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  1. All the talk about Russia,
    Russia Russia,,, Nobody has stopped to think that if our country god forbids
    has to enter into a war with Russia, or China or any other super power… Will
    any of these illegals that some folks here are crying tears over , be forced to
    spill their blood right along with our sons and daughters… you folks better
    wise up…. this whole thing is not thought out at all , our congress has
    failed us yet again…

  2. Are these families that need help or are they as Trump say "bad hombres"?

  3. Reading her "fact"sheets try to not lie

    Chairman: PLEASE SUMMARIZE lol


  5. It's all scripted. Every last bit of it made to seem like people acting of their own volition but no – they're puppets.

  6. Kirstjen is one intelligent and CLASSY woman.
    We are extremely lucky to have her working for our country!

  7. I guess I don't get why anyone would want to come to the USA? We are 22 trillion in debt..You would be better off going through to Canada. Free health care..All our jobs went south..I don't see what the draw is anymore? Come in and assume our debt? More people to pay the USA debt? Help me understand..

  8. I can say without question, or hesitation, with the full confidence of the world – that she is one ugly, ugly creature. I get cold shivers looking at her face. She is not from this planet.

  9. I have entered the video for beautiful women like women's politics 😍😋😍😋😍😋😍😋😍🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️🇸🇦❤️❤️

  10. I would think any citizen from any country who is murdered on there own sovereign soil by someone who doesn't belong their , would constitute as a national emergency . Tell me people . How many of our citizens must die at the hands of illegals for it to be a national emergency????????

  11. Democrats use the name of the LORD when they think it will benefit their lawlessness. They lied and said GOD hates walls.. He does? Well try reading the BIBLE! Revelation 21: It had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. There were three gates on the east, three on the north, three on the south and three on the west. The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
    “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

  12. All you racist can go back to Europe , we're not gonna forget , we're not gonna forgive.


  14. The missing piece in this conversation is WHY are people endangering their lives and the safety of their children. The instability in these countries was CAUSED by the United States involvement in their governments. Incredible

  15. I'll trust the experts on the front lines who say we need walls in the high traffic areas.

  16. Watch "A Coloring Book for Migrant Children Representing Themselves  | NYT – Opinion" on YouTube

  17. Watch "Undocumented Americans Living in Tijuana, Working in San Diego" on YouTube

  18. First the dems and msm say they isnt a problem, now they claim there is.
    If no one is crossing ILLEGALLY then how can they claim people are in cages?
    Wake up!!

  19. wheres all the proof of these so called traffickers and sexual abusers of these immigrants it seems that the very ones abusing these immigrants and their children is the DHS and their agents . DHS has still to bring a list of the deaths of these illegal immigrants while in their custody and missing children

  20. Sounds like a bunch of CBSN plants…….or if you rather….Useful Idiots

  21. And that backlog of cases has been caused by the chronic and severe lack of proper funding of the immigration court system. Both parties have been complicit in this.

  22. Stop making this about drugs. The drugs will always be here. If you really care about us citizens overdosing, stop criminalizing drug addicts. I have had 6 friends overdose and die. If they were given help instead of jail they would be alive.


  24. In case anybody is curious about the bottle of water sitting in front of her $4 a bottle.

  25. She talks just like Ivanka. That robot drone of lies lulls you to sleep.

  26. The kids are suppose to be separated. When an American parent gets arrested is that person not separated from his/her children? Of course. But if you want them kept together send them back together. Problem solved!

  27. Jackson Lee is a dumb usless creature. She is a worthless politician.

  28. Mr Green please fact straight as Alfanso Capone ; was Natural Born American Citizens of Italian Orgin ; who only crime , was tax invasion . Side note He accused of many crimes , However only prosecut , of one , and innocent until proven guilty .

  29. Kirstjen is so intelligent & knows her job!!!! Jackson Lee is psychotic!!! (DEM)

  30. Nielsen is a truly evil person! She has accumulated lots of dark karma! She will be in a world of trouble when it swings back at her! She'll be required to pay it back and it will be mighty!

  31. It looked so weird when she said it's a "national emergency" calmly while she was just sitting there, giving no impression of urgency.

  32. I hope there not just taking the word of one of Trump puppets and really get actual data that is monitored by an independent group outside the influence of Trumps team!

  33. Americans love their drugs, decades of a war on drugs hasn't changed that fact one bit!

  34. I didn't think these snollygosters could go any lower than the Kavanaugh hearings. I was so, so wrong.

  35. Illegals get free medical. They say I am a hundred dollars over to qualify. So I get no help, and dont have the money to buy insurance. So I just dont go to the doctor. There is something very seriously wrong with this!! Yes, Dems protect and take care of illegals over their own citizens!!!!!

  36. Nancy Pelosi has placed a spell upon the democrats that keeps them from hearing what is said.
    Thus the democrats are able to recite the party line no matter the
    consequence because no matter what is said the party line is all they
    hear. The ends justify
    the means is an old incantation that has never served the public well
    yet it is deployed every day in Washington dc.. See here Chuck &
    Nancy placing the spell on the unsuspecting party as they travel down
    the road to the 2020 election. The democrats are intent on deposing
    the wizard Trump at any cost, but even though they might uncover his
    magic, still the people of the land will remember him for his good deeds
    and great works,

  37. a mandatory yes or no answer is a trick because anything you cay can be used against you.
    a yes or no answer limits the communication of these complicated problems.
    those requiring strict yes or no answer are deceiving the public in their efforts to find an accord.

