Jordan Peterson – Advice For People With Depression

The first thing I would say, is that if you’re dealing with
someone who’s depressed, and they’re really depressed, you should try it giving them antidepressants. Because if they die, you can’t help them. Okay, so if you’re suffering,
you are obligated, in a sense, to hold on to whatever rope someone throws you. And one of the things, I do with my clients all the time,
especially if they’re really in trouble, is to tell them: “Look, I don’t know exactly what’s gonna ha- help you. But don’t arbitrarily throw out any possibilities,
because you might not have that luxury.” Antidepressants helped a lot of people,
and there are technical reasons why that’s the case. So… That’s a simple answer, it’s not relevant to what I already described. Except that, if you’re offered a gift by your society and it works, try it. I don’t care, what your presuppositions are. Apart from that… Lots of the- lots of time- Lots of the time you see people, who are suffering.
With depression, for example. There’s a multitude of reasons,
but I’ll take one common reason. Um… You can think about it, as associated with the story of Peter Pan. A Peter Pan is someone who won’t grow up, right? Now, the problem with Peter Pan is, he gets to be king.
But it’s king of Neverland, Neverland doesn’t exist. So, being king of nothing isn’t that helpful. Well, one of the things that you often see
with people who suffer from depression, (and I’m not making a blanket statement about the
cause of depression, because there’s lots of them), is that people, who don’t have enough order in their life,
tend to get overwhelmed. So for example, if someone comes into me to see me,
and they say they’re depressed, I always ask them a very standard set of questions. 1) “Do you have a job?” If you don’t have a job, you’re really in trouble in our society. First of all, your biological rhythms
tend to go off the rails right away, because there’s no reason to go to bed at any
particular time, and there’s no reason to get up. And for many people, if they don’t get up at the same time, they follow up the functioning of their circadian rhythms, and that’s enough to make them depressed right off the bat. Especially if they start napping during the afternoon. They don’t also don’t have a purpose.
People aren’t good without a purpose. And this isn’t… this isn’t hypothesizing. We absolutely understand the circuitry,
that underlies positive emotion. We know how it works. Almost all the positive emotion,
that any of you are likely to experience in your life, will not be a consequence of attaining things. It will be a consequence of seeing, that things are
working, as you proceed towards a goal you value. That’s completely different!
And you need to know this, because people are often stunned!
For example, they finish their PhD thesis, and their presupposition is, that they’re going to be elated for a month, and often instead, they’re actually depressed, and they think: “What the hell, I’ve been working on this for 7 years,
and I handed it in, and what do I do now?” And that’s what depresses them, right?
It’s the “what do I do now”. Well they’re fine, if they enjoy the pursuing the thing, as long as it was working out, they get a lot
of enthusiasm and excitement out of that, cause that’s how our nervous systems work. Most of your positive emotion is goal pursuit emotion. If you take drugs, like cocaine or amphetamine,
the reason they’re enjoyable is because they turn on the systems that help you pursue goals. That’s why people like them. So if you don’t have a job, you got no structure. That’s not good.
Plus, you tend not to have a point. So you’re overwhelmed by chaotic lack of structure,
and you don’t have any positive emotion. 2) “Well, do you have any friends?” So, sometimes you see people who are depressed:
they have no job, they have no friends, they have no intimate relationship, they have an additional health problem,
and they have a drug and alcohol problem. My experience has been:
if you have three of those problems, it’s almost impossible to help you. You’re so deeply mired in chaos, that you can’t get out, because – you make progress on one front,
and one of the other problems pulls you down. So one of the things I tell people who are depressed, is like: “Don’t sacrifice your stability.
Get a job. Even if it’s not the job you exactly want,
get a damn job. You need a job. Find some friends.
Get out in the dating circuit. See, if you can establish an intimate relationship. Put together some of the foundational items, that…
that are like pillars, that your life rests on.” Well, that’s the practical thing to do. So that’s one example with regards to depression. Well the thing is, you don’t just launch it on them, you know. You- you’ve gotta negotiate with the person. And you also got to teach them to negotiate with themselves,
and this is something that’s very useful to know. You know, um, you can tyranize yourself into doing things, but I wouldn’t recommend it. What I would recommend instead, is that
you ask yourself, what you’re willing to do. It’s a really effective technique.
It’s like a meditative technique, so for example: You can get up in the morning,
and you can think: “Well, you know, I’d like to have a good day today,
so I’d like to go to bed tonight without feeling guilty, because I, you know,
didn’t do some things I said I was gonna do, and I, you know,
I’d like to have kind of an interesting day. So I gotta fulfill my responsibilities,
and I wanna, you know, enjoy the day.” Then you can ask yourself: “Well, okay, what would I have to do, in order for that to happen, that I WOULD do?” And the probability, if you practice this for
3 or 4 days, is your brain will just tell you. It’ll say: “Well, you know, there’s that piece of homework,
that you haven’t done for like three weeks, You should knock that sucker off,
cause it would only take you 10 minutes. And you’ve been avoiding it and torturing yourself
to death for, you know, like 72 hours straight. And if you do that, here’s a little interesting thing you can do, and, you know, maybe this is a little
obligation you should clean up, and…” So, what you do in a situation like that,
is you teach the person to negotiate with themself. Say, well: let’s figure out, what your aims are.
