus? Was it closing in on cities? Was it about ready to become active? Or, would have merely stayed in a dormant state if left alone? And what ELSE is out there????

  40. Urgently!!!
    Corona virus kill !!! Letal arm
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  41. Since China is communist the news is not reporting the real number of deaths from this plague. Also there is speculation that the virus was started in a lab in Wuhan to decrease the population.

  42. I read 10,000 dead on a non Communist website that reports truth … why are the people being lied to

  43. PEOPLE in China!
    Stand up,
    Raise your voices,
    Fight for your rights,
    Fight for your freedom,
    The courage brings change,
    Now is the time,
    YOUR Opportunity is right here,
    Dr. LEE'S Death's legacy is yours
    Find Chen Chi Shil!
    People are already in motion
    People in China!
    You have the power
    You are the power
    We, people in the world will pray for you.

  44. Are some researchers considering the possibility that this virus induces the immune system to damage hyaline cartilage? And if that is what is happening, then would it not be advisable to look at whether glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate can help prevent that damage and so possibly prevent progression to pneumonia? Given the age of the people hit hardest and the occurrence of arthritis in this age group, this angle seems like something that should be explored. Also, a long range study of glucosamine supplementation in the USA found that people who took it were less likely to die of all causes and MUCH less likely to die of respiratory illnesses. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22828954-use-of-glucosamine-and-chondroitin-in-relation-to-mortality/

  45. This virus has put a lid on Chinese communist regime plans of world domanation.

  46. Please share this for people have virus

    The cure for this virus is : 1 say in the name of God 2 Faith in God And take the reason 3 natural honey 100%+ onions+garlic and lemon juice.

    "GOD" Almighty created this wonderful insect only to serve mankind by collecting food to produce honey. He Almighty says 🙁 And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: "Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect.* "Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you)." There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying color wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think.){Sûrat An-Nahl – The Bees –verse 68-69

  47. There are lot of non vegetarian food like beef, buffalo meat, mutton,pork, chicken, turkey, duck and seafood. Hence, chinese govt.should ban of killing and eating wildlife to safe the spreading and exporting virus to the whole world.

  48. Because the cruise boats are well known to be a spot where diseases with faeces transmission spread very fast, does it mean that because the coronavirus is spreading fast on some cruise boats that we can suspect that coronavirus is a faeces spread disease? In this case washing hand is so important specially in toilet in factories. And also washing the doors handles. I do believe that washing hands with soap in a correct way can really help to stop the transmission. The only point is that everybody should be aware of how important hand washing with soap is And the advice to wash the hands with soap should be very frequently repeated again and again on the media, and this is not the case at all.
    What measure will be taken in the toilets of the factories in China when the staff will come back to work ?

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