Jurassic World: UNBOXED!

– Ready?
(Coyote vocalizing) (Mario vocalizing) – Jurassic World Super
Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex. – You know it’s big
if it says colossal. ♪ Fire, a fire on
the mountain, whoo ♪ – What’s going on Coyote Pack? Welcome to a very special
episode of Base Camp. Now you see three giant
cardboard boxes here before us. And I have to send a big
thank you out to Mattel for sending us these
products today to review. But before we get into
what’s in these boxes, let’s talk about dinosaurs. Mario, I told you
to show up today decked out in dinosaur gear and you did a pretty
excellent job. – Yeah, I’m wearing my
original Jurassic Park shirt. I got my dino cap,
what do you got? – I am actually wearing
my Coyotesaurus shirt. Now we usually review
some Coyote Pack fan art. This is actually a
shirt that was made for me by a Coyote Pack member and given to me on
the East Coast Tour. Today is the first
chance that I’ve had to feature it on camera. – That’s awesome.
– Pretty cool, right? – Yeah. – Absolutely love this shirt and I’m sure at this point
you guys have guessed that inside these
boxes from Mattel, who is now producing
all of the toys for the Jurassic franchise,
you guessed it guys. They have sent us three boxes of Jurassic World
Fallen Kingdom toys. For real, it’s happening. This is what we’re doing. Now people have asked
for an unboxing video on the Brave Wilderness
channel, right? – Yeah, they’re
popular on YouTube but we cannot unbox an
animal, that doesn’t work. – Really, unless we put
maybe a box jellyfish inside of a box and unbox it? – Nah, too complicated. – Way too complicated, probably way too dangerous. But Mattel knows how
much we love dinosaurs, and specifically the
Jurassic franchise. And today I’m gonna give you– – For me?
– A box, that’s a box for you. This is a box for me, we’ve got a third
giant box down here. We have no idea what’s
inside the boxes but we are going to open them up and review these amazing
products that Mattel has sent. Now what I have here
is a pocket knife. Just a moment of safety guys, if you get a package in the mail and you’re going to
open it with a knife, use the knife safely, make sure that your
parents know what it is that you’re doing to open
things up with a knife. Gotta put a safety
disclaimer out there. So if you guys are
ready, I know I’m ready, I’m like a kid on Christmas.
– I can’t wait, yeah. – Let’s dive into the
boxes, here we go. All right, I’m gonna
open this one first, oh gotta be careful
on the tape there. Let me get this. – All right. – Now don’t, careful,
careful, careful. You don’t wanna damage
any of the dinos. Some of these dinos don’t
need Dino Damage yet. Remember that from the
toys when we were little? They had Dino Damage? – I remember the Dino Damage.
– I wonder if any of these new toys
have Dino Damage, that was one of
my favorite parts. – So what figures did you
have from the original movie? – Certainly had the T-Rex, Velociraptor was
one of my favorite, I had the Jeep, I
had the Explorer. How about you?
– Yeah, I had the whole command center. – Oh the command center.
– With the fences and stuff. – I forgot about that. The command center
was super cool. Yeah, I had pretty much every
Jurassic toy when I was a kid. I feel like a kid again today, getting ready to
open up my first box. Okay, you ready?
– Awesome, yep. – We’re getting this, I
can’t hold back any further. Oh, look at this! Oh my gosh, Spinosaurus, yes! Holy cow! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, look how many are
inside of your box. This is crazy.
– Look at that. – Okay, let’s look at that.
– Okay, wait, wait. So how do we do this? I’ve never done an unboxing. – I never have either. I don’t know how these
unboxing things work. But oh my gosh, Mattel,
thank you so much for sending us these
products to review. My hands are shaking right
now, there are dinosaurs. I was afraid this
was gonna be a joke, and there were gonna be a
bunch of bees that swarm out. Oh my gosh, this is crazy. Okay, I’m just gonna
go for this one first. – Okay, go for it. – Spinosaurus, look at that.
– Nice. – Oh, wow, cool. Now this is the Jurassic
World Legacy Collection. Maybe you guys didn’t know
this but what Mattel decided to do is also release
a Legacy Collection in connection with
Fallen Kingdom because we want
everybody to know where Jurassic originated from. And in the first three movies,
the Spinosaur as we know, was the main sort of villain
dinosaur in Jurassic III. And the Legacy Series throws
back to the 25-year anniversary of the Jurassic
Park original film, which as we know,
came out in 1993. Dude, Spinosaurus, hold it.
