Joe Bird Visits Sweet Schmitt’s Candy in Evansville for Tasty Tuesday (Pt 1)

Michael’s love for creating wonderful treats is a long time gift of his. Any time there is a family gathering he is usually in the kitchen whipping up something tasty. One holiday he decided to try out candy…the rest is history. Everyone went crazy over them, so we decided to share them with the rest of the world. We are probably different then most shops in the fact we tend to go a little overboard, Michael loves to throw in “extra treats” whether it be a NEW flavor of something or just one of the candies you haven’t ordered before. I add to the “extra treats” by putting my love for art into your package. It’s wonderful being in charge of the packaging…there is nothing better then opening a shipping box and having a beautiful package and a personalized card just for you. One of the items you will find with plenty of different flavors are marshmallows. One of the flavors is dinner mint, which will remind you of an andes mint. The flavor comes from mint tea which is then put into the marshmallow. By the way, all the marshmallows are made by hand – nothing is bought from the store. You will notice the difference in how light they are and not as sugary. There is also peanut butter and jelly, which the jelly is also made in house and the peanut flavor comes from peanut butter powder. There is also cookies and cream as well as lemon cream,. The strawberry marshmallow is flavored by using fresh strawberries. We also make homemade caramel, but the poplar flavor vanilla. There is also honey and chocolate and espresso, The espresso is made by using coffee from a local coffee roaster. You will also notice how the caramels taste much different than what you are used to in the store. We also have bourbon balls, which is made using bourbon from the local OZ tyler distillery in Owensboro. really good treats here folks! JOE– COMING UP NEXT… THE MORNING RUSH

Stephen Childs

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