You gotta have some aims, whatever they are. And they might say:
“Well I’m so depressed, I don’t have any aims”. And then I say:
“Well, pick the least objectionable of the aims, and act it out for a while, and see what happens.” Because sometimes, your emotions…
your emotional systems are so fouled up, that you have to pretend… you have to act the thing out,
before you can start to believe it. I mean, people always assume,
they have to believe and then act, but- but that’s… Sometimes that’s true, and lots of times it isn’t. So the trick – if you’re doing therapeutic work with someone, and you’re helping them establish a structure – is to find out, what they’ll do. Now, if they want to get better, which is not a given, because there are often payoffs for not getting better, that’s basically the payoffs of being a martyr, or maybe the payoffs of doing, what your
entirely pathological family members want you to do, because they actually want you to fail. Assuming you wanna get better,
there’s usually something you can figure out, that would constitute a step towards some sort of concrete goal. And my presumption, it’s a behavioral presumption, fundamentally, is that small, accruing gains, that repeat – unbelievably powerful. So you know, this is another thing to know about in your own life; it’s something I learned in part from reading the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he was a great Russian philosopher a novelist. You know, he said: You can look at your life,
and you can see what isn’t right about it. I mean all you have to do, is look. And then you can start to fix that.
And the way you fix it, is by… …noticing what you could, in fact, fix. You know, people are often trying to fix things
they can’t fix, which I would not recommend. Because if you try to fix something you can’t fix, you’ll just ruin it. Like, you can find all sorts of undergraduates, who are perfectly willing to restructure the, uh, you know,
the international economic system, who cannot keep the room clean. And there’s actually a gap there, you know, which…
And it’s surprising that people don’t actually notice. So, I would say: if you pay attention,
you can see things that you could fix. They yell at you, they really do!
We even know how that happens. Let me- let me give you an example,
because rooms are full of stories. And the stories have… have effects on you,
so here’s a classic experiment. So you take two groups [of] undergraduates,
you bring them into your lab, and you give one group on a multiple-choice test, that has a bunch of words in it, that are associated with being old. And you give the other group the same multiple-choice test, except the words are associated with being young. This is independent of the content of the test,
it’s just descriptions. And then you time the undergraduates,
as they walk back to the elevators. The ones who read…
The ones who completed the multiple-choice test, that had more words associated with aging,
walk slower back to the elevators. And they don’t know that. And they don’t know they’re doing it. And that- that study’s been replicated
in various forms, many many times. You’re unbelievably sensitive to the story
that your environment is telling you, because your environment is not made out of objects. That’s just wrong. Your environment is basically
made out of something like tools and obstacles. You’re a tool using creature, you’re a tool perceiving creature. The things you s- Like, if I take you out of this room,
and I say: “Well, what was in the room?” You’re not gonna say, uh…
you know, “random patterns in the carpet”. Because they’re – they’re real,
just as good an object as anything else. You’re gonna say “chairs”,
because you can sit on them, and you’re gonna say “handrails”,
because you can hold them, you gonna say “stairs”,
because you can walk down them. That’s what you see, and that’s what you interact with. And if you pay attention to your environment, which is you, by the way, extended –
all of your experience, is you; it will tell you all the time, what you should do.
All you have to do, is do it. But then you have to decide, if you wanna do it. One of the things I’ve noticed about people… Cause I’ve wondered, once I started studying these mythological stories, and I got this idea about… the fact,
that life can be meaningful enough to justify its suffering. I thought “God, that’s such a good idea!” Cause it’s not optimistic, exactly. You know,
some people will tell you “well, you can be happy”. It’s like, those people are idiots.
I’m telling you, they’re idiots! There’s gonna be things that come along,
that flatten you so hard, you won’t believe it. And you’re not happy then!
And so, if life is to be happy, well in those situations –
“What are you doing? Why even live?” But life isn’t to be happy. If you’re happy,
you’re bloody fortunate, and you should enjoy it. You should, because it’s the Grace of God, so to speak. With regards to meaning, I thought “Well, people know, when they’re doing something meaningful, they can tell! So why the hell don’t they do meaningful things all the time?” It seems obvious. You could do it.
I mean it’s hard, You know, cause other people want you
to do other things, and it’s a struggle, but – everything’s a struggle. And then I thought “Well… Oh I get it, I see why”.
It took me about 10 years to figure this out. People have a choice! Choice #1: “Nothing you do, means anything”. Well, that’s kind of a drag, right? Meaninglessness of life, and all that
existential angst, you know, that’s kind of a pain. But the upside of “Nothing that you do is meaningful”, is: You don’t have to do anything.
You’ve got no responsibility! Now, you have to suffer because things are meaningless, but that’s a small price to pay,
for being able to be completely useless! The alternative… the alternative is:
[Choice #2] “Everything you do matters”. Really! If you make a mistake – it’s a real mistake! If you betray someone, you tilt the world
a little more sharply towards evil, rather than good. It matters, what you do! Well if you buy that, then you can have a meaningful life,
but – there’s no mucking around. It means responsibility.
It means that the decisions you make, are important. It means, that when you do something wrong, it’s wrong! Well… do you want that?