– That’s awesome. – That’s the real deal, right there.
– Let me see. What does he do?
– I don’t know. – Oh, look at that.
– Wow! Holy cow, let’s see, bite up. Oh, bitten by a Spinosaur. Man, that is cool, holy cow. Okay set that guy over there. We gotta kind of plow through
all of what these are to start and then we’ll take a look
at some of them up close. All right, digging, what do you got in here?
– Nice, let’s see. Oh, another Legacy figure.
– Nice, spin it around so people could see it. – [Coyote And Mario]
Dilophosaurus! – Wow!
– Right. That’s cool, it’s got a
little bit of the venom. In the movie they portrayed
them as venomous, right? And they kind of
spat out some venom. – Which as we know you
recreated in that little scene that we did one time.
– That’s right. – Yeah, I’m wrestling. So pretty cool, Dilophosaurus. – What do we got
here, let’s see. Look at that! – [Mario] That’s Blue. – Blue and Doctor Owen. Wow, actually kinda
looks like Chris Pratt. That’s pretty good,
wow, I’m impressed. Look at this figure. Wow, look at the movements. Completely articulatable
head and arms. How cool is that? Okay, okay, sorry. We’ve got to dive back
into this box here. You got so much stuff in there. – [Mario] Oh I got
some good ones. – Hold on, hold on.
– I got some good ones. – This is one that I saw online, The Thrash ‘N Throw T-Rex. Look at that prehistoric beauty. (toy roaring) (Mario laughing) Do that again. What? That is amazing!
– Oh, it’s pretty cool. – Look at all of the movements and look at the
sculpting in those toys. This looks exactly
like the T-Rex. – That’s pretty good sculpting. – That is a really good toy. – Oh, look at that. So you you can
control the dinosaur kind of with its tail. – Wow, okay so he
can bite, (roars) grab something, thrash
it around, amazing. Jurassic World T-Rex,
Thrash ‘N Throw T-Rex, that’s incredible. – Oh I got some good ones.
– All right, oh you got some good ones in here?
– Yep. – Okay, just start
handing them to me. We gotta get some of this, (Mario vocalizing) Legacy series, yep.
– Legacy series. – Oh man.
– Doctor Grant. – Doctor Sattler.
– Favorite. – And of course our game warden, Robert Muldoon, clever girl. Nice, wow these are awesome. All right set these
over to the side. Let’s see what else you, oh man. Get it out.
– Ready? – Go for it. – Gotta have a Stegosaurus.
– Oh, yes! That’s a Legacy Series? No, this is just Jurassic World. Yeah, you’ve got Stegosaurus
in the new Jurassic movies. Wow, look at all the
articulation in these toys. That’s the thing that
I can’t get over. This is cool, very–
– It’s pretty crazy. Very rubber pliable plates
on top, moveable legs, wow, what an awesome toy. – Nice, I like the color
scheme, kinda natural. – Stegosaurus!
– Stegi. – All right, what
else you got in here? Oh this is cool, we’ve got–
– Yeah, that’s pretty cool. The little figures. This is a new thing
that they did. They came out with these
mini dino action figures and actually they sent
us a bunch of these. I love these. Now we have seen
these at a number of different stores.
– We have. And I gotta admit guys, every time we see
one we buy them. When we are On
Location, we do sort of our supply shopping–
– Supply run or something. At a store and we see
these, we pick one up. What’s cool about them is people love what are
called blind boxes where– – Let’s open on up. – You don’t know
what’s inside it. Yeah, we’ll, let’s
definitely open one up. So it looks like a dinosaur
egg, check that out. And you open this up, and
see what you’re going to get. Oh, nice, Paracephalosaurus. – Look at that.
– Oh, it’s Blue. – It’s Blue.
– Nice! – Nice!
(squeals) – Although the size doesn’t
compare exactly accordingly but wow this is super cool. – Yeah look at all the ones that you get.
– Ooh, it’s got a little collection sheet. Let’s see, oh that’s cool. So you can open this up
and it’s a checklist, and you can check off
all of the dinosaurs that you can find.
