Korean gov′t to check on prices ahead of Chuseok holiday 정부 추석 물가 특별점검…中企에 21조

One of Korea′s biggest national holidays
Chuseok, or Thanksgiving is fast approaching… and the Korean government says… it will
make sure prices of produce… don′t shoot up before then.
The finance ministry says… it will start daily checks on the prices of 28 daily necessities
starting Wednesday… and will continue to do so until September 5th, which is just two
days before the three-day holiday. Apples, beef and rice are among the products
on the list. In the run up to Chuseok,… the government
also plans to provide loans worth 18-point-5 billion U.S. dollars, to small-and medium-sized
enterprises… so they can pay overdue wages and make early payments to subcontractors.

Stephen Childs

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