KMovie | Cyrano Agency ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท | [Lee Min-Jung & Park Shin-Hye] | [Eng sub]

Hello guys & welcome 2 Modawana The KMovie Cyrano Agency A group that provides a unique service which is to reconcile the lovers meaning the customer goes to them and pays them the amount requested to help him approach the woman he loves and communicate with her in extraordinary ways! The movie’s first case was for a person who likes a woman working in a cafe and wants to date her so he used this agency to make her fall in love with him they collected the necessary information about her personal information, educational qualifications, daily routine and her interest in music. They began training him to manege his voice and speak properly and then caught her attention for nearly a month! That is, he used to frequent the cafe all these days just make her see his face contented with ordering coffee without talking to her about anything else On the 25th day he went with the violin to grab her attention even more and, as he had done before, only ordered what he wanted and didn’t talk to her about anything else and didn’t look at her even when he took the receipt he was acting very calmly to appear mystery. The second stage of the plan was to send a young woman to work next to her in the cafe her job is to approach the client and pretend to admire him in front of the woman to make her jealous rain came after yoga exercises and didn’t find her umbrella he was waiting outside gave her the umbrella, covering himself with violin case and left in a hurry in a romantic way. After further steps, she caught up with him outside talked to him and then kissed him in the rain. This is the work of the agency the client comes and asks them to make a specific woman fall in love with him everything is going well, they’re confident of themselves and good at their work until a client came and turned the team leader’s head upside down he asked them to help him in Getting the heart of a girl that leader Byung-Hoon had known from the past and tried to reject this mission without telling them his story with her but the team members insisted on him because of their debts! Min-Young noticed his behavior and find out about it He asked her to keep it secret, and not to worry, as he would handle the mission professionally. The church’s plan succeeded and Hee-Joong call Sang-Yong and met followed by the stage of carrying out activities together meanwhile Min-Young reminds Byung-Hoon of the need to succeed and earn money However, he’ll fight with Sang-Yong after getting drunk, and then Byung-Hoon will meet Hee-Joong and try to get close to her! The past is not forgotten yet and the mission will be very complicated! That will be all for today guys if you like the video please hit 👍 share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I wish you all enjoy watching ✌ and take care 👋 FIGHTING ✊

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