– Nice. – Ooh, Indominus Rex
is out there somewhere. I bet that one is pretty rare. – Look at all the ones we got. – We’ve got a bunch of them. Let’s save that towards
the end of the episode. All right put those
off to the side. And this is cool because
those little eggs, you can also buy the
Legacy Series Collection and I believe there are a
couple different sets of this. So if you don’t like just
getting little blind bags, you can buy them. – Yeah, these are fun though,
these are definitely fun. – They’re my favorite. Great stocking stuffers, right? For this holiday season, that’s enough taking–
– Oh, look at this guy. Oh, what’s that? That’s another figure. Oh that’s baby Blue. – Oh and Doctor Owen,
let me see that. Cool, well that’s pretty neat because this was actually
seen in Fallen Kingdom, where they had the
little globe thing and Owen was facing
off with this, the Carnotausaurus, right? – Carnotausaurus, yep. Let’s see what he can do. That’s pretty cool.
– That’s pretty sweet. its mouth opens all the way up. – Nice. – Oh, yeah, look at that. Whoa! – This was definitely
kind of a new dinosaur that they featured
in this movie. Here’s a little tidbit
in the Lost World book, they did have one of
these dinosaurs featured. Yeah, and it was really ominous. – It’s always sort of been in the background in
the Jurassic franchise but didn’t make its appearance
until Fallen Kingdom, which is super
cool, this is great. Look at the detail in baby
Blue there, zoom in on that. What a great little tiny
toy, how cool is that? They absolutely
thought of everything. Man, good job Mattel. – All right, what
about in your box, what else you got there? – I got something
pretty big here, I wasn’t gonna
reveal it quite yet. All right I’m gonna move,
I’m gonna bring this up, I’m gonna just put this box
off to the side over here. Check it out, that is the
Mosasaur, right there. Wow, what an epic toy! This is great, it’s
squishy rubber. This may be a candidate
for my open at the end. Whoa wait, let’s keep moving. – Let’s just get these guys out. – Yep, give me a couple.
– We got Triceratops. Right there, it’s got a
little bit of Battle Damage. Look, look, here’s
the Battle Damage. – Oh nice they did
do Dino Damage. Oh they call it
Battle Damage now, that was Dino Damage
when I was a kid. Sweet, Triceratops, here’s
another variation of Blue. Gallimimus, it’s a Galli. – [Both] Galli, Gallimimus. – I’m done with this one.
– All right. Get that box out of the way. The moment we have all
been waiting for guys. I have a feeling I
know what’s in here. but I don’t know
at the same time. I’m really hoping, I’m really
hoping for this one thing because if they did send it, somebody out there in the
audience is gonna get it. Okay there’s more in here than
I thought there was gonna be. Hold on a second. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s this T-Rex?
– That’s another T-Rex. – Whoa! I didn’t even know
they were making this. Look at this, Jurassic World
Legacy Collection T-Rex. – [Mario] Rexy, right? That’s what they call her?
– Yeah, awesome. Oh, oh, oh, hold on. Oh I know what
you’re looking at. Just go ahead, grab it, grab it. I’m trying to get these
all stacked up here. – So it’s clear that
this is a big part of the second movie, right? The Indoraptor, look at
that guy, what a villain. – Oh my gosh.
– That was some of my favorite
parts of that movie. – And some of the homages to the original
Jurassic Park movie in the way that some of
the scenes played out, in the movements
of this creature. Oh my gosh.
– Yeah, I think they did a great job with just the
the way this animal looks. – I think this is
definitely candidate for possibly opening as well.
– Yeah, I think so. – Okay, Indoraptor, Yes, thank you guys for saying
sending us the Indoraptor. When we opened up
that first box, it was like, oh, no Indoraptor? We have to feature
the Indoraptor. But look at this.
– What? – One of the new vehicles,
Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle. Does this actually
launch this thing? I think it does. Oh man, we’re not gonna
get any work done today. We’re gonna be playing
with these toys for the rest of the day. – Rest of the week.