Stephen Childs


  1. For a long time i have thought that these two things are major contributers to depression:

    'Inactivity and selfishness'. Reason i say this is bcoz some of the most depressed people i have met seem to exhibit these two traits. Just my humble opinion, i am no expert.

    I agree with what JP is saying. People who are lazy, dont work or work very little, play the victim card coz of their minor health problem etc end up making themselves worse. Best thing u can do is work hard, have a social life, go to the gym and get whatever help u need, take some drugs if u need them, see a psychologist. I used to find that after a period of working very hard for a while that my depression would hit me on my day off. It was bcoz although i was keeping busy and had good structure to my life, i hadnt dealt with my problems. Damn if we could all see JP for therapy, we wud all feel a lot better i think haha!

  2. hey doc ! thanks for this amazing video! i Have a question, i am against meds " antidepressant" because it is mostly bullshit that make you addicted … i know, i have been under meds for years! Until i discover CBD…a PLANT that litteraly saved my life! do you have any opinion on it? i've try plantandhemp, and the results have changed me! what is your view on CBD?

    thanks for everything that you are doing <3

  3. Why is this guy relevant… Sounds like Dianetics… if your listening

  4. The thing about dating is I'm just not interested in it. I have absolutely no desire to get romantic with someone. The intimate part is a real challenge for me too. But at least I can try to have a social life regardless.

  5. Guys, the only way to change your life is to change you name, that’s all. Forget about psychology, psychiatry and other bullshit. New name = new life. Consult with numerologist and change your life

  6. Listen to you at fucking 1 in the morning I tell you is bcz of thinkers like you the world is a shit you arrogant rick

  7. Antidepressants are placebos, now the real medications that work are illegal. Social and economic problems cause mostly all depression problems. He knows this!!

  8. I normally agreed with him but on this subject I don't, thought he made it sound more simple than it is.

    I chose not to take medication, due to the fact that the possible side effects could put me into a quagmire of deep depression by taking them…..I really do not believe anti depressents are the answer when you could end up with something more medically serious or life ruining….like erectile dysfunction!

    I left my job due to feeling incredibly unhappy, upon leaving I felt much happier. I struggle to find the energy or motivation to wash my car, let alone going out to places with the sole purpose of finding friends/ love.

    He may know about the issue but he clearly doesn't understand it.

  9. I respect a lot of what JP says however I don't think he understands depression. You can't just say 'get a job' to someone depressed. Getting a job can be one of the most difficult things to do when you're depressed.

