Jeremy Corbyn tells Boris Johnson: ‘This government is a disgrace’

This Government will not
delay Brexit any further. We will not allow the emphatic
verdict of the referendum to be slowly suffocated by further
calculated drift and paralysis. While the opposition run from
their duty to answer to those who put us here, they cannot
hide forever. The moment will come when
the people will finally get the chance to deliver their verdict
on how ​faithfully this House executed their wishes, and I am
determined that they will see that it was this government
who were on their side. Hear, hear. – The one thing the prime
minister did not say was that he was going to obey the
law of this country. He did not say that he acknowledged
or accepted three votes that have taken place in this parliament. And under his request, the House
is now apparently due to be prorogued this evening
for one of the longest prorogations in history simply in order to
avoid any questioning of what he is doing or not doing,
simply to avoid discussion about Yellowhammer, and particularly
to avoid any discussion about the proposals that have
been put to the European Union that he has or does not have
or that do or do not exist. Mr Speaker, this government is
a disgrace, and the way the prime minister operates
is a disgrace.

Stephen Childs

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