– Look at this. There are more boxes
inside of the box, bubble wrap, hold on a second. – What is that? – Jurassic World Chomp ‘N Roar. Oh my gosh, Mario, would
you know what this is? – [Mario] No. – [Coyote] You have the
Dilophosaurus mask, right? – [Mario] Yeah. – [Coyote] Wait till
you see what this is. Look grab those hands,
there’s some hands in there. – What the? (Mario chuckles) Check this out. – Yes! Look! I saw this in the store. Yes, look at that. – Oh, man. – Are you serious? So now you’ve got the
hands and the raptor mask. We know Mario has this
Dilophosaurus mask that he’s had since
he was a little kid. And finally we
were able to use it in that little promo video
for the arm wrestling thing. – Whoa, that’s crazy. – Okay, well I know
what you’re gonna be for Halloween this
year, there you go. Whoa, check this out. – What’s that? I’m just gonna have
these on the whole time. – Oh, and check it, out
we’ve got two of each. I have a feeling
that this is going to be a part of what’s coming
at the end of this video. Look at this, you
pull the string and these things
take off and run, so you can have Doctor
Owen chasing Blue. Do you want to take, you’re gonna keep
the dinosaur hands on for the rest of the day?
– I kinda want to. – You should try, keep them on. All right, I’m putting
these guys over here. Oh guys, it’s like the holidays, it’s like your birthday
all combined into one. Jurassic World Story Pack, I don’t know what that is.
– I’m gonna take this off for now. – You know what
made this amazing? Is that this was a box
filled with more boxes. – Yeah, that’s pretty,
so this is like a super unboxing, right?
– Yes. – Because there’s like one,
two, three, four, like 10 boxes. – Uh, yes please,
check that out. Velociraptor, Doctor
Owen, and Claire with a Gyrosphere.
– Gyroscope, sphere. – Gyrosphere and Claire. I’m glad to see that
Bryce Dallas Howard now has her own toy too.
– Yeah, all right. – It’s important,
you have to have. And that’s what I loved
about the first Jurassic toys that Mattel definitely
paid attention too this time around as well is that you have male characters
and female characters, you’ve got something
for everybody. Oh, yes, oh, another Gallimimus. – Ooh, all right. Can’t have too many of those.
– Look at this Velociraptor. That one’s different,
that’s a green raptor. Ooh, ooh, ooh. – Attack Pack. – Dimorphodon, one
of your favorites. – Oh, yes, look at that.
– That one’s going in your office. And ooh, another Blue
Velociraptor, wow. – We’ve got a like, we have
basically a raptor pack. – We have a raptor pack now. We have made it down
to the last item inside of this box. – [Mario] It’s
big, it’s real big. – It is, this it it, this is it. Now when the new Jurassic
toys were announced, I went online months ago,
I think it was February and I wanted to see
what they were releasing and they announced the
largest Tyrannosaur toy ever in the franchise. – I did get a
sneak peek as well. I was doing my research. Ready? (both vocalizing) – Jurassic World Super
Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex. – You know it’s big
if it says colossal. – This is the biggest T-Rex
toy that has ever been made. All right, watch yourself Mario, I’ve got a knife coming towards you there.
– Yep, go for it. Let us reveal to the
Coyote Pack the one toy. Thank you Mattel
for sending this. This was the one thing that
I hoped they would send. Hold that, here we go.
– Yep, go for it. – Coming out. Oh my goodness! – Colossal.
– Look at that T-Rex. Wow! That is a heavy toy. – Is it?
– Oh my gosh. – That is huge.
– That thing is giant. Now what is cool about this, look at the size of its head, you can fit your
whole arm in there. What is so cool about
this Tyrannosaur is you put it together,
you attach the tail, the legs are kind of
buried back in here, this can actually eat
the other action figures. – Really?
– How cool is that? And Mattel thought, you
know what people wanna do with their toy dinosaurs? Eat things.
– Of course. That’s what they do.
– Eat other action figures. You can actually put
the action figures down through this
Tyrannosaurus mouth and then it comes out
the dinosaurs backside. – It poops it out?