  10. People who don't have depression, underestimate the condition and over simplify the solutions. I've lived with depression my whole life and have been in the darkest of dark places (depressed people understand what that means) many times with it. I know of no other solution than God.
    Relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the only thing that keeps me going. A world that says there is no God, no meaning, no purpose, no hope for the future, only death, and that I'm just here for a short time as a result of a cosmic biological accident only fast tracks people like me to an early death. The other missing but essential element to life is hope. Depression is a state of hopelessness. What does the world offer for hope? A better tomorrow, maybe? Words like hang on and don't give up? Why not? When hard pressed, what can the unbelieving, secular world offer as a good reason to go on? Money, intoxication, short lived moments of pleasure and exhilaration? Even with money, family, friends, a good job, and home, it's easy to find yourself right back in the pit, contemplating the meaning of it all.
    Teen suicides are escalating at an alarming rate because all of the most important things they need are being denied. The knowledge of God who made them, meaning, purpose, a present and future hope, and a solid family structure. God created us for the purpose of knowing Him. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to provide forginess as He paid for our sins. Recognize that your ways aren't right and see your need for forgiveness of your wrong doings in life. Ask the Lord for that forgiveness and to come into your heart and life and He will. He will change and fill your heart. He'll provide you with the meaning, purpose and love of God you've been missing. Open a Bible and read about this God and gain understanding of who you are and whu you're here. Whatever you may think of God or what you've heard, go see for yourself. If still in doubt, ask the Lord to make Himself real to you and is some way or somehow, He will. Many have come to faith this way. This is not about joining a religion but embracing a relationship with the God who made you and His Son who died for you. If you're in that dark pit where depression leads, what have you got to lose?

  11. I go on and off antidepressants due to long term physical and neurological issues. 5-10mg doses are quite mild. I take them for a few month if doctor reccomends. I genrally stop taking them for 2 years then go back on them for a few month.

  12. I had a job, a girlfriend, many friends and a good relationship with my sisters and parents. Later I had to quit my job because of depression, friends turned their back at me because I was depressed and not fun to be around with, I broke up with my girlfriend because I got more depressed with her. My family started to avoid me later on because my depression didn't get any better. So I don't see how job, friends, family and girlfriend help with depression.


  14. You have helped me out a lot Mr. Peterson. Lots of respect and love for you my friend. Please keep speaking and making your work available to those who might not have the means. Bless you sir.

  15. The way this charlatan phrases things depresses me even more, even if his intention really is to help.

  16. Omg! I have to stop taking naps during the day to cure my depression? 😭

  17. He does not mention a word about his own extreme depression which he more recently said that he suffered from and cured by only meat diet.

  18. whoever translated this to Arabic thanks million times Allah grant you to Jannah

  19. I struggle with chronic depression. Even though you don't feel like it, go for a walk, clean your house; you'll feel better after. If you really want a drink, better not have one that evening. It seems to be a constant battle with my natural inclination, and to give in is to be depressed. I'm happier when I decide I don't like being myself and can manage to get moving, doing something, anything

  20. I have had all five of those problems for ten years now. I’m so numb now it doesn’t really even hurt.

  21. There's some middle path between nothing matters and everything matters. Both edges of this seem like pathology.

  22. SO disappointed he’s recommending SSRI drugs. The ones that list thoughts of suicide as a side effect. Good gravy.

    No. Just NO!

  23. Retired too ill to work would die hated it anyway no luck with women sorry Jordan not working for me

  24. I was about to take anti depressents but my dad said i only wanted them to create pity, fucking asshole i really needed them

  25. "My experience is that if you have at least three of those problems it's almost impossible to help you."

    Well, I'm screwed then. I don't have a job. I'm too old to be employable. My wife was killed. My son left and won't have anything to do with me. I don't have any friends. I live alone. I only have one relative that I only hear from occasionally. I have many health problems and I now drink.

  26. I reached my savings goal the week I lost my job- I could not enjoy it. It really sucked after something like 4 years of working toward the goal- I just knew I’d lose it all. I’m working on it now- I’m in so much pain 😅 I might not survive the next job

  27. Hey guys I made a vid talking about some problems young men have today. I’m not an expert – just a young guy sharing his thoughts. Would be cool if anyone checked it out 🙏

  28. It's still is the responsibility of others to help you through its most serious cases with Hugs enforcing lifestyle changes etc. Then your responsibility to change on your own later but not completely divorced from others so as not to spit in the face of your caregivers.

