Jeremy Corbyn confronts Boris Johnson over deportation and Windrush

It is entirely right that
foreign national offenders should be deported from this
country in accordance with the law. – Jeremy Corbyn. The government has learnt absolutely
nothing from the Windrush scandal. This cruel and callous government
is trying to mislead the British people into thinking it’s solely deporting
foreign nationals who are guilty of murder, rape
and other very serious offences. This is clearly not the case. Take the example of a young black boy,
who came to the UK aged five and is now being deported after serving
time for a drugs offence. If there was a case of a young white boy
with blonde hair, who later dabbled in class A drugs and conspired with
a friend to beat up a journalist, would he deport that boy or is it … Mr Speaker, is it one rule for young
black boys from the Caribbean and another for white boys
from the United States?

Stephen Childs


  1. GESS after research (by reading more comments) found out white boy with the two offence meant to the PM. His face was N😡😡😡😡😡😡T meeeee.
    Classic line

  2. Perfect. On point. The longer version with Johnson's non-answer is also available on YT for those who feel, er, aggrieved at the editing here.

  3. If a sense of morality or fear of a custodial sentence doesn't deter, perhaps knowledge they'll face exile will. Let's try it.

  4. Corbyn the fossil. With his mundane policies and followers. Do something about this virus the Chinese are spreading, instead of blowing out hot air.

  5. ALL non uk citizens (and those of less than 10 years} that are sentenced to a term of 12 months or more should have an auto exile order on the finish of the term. no appeal. the cost of their term inside should be recovered from their assets.

  6. Yes they edited out the response of Boris Johnson but what response could he had possibly said after that

  7. This is a one sided video. Show the full exchange.
    Corbyn is a hypocrite. This is the man who cosied up to Hammas and the IRA, and did nothing about the anti semitism in his own party. Time to go Jeremy

  8. I’ve gone from thinking Jeremy Corbyn is just a disillusioned and extreme activist to actually worrying about his state of mind. He’s clearly a deluded individual who has unfortunately destroyed the Labour Party. Such a shame

  9. ​ The Guardian snobs like to preen and polish their halos for all to see ……….but they don't have to rub shoulders with these serious criminals and druggies in their posh suburbs. It is the poor in the working class areas who have to and pay the price on a daily basis.

    You Guardianistas do make me sick.

  10. Corbyn playing the race card, because he has absolutely NOTHING left…
    GTFO Corbyn, you're done.

  11. You can see the type of people who would have been running our streets if Corbyn had got into power. What with him and Poundland Mugabe, David Lammy the UK would have been like downtown Mogadishu in a few months…

  12. Labour and their allies in the media covered up what happened in northern towns because the criminals were brown and the victims were English girls. Remember this when they act all outraged at these deportations.


  13. It's hard to sympathize with foreign criminals. By the way they are not being sent to the moon. Isn't Jamaica a tolerant, diverse welcoming nation?

  14. Yes here's Corbynski sticking up for immigrants that shouldn't be here and breaking the law and not saying a word about their victims. And he wonders why ordinary working people (and frequent victims of these people) no longer support him.

  15. No one is 100 british white..World has moved around and there some foreign back ground to almost everyone..So if a white guy does it.will they be deporting where the ancestors came from?? Ancestors can be from the nearest to the oldest generation..So where does this rule stand??

  16. I find it funny how people keep referring to the windrush generation as foreign nationals!!

  17. You come to this country you abide by its laws if you fail to do so you go back home..

  18. Hey guardian. Corbyn confronted no one. All Corbyn did was play the race card. Here this grauniad, playing the race card don't work no more. Everyone outside the little London bubble is sick of it and takes no notice. The U.K. Is the most welcoming, open minded generous country in the world.

  19. Got to agree with boris why should us working pay more tax to keep foreign national offenders locked in uk prisons

  20. Where i come from things don’t work like this , at lease u have people arguing and so .. here my friend only one man tells everybody what to do.

  21. Jeremy Corbyn's finest moment, nailing this embarrassing disgrace we have for a prime minister. With no ethics, no morals, no principles and no competence, Johnson may be riding high for now but sooner or later he will have a crisis to deal with and then we will see his true measure.

  22. 0:50 Well there is no white blonde boy committed crime. Plus this is their on lands by blood. Just like rest of the Europe

  23. Starving the sick and disabled people to death is discusting. I hate the government because of this one thing that they are openly doing.

  24. No one is saying not to deport foreign criminals in this country, what we are saying is be fair across-the-board not pick and choose nationalities according to what suits you.

  25. News reporting died years ago. Newspapers are just used to disseminate social values.

  26. Are we disliking Corbyn's response? Are we disliking The Guardian clear censoring of the PM's response? Or are we disliking the Tory government through this video…. Please do reply to me because it makes for a muddled message.

  27. It seems that corbyn is arguing for arguments sake. No sane person thinks foreign criminals should be on our streets after serving time. Labour or tory. Corbyn really is alienating his voters here.

  28. Boris has an army of little Corbyn bobble heads on his mantle piece. One for every roast. Corbyn keeps on walking into a Boris ridicule every week. Lol

  29. Here here Boris.. offenders should be deported if they commit offences after they have served there time. In my personal opinion.

  30. What's wrong Jeremy, is the Caribbean a backward place in your opinion?
    Are you a racist Jeremy?

  31. Guardian, you just gave your competition more views, do you know why? because now everybody is going to search other sources to find the response from Boris, you know the one you cut out.

  32. Lol love the Guardian bashing! Head up bottom springs to mind just like the establishment

  33. In coming racist white that will swipe right on this issue and tell us all about how bad these people on the plane are forget the same British empire sent all the killers murderer's etc down under many years ago to wipe out a whole nation of people not one person in these comment can be critical of Jeremy with out look at racist Boris who has history

  34. Cor-bin lid is finished, he's still stinging from his massive defeat, he just can't accept it.

  35. Corbyn is a disgusting racist who only gets away with segregating communities with his lies because he is backed by self proclaimed anti fascists.
    Bit like when they was talking about democracy whilst actively fighting against it.

  36. Corbyn is a sick old man. He should be anaesthetised, put in a strait-jacket and confined to the secure wing of a mental institution for those on the verge of criminal insanity.

  37. Fat white Bo Jo surrounded with self hating brown skinned Tories refusing to answer with any relevancy to Corbyn.

  38. Corbyn asks Johnson if the rules would be different for 'a white boy with blond hair'. Then goes on to demand Julian Assange not be extradited. What a dullard

  39. Corbyn has never cared about the victims of crime . He prefers to support terrorists , despotic dictators and embrace anti-Semitic racists

  40. Proof that the only country Corbyn dislikes more than Britain is the United States

  41. Prime Minister Alexander Boris Johnson is probably the best Prime Minister in the world 🌍👍🇬🇧👌

  42. "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
    Carl Jung.

  43. So why did it take so many years (at GREAT cost to the taxpayer) to get rid of the Hook-hand guy? (and whose family still reside here claiming huge amounts in benefits).

  44. Jeremy Corbyn lol time to throw the towel in mate , starting to look like a desperate fool and inciting hatred on the way .

  45. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and its supporters are utterly pathetic and are a burden. They are a cancer for this country.

  46. Why wasn't Dummy Boris Johnson got deported to the USA for using class A drugs? Blonde hair and blue eyes that is where he was born! Ain't it?

  47. I’d be willing to let the drug dealer stay in exchange for Jeremy corbyn getting on that plane ✈️ 👋🏻

  48. Boris should start every reply to corbyn with “this guy still here?” They need a soundboard of Conor mcgregor saying “who da fook is dat guy” for everytime corbyn speaks

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