Jitney Karaoke: Happy Holidays From Hamilton

President Wippman? Oh, hey Josh. I didn’t realize you take the jitney. Well, yeah, I take it all the time. Best way to travel. Hop on. Well, you know I didn’t know you were going to be driving. Hold on a minute. First stop, Dollar General. You know what, I got a party going. Let’s pick up a few people. Let’s do it. Hey, Josh, pull over here man this is a critical stop.

Stephen Childs


  1. Grade A social media marketing – with a nice touch of nostalgia. Hamilton – a happy place for many of us.

  2. This is so fun and well done!  Your Hamilton College Calendar this year is spectacular.  Congratulations and Happy Hollidays!

  3. Minnesota is happy to have contributed President Wippman to College Hill (I love having both connections). I remember the Jitney from 50 years ago!

  4. As a former jitney driver myself (from the early 90s), I just love this! Miss my days at the Hill. Looks like the College has invested in much higher quality vans than were the norm in my days 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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