  29. I dont agree with the job thing.Its probably going to create more problems to you and your surroundings (especially if you hate that job).Occupy yourself woud be more appropriate.You cant throw this wreck of yourself out there just like that,it will backfire.IMO you cant beat chronic depression.You can confine it tho (the ending of the movie
    "The Babadook" explains this very well).

  30. Read the Bible. Jobs make you more depressed. Working 60 hour weeks with no reward is the defenition of depressing.

  31. I only have drug/alcohol problem and no job…but I sell weed which gets me by…

  32. That phone in the background really drives me nuts, can't they fix that cord? It's all tangled.

    Also I don't have an intimate relationship and have health issues, am I in trouble?😣

  33. Personally I thing the best thing you can do for depression is start working out… walk run cycle.. anything you are capable of doing with help you in ways you can't imagine..
    Find a goal and focus on it and most of your worries pack up and leave..
    Hope this helps even one person.
    Maybe you?
    Best of luck

  34. Antidepressants probably saved my life. I am not sure how I could've gotten here without them. Please don't dismiss them, try it out before giving up on everthing.

  35. One of his best speeches I've witnessed. When Peterson is on fire he's spectacular to listen to. His point at the end is brutal, but probably very accurate.

  36. Still remember the day my depression came, and it came instantly. Was walking down the street with a buddy at the ripe age of 14, then like a freight train it smacked into me. At first it was some days then some weeks then turned into constant sadness, depression and addiction. I’m now 23, have been clean for 3 days which isn’t helping but I’m feeling motivated to beat it. I at least got myself a a certificate of 1000 hours of schooling for electrical work. Like he said I lost purpose after graduating, and wound up checking into a hospital psych ward and I felt AMAZING. They got me on the right medications and I was eating 3 meals a day again and then I got out… didn’t follow up with med appointments forgot to take the meds and it came back. This time I’m determined. Only you can fix it, you are your own happiness, no magic wand it takes work like everything. Believe me I know how hard it is to get out of bed, take a shower, change clothes, put shoes on with the pains that come from being inactive and having a shit mindset it seems impossible to work but it’s not. Work helps, and friends help. Having a tough time aligning? Go surround yourself with nature or water it works. Don’t fall into drugs friends like I did because not only did most my friends die, they are stuck in the Peter Pan stage of life and I sadly never see them leaving it. Drugs help short term but you’ll be unhappy the rest of you life. After seven days of sobriety I started to feel amazing, no pains, no aches, sleeping perfectly. Have to be mindful and vigilant to setting and maintain goals big or small it doesn’t matter. God bless my friends.

  37. What if I’m a veteran who goes to school full time while having no job, can school be a substitute for a normal job? As in a sense of being useful for something.

  38. Depression, trial by fire, if your depressed about something, usually it's for a reason. What happened to agnowledge he dragon story you spoke of Dr.? I think I'll use one of your phrases…at cross purposes with yourself are we? SIMPLE…CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT A TO Z COMPLETELY, AND DON'T LOOK BACK. All problems are caused by people, they don't magically fall out of the sky.

  39. I have 3-4 of those so fuck but I keep walking. When you walk though hell. Keep walking

  40. Bacteria, what about if depression is coast by specific bacteria sending signals to brain? What about if this is not illness? What about if bacteria controlling who you are, your personality, sexuality, etc. Is this idea really alternative theory? Im just a carpenter so Im ready to be corrected as my intention is only see or understand a little bit

  41. Yeah having none of these problems maybe 1 do to not seeing my friends as often as id like but that's life, regardless still being depressed as usual. Nothing truly does matter in the grand scheme of things and I don't say that as someone who walks around like a sad puppy but an everyday average person. watching this seems like a very broad way to help a percentage of people fundamentally. I refuse to become a zombie on antidepressants also. Wish this was a more in depth video.

  42. only stupid people find life meaningful , life is meaningless ,you don't have to do anything cuz nothing matters not even happiness therefore there is no energy to do anything ever , so you better distract yourself with meaningless stuff until life ends ,this is the truth if you want to call it depression then so be it but it doesn't change the fact that life is meaningless and you don't have to do anything or be anything , people who are happy just distracted by friends and a job and all the "happiness" but their life is just a distraction from thinking about the reality of life so they don't feel pain, so depression is the truth its not a disease its a realization of reality of life's meaning

  43. Money is the only cure for depression. Anti depression medication is the WORST thing you can give them. Any DR that gives a depressed person meds should get there license to practice taken away.