– Uh, yeah. If we’re gonna be
technical about it, yeah the T-Rex is then gonna
poop out the action figures. Oh, my gosh, all right
guys, so this was epic. What we’re gonna do
now is cut the cameras, we’re gonna clean up
some of this chaos, display the toys and then we’re
each going to pick one thing that we’re going to have unboxed and display you guys and
review in full detail. I mean this would
be a two-hour video if we reviewed everything
and I have a good feeling that some of these
items might show up in an upcoming series
that’s gonna be released on the Brave Wilderness Channel. It is an adventure 65
million years in the making, that’s all I will
say about it now, but stay tuned guys
because this fall, the Brave Wilderness
channel is going dinosaurs. All right, let’s cut
the cameras, reset and take a look at these toys. – [Mario] All right. (Coyote squeals)
(Mario laughs) All right, guys and we are back. Now you see the ones that
we chose to fully unbox. We were gonna film all that and
they were really well packed in there, weren’t they? – They sure were, yeah. – Mario, tell us
what you unboxed. – I unboxed the Indoraptor
and the reason why, is I really like this
character in the movie, it was kind of the villain. And this figure is
just so articulated, look it’s got all
these joints and– – It can bite?
– Yeah it could bite. What was cool is in the movie, it would sometimes stand
up on on its two legs and then it crouched
down on all fours. So, I don’t know, I just really liked the
color scheme of this. And you picked? – I had to go with the
Mosasaur, it is so epic. This may be–
– That’s impressive. – The best Jurassic toy in my
opinion that’s ever been made. Feel it, it is
completely rubber. Feels like the back
of an alligator and look how big it is. Now we saw that it was
in pieces in the box and at first I was concerned, oh how is that gonna snap
together, is it gonna work well? It’s amazing, those
flippers snap right in and they fully move,
and look at the mouth. – Whoa, that’s huge. – Gotcha! That is the head, that’s
as big as the head of the alligator that
I got chomped on. – From the top, that looks
like an alligator right there. Look at all those
scutes and osteoderm. – So cool, now what’s
great about this, is I think you could probably even take this in
your swimming pool. – Why not, yeah.
– And take it out to the beach with you because it has enough
porous ability, you can then dump the water out, you don’t want water to
form mold inside of the toy. But this is an epic
toy and (sniffs) ah, smells like a
Jurassic toy, so cool. Look at the underside,
even the detail in the belly of this creature. – [Mario] That’s impressive. – I mean, I used to
carry my 1993 T-Rex around with me all the time, I think this is gonna
be my new carry around wherever I go.
– He still carries that dinosaur around. – I do, I’ve actually
taken that T-Rex to some very important
meetings with me as influence. – Nice, that’s a good one.
– Wow, very cool. If we could, we would have
fully unboxed every single one of these toys but it
would have taken us hours and if you are still
here watching now. Everybody, give a huge
shoutout and thank you to Mattel for sending us
these products to review. From the bottom
of my heart guys, this has been one of
the coolest things I’ve ever had the chance to do. But because we love the
Coyote Pack so much, this is the moment where we say, if you write in the
comment section below, tell us how the Jurassic
franchise has influenced or touched your
life in some way, why you love these movies
and more specifically, how you think you would
use the colossal T-Rex to create a scene
or whatever might be in your bedroom, your
backyard, you name it, we are giving away
the colossal T-Rex to one lucky member
of the Coyote Pack. What’s really cool about the
Jurassic franchise and its toys is that when I was a kid and
had all the original toys, I used to set up scenes in
my bedroom or in my backyard and actually practice some of
my early filming techniques that then of course
influenced the work on the Brave Wilderness channel. – Absolutely, yeah, that’s cool. It’s a great way for kids
to use your imagination and just play around with
these wonderful toys. – I think that kind of brings us to the end of the
episode, right? – What about the giveaway? – Well yeah, the
giveaway, guys remember, write in the comment
section below for your chance to win
this colossal-sized T-Rex and a couple of
these other items and again a big
thank you to Mattel for sending us these
amazing boxes of items to review and feature here on
the Brave Wilderness channel. – I feel like a
little kid again. – Me too. I think we’re pretty
much gonna spend the rest of the day playing with
these toys, aren’t we? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Hopefully episode’s
gonna come out this week. I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – We’ll see you on the
next Base Camp adventure. (both roaring) Ah, it got my eye. Wow, this Indoraptor
is super cool. (toy mask squealing) Oh, hey, Blue. What’s going on girl? Hi have a seat, have a seat. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Blue, click-click, click-click, you know me. Yeah, good raptor, there we go. (screams) God, no! Hey, Coyote Pack, if want to go on a prehistoric
adventure back in time, make sure to check out the
episode where we traveled into the back country of
Utah to find dinosaur tracks. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the
crew on our next big adventure. (wolf howling)
(birds chirping)

Stephen Childs


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