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– It’s a ring! – [Woman] If you find a ring, it means you will get married in a year. – I’m only nine! (playful music) (ghosts howling) – [Woman] Happy Halloween! – Happy Halloween! – [Woman] Let me see the
scariest face you can make. (woman screams) – Gotcha! – [Woman] What do you eat on Halloween? – Candy. There’s a lot of gross candies,
too, like butterscotch. – [Woman] Well, today
we’re going to find out how people in other countries celebrate Halloween or
holidays near Halloween. – That sounds interesting. – Since it’s around the world, usually people have a lot of bread. Are there any that are shaped like bats? – [Woman] How did you
know about the bread? – Pretty much, I just
know about everything. (playful guitar music) – That is cool. – This is going to be so cool. Let me taste it really quick. – No! – Sugar. – [Woman] That is a sugar skull. Do you know what country it’s from? – Mexico? – [Woman] Mexico, that’s right. Dia de los Muertos is about celebration because dead loved ones come alive and celebrate with their living relatives. – How can they? Like, are they ghosts or skeletons? – [Woman] Do you believe in ghosts? – I believe in the Ghostbusters. – I’m trying to make this one
look like my great-grandma. I made a skull for Great-Grandma Joan, and I’m not very good at the name. – My great-grandfather. I don’t know what he
actually looked like, but he’s saying, “Hi.” (playful guitar music) – Oh my. – Bread? They eat bread for Halloween? This is really good! – What’s that thing inside? – Wait, I think I see something. Aha! A stick. – What is this? – [Woman] So, according
to Irish tradition, objects that are baked
into the bread tell you something about your life
and the year to come. – It’s a ring! – [Woman] If you find a ring, it means you will get married in a year. – I’m only nine! – [Woman] The thimble, Justin, means you will be a spinster forever. – What’s a spinster? – Yeah. – [Woman] A spinster is a
lady who never gets married. (girl laughs) (playful guitar music) – What is this? Bones? – Ewwww. – I don’t wanna eat somebody’s bones. – I wanna try it. – [Woman] It’s tradition
to eat treats like this and then to go visit the
graves of your loved ones. – This is kind of like a donut. – I only like one ingredient in that. It’s called sugar. (playful guitar music) – Time to make a bread baby! – Oh, I have a good idea. I’ll copy this on here because
they look almost similar without the face. – I’m making my mom as a bread baby. Hi! Oh, I forgot my hair. I need hair. – Angry business baby. He’s mad for no reason. – Goodbye, baby. – [Woman] And there’s also a drink that we’ve brought for you. – I’ll try it. It’s warm. Does it come from a stove or something? – It’s good. Really, really, really, really good. – [Woman] Are you lying? – I’m being sarcastic. – Happy Halloween! – My baby. Bye! – [Woman] Bye!

Stephen Childs


  1. Gosh what's with the thumbnail. If I were the child I would be very embarassed.

  2. “If you find a ring, you’ll get married in a year”
    “*Gasp* I’m only 9?!?!”

  3. Hey.. can you invite claire crosby to try some food on Kids Try? I think it'll be fun

  4. Nil that guy with the long hair and the thick eyebrows looks like the Might Guy from Naruto 🤣

  5. I'm so happy they included colada morada and guaguas de pan in the video!!!!~~~ I'm from Ecuador. I love both so much I just came tp see that one but I liked the ones as well. I need some colada morada now
    Guagua means "kid" in quechua :3

  6. im ecuadorian and us ecuadorians dont eat that bread or colada on that day wth😭

  7. LMAO i thought the girl said “I dunno what my great grandfather looked like but he is high”

  8. 2:55 не знал, что в честь меня назвали блюдо.

  9. “I’m only nine” do be complaining your lucky my butt still single

  10. Gigi‘s laugh when Marina told Justin about spinster is fantastic, I love her. 😭😂

  11. I hate how most of the kids, are bratty. Saying ew to somebodies food from the religion isnt cuteee.

  12. When I was little I did not like Colada morada either. Glad to see Ecuador here! Good job HiHo!

  13. The kid that got the thing about the spinsters, but he is not a lady so he can get married still

  14. Love your channel have for a long time but…..where did you find these kids? Barnes and nobles at the Starbucks with there a'unt…..

  15. I laughed so hard when she said the spinster is a lady who never gets married and that boy got that and her sister was laughing

  16. It's not barmbrack it's barren brack but if u speak the Irish language it's spelled bairin break

  17. she should have said it means you will be a (bachelor – a man who is not and has never been married.) not a ( spinster – an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage.) Dont be evil yo we got enough of that forced on ppl these days already .

  18. How do I be in your show???? Or I can't because they are kids that you guys have……

  19. "a spinster is a lady who never gets married."

    Gigi: laughs thinking how Justin will never gonna marry.
    Justin: confused af what to feel as he's not even a girl to begin with

  20. "Do you believe in ghosts?"

    "I believe in the ghostbusters." —

    I need this on a fridge magnet.

  21. I love phoebe you should put her in more videos she’s sooo cute
    Just like claira

  22. “What is a spinster?”
    “It’s a lady who never gets married”
    “wait what…”

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