  44. Trying to fit into a linear society caused my depression.
    "Getting a job" was the advice I always followed but the reality of doing shitty work for meagre pay, to fulfil other's aspirations as mine died or went unexplored created a deep, existential depression.

    Since refusing to compromise with this society and forging my own path, has created a sense of purpose I never had in the former 34 years.
    I am now broke and unemployed, but building towards a creative business and even broke, I feel nothing but excitement and optimism.

    Depression can be a warning that you're going the wrong way or doing the wrong things.
    The world needs you as a unique, self-actualised individual….not a drab drone.

    Perfect your uniqueness and you CREATE your purpose

  45. The clean room and problems are challenge is exactly like the speech of the captain who speak about starting to make your bed if you want to change the world.

  46. I can't believe that you recommend people to take anti-depressants! It must be because you have never taken these medicines yourself!
    One is depressed, fine, but if the person wants to become a zombie on top of it, then sure, take anti-depressants that will ensure deepening your problem! Also, once you stop taking the drug, you shall feel much worse than you had ever been before! In fact, so many people commit suicide at that stage!
    I tell you this because I have been there. I saved myself however and pulled myself out of that hell, but most people can't!

  47. No friends check
    No intimate relationship ever check
    Crohn’ disease check
    Yay I pass the test I am screwed. It’s over incels.
    Btw I took celexa/ citalopram killed my anxiety as well as my libido thank you ssris. Stay away from that shit.

  48. Damn, so I need to stop sleeping during the day, find another job again and probably need to stop avoiding people who are trying to talk to me. I know I like structure, hell I crave it, but yeah I've been watching Jordan Peterson for a while now. Time to start putting it into practice. Wish me luck.

  49. WOW so just watched several of your videos today and then came this one.. "if you have 3 of these problems it's almost impossible to help you". Of course most depressed people are very likely to have 3 of these problems and you have millions of people that are listening to you, you have no idea of their personal mental state. Are they suicidal? Well you dont know, and you're telling them they are not help able. You're preaching a lot about "responsibility " but what responsibility are you taking by putting such a statement out there like that? Yes yes context, context but some cant decipher that. Shame on you

  50. So what i got from that is that the goal of life isn't to strive for happiness but rather for meaning. While striving for meaning happiness may come as a happy side effect.

  51. Three or more and it's almost impossible to get out.

    1: No job.

    2: No friends.

    3: No intimate relationships.

    4: Health problems.

    5: Drug and/or alcohol addiction.

    Depending on whether 2 and 3 could be combined into one, I'm either screwed or nearly screwed…

  52. My depressive symptoms stem from the complete opposite

    The student cycle of going back to school, going home, repeat is what throws me off, I dont feel free and it feels emotionally abusive

  53. It's quite ridiculous that people will follow a person's advice on depression when said person is still depressed at the age of 57 and is still taking medication for it

    similar to following an obese person's advice on weight loss…reminds me of dj khaled…Jordan Peterson is the DJ Khaled of "mental health"

  54. Reminds me of the words of someone close to me who nearly killed me during a long period of depression. Don’t sacrifice your stability? That’s not really optional with depression. In the most vital of cases things have already surpassed that point. Never undermine the thought process of someone you’re trying to help: think like them, and communicate in words or gestures they will understand at that time – the message can be the same, but remember you’re talking to someone numb from reality through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Try sacrificing your own self righteousness to understand the ILLNESS that they’re SUFFERING with. When you treat it like that – even if it takes longer (and you have to sacrifice the urge to tell them to suck it up, what mr Peterson basically spent 10 minutes trying to say) – real improvements are made.

  55. There is no cure for real depression. Just mild episodes of relief. It's like a bereavement. You just have to learn to live with it using various techniques.

  56. I took cold showers and went to gym for the whole summer and it did wonders for my depresion/angsty/insanity. I think the key is in enduring pain. The more pain you can endure, the stronger you become, and the better you feel. Now, I'm not suggesting that you should cut your self, but you know what I mean. I got this idea while i was watching Slavoj Zizeks The perverts Guide to Ideology where Zizek explains how soldiers in Full Metal Jacket actually feel pleasure while being tormented by the drill sergeant because that means that they are tough soldiers who can take it and then pain feels rewarding. I think maybe this could help someone.

  57. To everyone who thinks every word Jordan says is the only way, go and listen to terance Mckeena for a while and balance yourself out. Otherwish you might end up as a right winger who tells everyone to pull themselves up by the bootstraps everyday. Then you missed his point to.

