Joshua Wong urges inclusion of guarantees for Hong Kong rights in U.S.-China trade talks

elsewhere around the world a prominent
Hong Kong activist reached out to seek America’s support as demonstrations have
been ongoing for 14 weeks in the biggest challenge to China’s rule since the
city’s handover from Britain back in 1997 a few hours after arriving in New
York Joshua Wong called on US politicians to pass a bill expressing
support for the pro-democracy campaign the 22 year old urged President Trump to
including human rights clause in any trade agreement with China
this comes as Washington Beijing trade talks are scheduled for October the
activists said it’s important to factor Hong Kong into the negotiations as it
faces the threat of emergency laws and China could send troops into the
semi-autonomous territory Wang emphasized that if Hong Kong’s economic
freedom an open business environment is not preserved it will also damage the
global economy is said to attend a congressional hearing in Washington of
the Hong Kong human rights and democracy Act of 2019

Stephen Childs


  1. To include HK in trade talk? This moron must be so idiotic that he don't even know HK now to China is peanut n it's dispensable n can be ignored. China can afford to let HK rot on its own or by letting the Patriots of HK to teach those traitor morons like this joshua wong shit a lesson. Best that true HK patriots skin those morons alive. Aren't those western morons ashamed to be seen with this unripe idiot n using this nut to provoke a country. Utterly childish of those western morons. Even an idiot can tell n assure those western morons that it will never work. China is a country principle n will never be intimidated by any foeign powers or groups trying to harass her n the people of China stand solidly behind with its government .

  2. Joshua Wong would prefer the USA to govern China and USA thus thinks it their right to do regime change in China.

  3. Destroying public properties isn't a public protest. Do your part right, before make demand.

    Same goes to Koreans. You break promises, then don't expect Japan to keep pampering you.

    Freedom comes with responsibilities, if you want to stay immature, don't expect others to help you be more free.

  4. Trump should offer Joshua and all Hong Kong protesters immediate citizenship if they help build his wall at the Mexican border and thereafter serve in the numerous US military bases around the world.

  5. Point less, He is Selfish..Destroying public properties isn't a public protest.. HE think he is Bruce Wayne. USse KIDS fight his WAR towards Brutality and Violence………………

  6. US CIA, since very very long time, had infiltrated into Hong-Kong and has destroyed China's young generation by "brain washed" them to hate mainland China !!! It is very unacceptable !!!

  7. Joshua Wong does not represent chinese people but vietnamese refugee Hoa people and there take over of Hong Kong to establish a Hoa government backed by the CIA.

  8. Hong Kong government should revoke his citizenship or charge with Treason for colluding with foreign powers to meddling in Hong Kings internal affairs and even political espionage

  9. Joshua is like giving Trump a bargaining chip. Like if China give in to US demands, we can get Joshua Wong to cool down the protest. He is best to seek political asylum in the US while he is there. He will be in big trouble for his treasonous behaviour should he stay on in HK when it reverts to a single system in 2047.

  10. Imagine an American anti-gun protester asking for Chinese help to include assurance from Trump to implement tougher gun laws as part of the trade talks so that innocent American lives are not lost to daily mass shootings. I wonder what the American reaction will be to one of their own?


  12. Who the fuck he thinks he is? He is nothing but a traitor to the Chinese people. In imperial China, he and 3 generations beheaded! Hong Kong should revoke his citizenship and extradict this fucker to the Gobi Desert!

  13. little boy, I m much older than u and I hv alot of grievances. Can I get an appointment to see some world leaders. Infact not only me has alot of pain but alot of ppl too. Pls get us an appointment to see some world leaders or at least to speak to them.

  14. Remember this coward face, the future terrorist. Any sensible government should take notes. Destroyer of peace

  15. This coward surpassed Wang Jingwei and Benedict Arnold in being most cowardly traitor in the world! The loser never worked a day in his life and he cant get women so only way to get attention is to sell out his country!

  16. Bloody fucker Joshua wong !!! Seek foreign attention to belittle hk. If you are unhappy living here, leave immediately. Go anywhere as you wish.

