Kids tell us what they really think about holidays

I love to go on holidays We fly the plane, drive, fly the plane, drive Yeah, to have lots of fun because you wouldn’t
just want to stay at home and be bored – I pack clothes… Turkeys (laughs) Mum says only 3 toys Plastic bags so I don’t throw up in the plane – I got to sleep on a bunk bed Some have ladders – and some have slides – Yeah but this one didn’t – How do you, how’d you get down? If there’s a diving board you can practice um, the Olympics Is the White House in Australia? – No its in England – Oh ok, I wanna see what Perth is like Maybe go to Fiji Canberra and the Hunter Valley – Yeah Go to Nelson Bay Queensland was my favourite holiday ever because that’s really the only time
I get to go in a pool for the week. – Daddy and Mummy spend time with our family They tell us to be quiet – and I’m very bad at being quiet They really do nothing, literally nothing Sit on their phone They should do what kids do because kids do better stuff than grown ups Give a big fat thumbs up for holidays

Stephen Childs

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