  58. 6:30 wow so he actually knows of read Alex's work but said "I can't do it" for 200 years together. Lol?

  59. I'd like to tell you what helped me go through my period of depression, I hope it helps you too.

    After maybe a year since I had lost any hope and interest in my reality for no particular reason, one night I decided to leave home and to go into a cave in the mountains close to where I live, probably the scariest place I could think of, I guess I just wanted to feel something, even just fear.
    When I reached down to the bottom of the cave, I sat down and turned off the flashlight. I'd rather not describe in detail what I felt then, just because the experience is personal and sometimes describing things with words is misleading. But It was the first time I felt there is something hidden, strange and powerful in nature. After a while I left the place and returned home feeling better.
    Then, the days after, I started to think if there was something I could do to fix my life.
    I hated the job I was doing, but I didn't have any alternatives to it, so I thought about what were my interests when I was a kid, I remembered I used to play with my parents' video camera, so I bought a camcorder, I started doing videos and I made it become my full-time job, which now I'm very satisfied with! The trickiest part was accomplished: finding out what my passion was.
    But then, once I had found my own stability, I realized that it still wasn't enough, and if I really wanted to feel stable I also had to take care of the environment surrounding me: my family and friends.
    This is what will help you the most, making somebody happy will make you feel a huge energy, provided you are surrounded by people who are able to give back the energy they are given, and I think we all are, to different extents.

    The experience you're having, staring into the abyss, will turn out to be invaluable, because if you manage to recover from such thing, you'll know what depression really means, and you'll really be able to help those who will go through the same state of mind.

    That's why if you recover from a suicidal tendency you make a favor to yourself and to us all.
    Brace yourself

  60. I actually know all of this. Came to these conclusions through years of depression and introspection since I'm very analytical..

  61. Finally a video that doesn't play "emotional music" and play on theatrics. Thank u for that

  62. I've spent over 2 1/2 years trying to rewrite my life. What happens when you achieved so much of what you wanted to become and then you realize as it falls apart that you simply don't want to rebuild it? It was a great life. But it's time to evolve. Yet. You have so very little passion left. You feel like you have achieved what you were here for. What do you do then? Im 40 and i feel like the party is at a point that it's time to leave. I love and appreciate this existence. But. I haven't felt passionate about life and goals to achieve in almost 4 years now. It's not that I don't try and change things. I've learned to type and spell. I've moved to a different country with amazing weather. I've cut off people and and habits that were not healthy. I've paid off all my debt and had surgery to correct old sports injury, I'm in better physical shape than I've been in years. You get the point, I've been putting in work. I haven't stopped. I know that with every action I will build opportunity. And yet. I still would prefer to not wake up tomorrow. I simply feel like I've accomplished what I was here to accomplish. I can't find a new stride that pushes a passion from my soul. After living with and following my passions throughout my life, i find it hard to live like this. I'm smart enough to know that I'm not needed here on this earth, but if I am here, i really need me to find some breakthrough. I can't keep living like this. My emotions are an inner fight. My self talk varies. I've always fed my work ethic off this self push. But now, without goals that make me feel like living, I'm stuck with this engine (mind) that
    Keeps revving, with no where to go. And I'm burning out.

  63. I had depression for 4 years. It hindered my academic life, destroyed friendships and left me physically extremely often, to the point loved ones were afraid I would develop an eating disorder on top of that, simply to find a way to make it lest common. It was shit. And I don't want to fall back into it again, and I am trying. Boomers like Jordan Peterson and the intellectual dark web idiots aren't going to do much in the way of curing depression. More than anything, they're useful tools for perpetuating the very complacency that comes with current ignorant attitudes around mental health caused by, again, failure to address any cause for depression other than the individual themselves, and let me tell you: to heap that much blame on somebody struggling from enough with what little this world has given them is the last thing you can do to help the issue. No; cleaning my room when I did that just this morning will not change anything. Maybe being able to afford accommodation without working two jobs while studying, however, will. Though at least according to Mr. Shapiro, that's my fault, too.

    Fuck you, you pretentious halfwit.

  64. Kind of odd place to cut the video off – right in the middle of a point he was making.

  65. Only watched it once, but did he say there's no such thing as happiness? Does that mean there's no such thing as misery? What's the in between

  66. Ask yourself what you're willing to do… erm nothing when in deepest depression!

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