  17. America should not allow these violent protest speech Free they are nothing but the terrorists they need to condemn those Rider they are terrorizing the city of Hong Kong

  18. Trump is to busy building his Great Wall Josh, I don’t think he has time for you

  19. When this troublemaker punk no longer of use to the US shit stirrers, this clown Joshua at best will become a shoeshine boy in a New York back alley. China will still remained untouchable!!

  20. Hong Kong is obviously still highly autonomous to their people. In many countries, if such a symbolic activist is being sued by the government, he/she will definitely been restricted from leaving the country, it seems that China still abides by "One Country Two Systems" and does not violate the autonomy of Hong Kong as others have said.

  21. Calling Joshua Wong activist is an insult on activists. He is merely a traitor who got paid well by you know who.

  22. It is for the people , by the people . Not for the country , by the country. Let the Hong Kong people decide like Scotland

  23. Joshua Wong is one of CCP worst nightmare. No wonder I see so many people posting bad comments to get the dirty 5 cents. All these Fucking communist propaganda are so laughable. Outside China, there's free press and free internet. Don't expect civilized people to fall into your fucking propaganda. I support Joshua Wong because I support Freedom and Human Right.

  24. Joshua Wong should be arrested and put to jail for a long time. He is foaming rebellious and treacherous action against China. This young guy is delusion, evil, and deceiver.

  25. Who the fuck is Joshua traitor cancer terrorists dense ??

    Hong Kong police sucks zombies weak can't handle issues!!
    Why they let terrorists Joshua go free without shots him dead for traitor cancer idiot's retarded fuck???

  26. Joshua Wong is very fortunate to be born in Hong Kong. If he is a singaporean, very likely he will be charged under the ISD Act-Session 55. Compare to our "Amos Yee", he's just too bad that have to fly to US for political asylum. Joshua Wong did many more harms to his country than our singaporean "Amos Yee". Hope he do realise hsi just very fortunate to be a Hong Konger.

  27. I understand HKer's concern, but this is too far. If this is not a treason, perhaps because his from Vietnam, it's still a disgusting contribution to Trump's stupid game.

  28. Hong Kong's pro-democracy representatives
    1) Undergraduate student Joshua Wong plays world-famous economist.

    2) Ex-Canto pop Canadian singer plays UN politician.

    3) Primary school boys play bomb-strapping terrorists

    4) Teenage girls play comfort women role for front line rioters

    And the list goes on…

  29. The USA economy is about to collapse if the trade war continues. He put too much emphasis on USA helping in China’s internal affairs when there’s no legal grounds nor the power to. Everyone knows by now there’s a colour revolution going on in Hong Kong. Independence? This isn’t Ukraine or Venezuela where you can self proclaim yourself president. This is China’s Hong Kong.

  30. This is typical of Western Power. Providing support to organisations who are want to topple current govt and cause misery to peace loving citizens in the name of regime change

  31. An idiot seeking another idiot help which the other idiot has no idea what the heck is goig on.

  32. Misguided, There is a Chinese saying: To borrow a knife to cut others. What you want and demand is not always what you get. Instead of building on what forefathers built with blood and sweat, instead choosing to dismantle and destroy it for the futher generations.

  33. 22 year old is just a kid.
    Easily being manipulated and used.
    Stupid Chinese kid. Should had been. Aborted.

  34. Joshua wong HK is a part of china and the time given to you is upto the year 2047 to enable you to make up your mind to integrate fully with the mainland china that is the only option available to you as of now. you can't joint hands with trump or

  35. Dear members of the wumao dang- online army from China! Thank you so much for pushing important Youtube clips from the Democracy Movement in Hong Kong. Each hateful comment is a click more on such a clip. These clips then get more socalled impressions from the Youtube algorithm and thus gets a huge push in the search results. Heroes like Joshua Wong would never have risen to such international fame without your help. As you are oftentimes clicking on monetized clips you are even actively adding more money to the funding of the campaigns launched by the freedom fighters or the free press. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS !!! IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE! The world will forever be grateful! 😂🤣😆😄😆🤣🤣😂🤣

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