Jude Law Breaks Down His Career, from ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to ‘The New Pope’ | Vanity Fair

Stephen Childs


  1. The Holiday is my favorite Xmas movie, polar opposite of my bf's, which is Die Hard. I watch it every year!

  2. Such a talented, eloquent and gorgeous man. My wig never stood a chance.

  3. 4:54 – "alongside alongside Stanley Kubrick" was add in later. It is good to include Stanley Kubrick, but very strange to change a sentence after it´s been spoken. I am fine with jump cuts. But this is to much.

  4. Ive seen Jude Law films since I was at least 15. I officially feel old lol. Also when did Jude start looking like 80s Sting? lol

  5. TBH he was the best part in Captain Marvel. I wish they found a better part for him, one that would last like Nova.

  6. Jude Law is timeless. His acting is phenomenal and his voice was made for audiobooks!

  7. Jude Law's got more hair now than he did 15 years ago, go hair replacement therapy yay!

  8. Watching this just completely makes me appreciate and love him as an actor even more!!

  9. Just realized I've seen just about ALL but 2 films (from iMDb)of his! Love Jude. Such a talented man ❤👍.

  10. I wanted more time on Cold Mountain! Its one of my favorite movies off all time. No mention of Black Sea? I know that movie kind of went under the radar but he was incredible in it.


    The Ragged Child: 0:20
    Gattaca: 1:05
    The Talented Mr. Ripley: 2:29
    A.I. Artificial Intelligence: 4:25
    Cold Mountain: 7:15
    Closer: 8:22
    The Holiday: 10:50
    Sherlock Holmes: 13:17
    Hugo: 15:02
    The Grand Budapest Hotel: 16:03
    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald: 18:30
    The New Pope: 20:07
    eXistenZ: 23:20

  12. He's done so many of my favorite films & is my favorite actor of all time.

  13. The fact that they had the opportunity to talk to Jude Law about his career, and then skipped over A Series of Unfortunate Events………….

  14. He’s such a great storyteller!
    Can VF stop putting the actors against this unflattering stark white background?

  15. Jude is one love! I've always thought that he is so genuine. He is not a show-off and attention seeker. This interview is precious, it's just great to see that someone you admire is hard worker and a modest, decent person, despite being so famous and handsome. I wish him all a great career and recognition. He's still young (my age, hee hee)

  16. He is awesome and what a life he has had. Compared to that, mine feels like a joke…
    better luck next time I guess

  17. I'm glad they let him talk about AI. What a horribly underrated film. Law was fantastic in it.

  18. Talk about perfect timing. I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows over the weekend.

  19. My grandma's favourite movie is the holiday, she watches it at least 10 times a year, and that is me playing it save with the number.

  20. Gattica is still on my list of favourite movies and mostly because of Jude Law.

  21. Could you imagine how boring a video like would be with a sports star… "I remember that game I kicked the ball and the next game I kicked the ball and it was completely amazing that the next game after that I kicked the ball with the side of my foot" lol

  22. i wish he would’ve talked about rise of the guardians! it’s one of the best animated films EVER & he is SOOO good in it.

  23. His best acting is in Sam Mendes' Road to Perdition and I wanted to hear him talk about it so bad.

  24. There's some crazy edits in this. In some cases they cut 6 times within a single sentence. I wonder how what he really said in those bits?

  25. What a truly delightful man. Full of passion, articulate, funny and supremely talented.

  26. I admire Jude Law's talent and personality but even for me, as an admirer, the most positive expectations were exceeded in this interview!

  27. It's criminally low number of views for this amazingly charismatic and talented actor!

  28. Jude Law is one of these rare actors who is interesting to watch and listen to. Because he himself seems genuinely interested in what he talks about. Some would say – it's his career, of course he will be interested. But I assume many of us have seen lots of actors here, and most of them show no enthusiasm if not to say that they are so over it! And I believe it's totally Jude's personal merit that he respects his audience and himself enough to appear as his genuine, passionate, naturally humorous, intelligent and giving self!

  29. What about a series of unfortunate events? I know he only narrated it but it still added so much to the film ❤️

  30. eXistenZ is an underrated masterpiece, and one of the most existential and philosophical movies ever!

  31. Please tell me I got it wrong and that he didn' t really have to kill animals in Cold Mountains… Which by the way was terribly boring.

  32. Where is Anna Karenina? Karenin was played marvelously by Jude. It was probably his first not sexy but very serious role of not very young unloved man.
    24 minutes for Law's long amazing career..?

  33. its been 21 years and jude in talented mr ripley is still the hottest thing ever

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