Justin Trudeau’s trip to India was a disaster | 22 Minutes

Justin Trudeau just returned from his
first official visit to India. The trip was supposed to strengthen ties but it
was by all accounts a disaster .Now that’s just not me saying that – a
Washington Post headline actually read “Trudeau’s India trip is a total disaster.”
Critics allege that the trip was more of an extended vacation since Trudeau met
with almost no Indian government officials but he did find time to take a
few pictures. He didn’t exactly get the warmest of receptions. A CNN Headline
read “Justin Trudeau snubbed by Indian government on official trip.”
Prime Minister Modi didn’t even meet Trudeau at the airport instead he was
met by the junior minister of agriculture. In Canada our parliamentary
secretary of agriculture is Jean-Claude Poissant. I don’t even know who that is,
but if they sent Jean-Claude Poissant to pick me up at the airport
I feel snubbed! Normally when the Prime Minister travels people only talk about
his socks – he sure fixed that. Some people felt he overdid it on the traditional
Indian dress and by some people I mean everyone! For example this is how Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien dressed when they visited India. Justin – he went for
more on the nose approach. One Indian headline said that Trudeau was dressed
too Indian even for an Indian. It’d be like if Prime Minister Modi came to
Canada dressed like this. Crazy. Trudeau’s visit was the most
embarrassing thing to happen to India since Apu. Trudeau was there to sell
Canada and he did his best to sell the better country like only our Prime
Minister can. And we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation.
Actually it’s 150 years old Justin. Not his best work. He did
come back with a trade deal however here he is announcing it. We’re able to
announce today over 5,000 new jobs in Canada and over a billion dollars of
investment in Canada. Wow that’s pretty good, right? A billion dollars invested in Canada – that makes a whole trip worth it! The Prime Minister actually misspoke
there – $250 million to Canada, $750 million to India. Oops! So, India isn’t investing $1 billion in Canada, Canada is investing $750 million in India. Well – same thing. At least he didn’t do any embarrassing dancing. At this point you think it couldn’t get any worse – well
you’d be wrong. It was revealed that a Liberal MP had invited a convicted
attempted murderer to a reception in India. This man picture with Sophie
Trudeau, was convicted in 1986 of attempting to assassinate an Indian
cabinet minister on Vancouver Island. Some world leaders worried about
assassins overseas – but not Justin – he brings his own!
So after being ignored Trudeau was finally getting some attention from the
Indian press. Mr. Trudeau I want to ask one question: why did you invite a
Pakistani terrorist for the reception?
Eventually Prime Minister Modi did show up to hug Justin. Of course he did! It was
the only way for Modi to get him to go back home! And look at the guy in the
back his hand is already on the car door handle – hey Justin your Uber is here – time to go! Justin’s trip to India seemed like a
panicked, desperate attempt to court Sikh voters back home in Canada – I wonder why
that was? Justin, if you want to woo Canadian voters the best place to do
that is Canada.

Stephen Childs

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