Karen From Hilltop Primary Testimonial On The Teachers’ Retirement Agency Seminar.

I booked on to the seminar because I’m
hoping to retire at the end of this next coming year, so needed as much
information as I could get in order to move forward really. I do wish I’d booked
on to the seminar sooner. There’s a massive amount of planning that needs to
go into place now and I’m not sure that I’ve got enough time in the next 12 months
to actually do everything that’s required. But it’s a positive step
forward and certainly something that’s needed. I did find the wealth management
section extremely useful. I’ve taken lots of notes planning ahead and what to do
with our money is really the major reason that we’re here is whether you
can actually afford to retire. So yes I found it extremely useful and enjoyable. I’d certainly recommend teachers come on the Teachers’ Retirement Seminar. I didn’t know half the things that I now know that we found out today and it’s certainly something that I’ll be putting forward in the staff room for my staff.

Stephen Childs

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