  38. The more kids in cages the more tax dollars line trumps' friends' pockets. Socialism?

  39. The main concern of the Democrats seems to be the rights of the illegal aliens, while the main issue is that we're being flooded with people and can't afford them. It's NOT all asylum seeking, as Mexico has offered them asylum and work permits. They simply want to come to the US illegally. The Democrats seem to want to make that as convenient as possible.

  40. Thank God ( not literally) Canada is buffered by the US . We would be overwhelmed and it would be a huge national emergency. Our culture would eventually be replaced, like those of the aboriginal people.

  41. King is lying. I live in the area and there is not a problem. Period!

  42. Frankly I don’t believe this numbers..I would like a verifiable source.. they lie..

  43. Notice the Democrats keep going back to the emotional issue of "family separation" . Why is it incumbent upon the US or its citizens to assume responsibility for parents who are clearly and willfully breaking our laws which results in family separation ? These migrants are playing us like a fiddle.

  44. Kirstjen Nielsen' should be deported US ..she is an illegal Immigrant ..and then be locked up in one of those facilities and in one of those cages…she deserves nothing better !

  45. Are we sure Kristjen Nielsens last name isn't really Himmler because she sure acts like Heinrich Himmler, who was in charge of German Concentration Camps during WW2. I see that during this hearing the Repugnicans switch their hypocritical tactics from the Cohen hearing of trying to discredit the witness testifying to praising one of their own who separates children from their parents and places them in cages/dog kennels, as well as refuses to answer very direct yes or no questions.

  46. Val Demings had the best question for Kirstjen. How many border patrol agents have died while on duty at the southern border? Answer. Zero. How many border patrol agents have been seriously injured at the southern border? Answer… I don't know.. It doesn't sound like much of an emergency to me.

  47. You can put up as many defenses as you want but until the demand goes down there is no way you'll stop drugs from coming in. We been have the war on drugs for decades and nothing stops the flow of drugs coming in this country and if you think a wall will do it you're an idiot.

  48. Drugs are coming in bc there is a demand! Prescription opioids are a reason people eventually turn to fentanyl yet I don’t see any focus on the pharmaceutical industry to stop this “emergency crisis.”

  49. she smiles when lying…btw the dude behind her looks constipated

  50. dogs dying from fentanyl fumes…really how many dogs?
    if that was the case anyone holding the package will be death my opinion

  51. If a wall would effectively stop drugs from getting into the US, how is it possible that prison inmates get all sorts of thing they are not supposed to have, Mr Katko?

  52. A person who can not answer a yes or no question should not hold her position at taxpayers expense

  53. If Nielsen was an employee of a company and she was being questioned by her boss on the job she was hired for, and her answers are; I DONT KNOW, Those facts are not in front of me , She would be fired , would any of us go to a meeting without the facts of our job . this woman is unqualified for this Job. a high school graduate could do a better job

  54. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 99:
    Everybody knows Kirstjen Nielsen's word games
    Everybody knows kids are put in cages
    Everybody knows she says the enclosures
    Are just protective chain-link detention spaces
    Everybody knows family separation
    Is a serious human rights violation
    Child abuse woes
    Everybody knows

  55. Easy answer stay in your own failure of a country and fix it.. We are not welfare to the world.. Families can stay united in Mexico… My taxes are for my kids and grand kids not invaders with no skills education or ability to obey laws

  56. Any one who actually refers to buzzfeed as a credible source of information is an idiot I. E. Miss rice

  57. On Border Security I think the government needs to put our national guard down at the border not a wall. How could the government separate young innocent children even young infant from their parents. If there is a problem at the border they should show proof. People come here for a better life and for opportunities for there children. The wall wouldn't work people are going to find a way to sneak in. I believe there is no crisis

  58. I can tell that she calls all Latino people Mexicans just because how she said it here @ 24:58 “The Mexicans”??

  59. Illegals are illegal like it or not give her a break she's just doing her job a awesome one at that

  60. *PEOPLE*We must Change all policies that do not disclose all national information detrimental to society!!!

  61. Mr. Thompson, it is "ask" , not "aks" or "axe" nor "ax" as you said twice. It aks now a proper American word ?
    Mr. Rogers, you are another typical GOP liar, rehashing the fantasies, false statements and alternative facts of the trump kkkult. Since you are also a Christian nutcase, I strongly suggest you go home 6and read your bible again, pay close attention to the teachings of Jesus and compare them to your xenophobic, narrow minded, fear mongering and hateful ways!

  62. And as it turns out, she's now an unemployed Single-Mom, put her on the other side of the wall with the rest of the vagrants.

  63. A country that can't protect its border is a county being ran by Idiots or TRAITORS

  64. kirtejen nielsen te esta buscando gregorio Lucero de american Express je jeje atte su ex novia

  65. They just said it was way easier to exploit workers when it was only one guy and once they picked our food and done with their exploitation send an back …. man these people are SICK !!

  66. It blows my mind the hypocrisy of these people …. Did they all forget this nation was born out of a genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas

  67. Border control isn't the problem its us foreign policy exploitation of central America is at fault ….are they stupid ignorant or evil ?

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