‘It’s not a holiday’: police disperse sunbathers in London during coronavirus lockdown

Guys, you can’t smell the green.
Can you all go home? Can you all go home please?
It’s not a holiday. It’s a lockdown which means you
don’t just come here and sunbathe. Can you please just leave? The government has a lockdown enforced. Can you please get off
the green. Go home.

Stephen Childs


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  2. Majority of the public live in small flats with no garden, it's ok for the upper class who have big homes and gardens

  3. We’re supposed to be on lockdown how comes traffic wardens are still out , I had someone knock on my door to read the meter double conflicting messages here

  4. it's the amount of kids that are wondering around that's a real concern!

  5. These tiny flats people live in are designed for the working person, that doesnt spend alot of time there, so grateful to have a large garden right now..

  6. People who get virus due carelessness should be last in the in line when in comes to treatments

  7. I hate low context (30 second, one sided body cam) vids like this that shouldn't be a thing, but police need a constant pat on the back nowadays and the media can't go 2 minutes without something clickbaity. This should be titled 'Less than 10 people in London park moved on without incident', but no, no money or drama in keeping level heads, it wouldn't sell papers/get youtube subs.

  8. They're eating her…..then they're going to eat me…

    Oh my…


  9. absolutely selfish. millions are staying home so these can sit outside and mug off the rest of us – putting millions more in danger. shameful

  10. Like seriously people🙄🙄 n i thought only people in my country are dumb but i guess the whole world is same

  11. Can we all spare a thought for the poor burglars , no empty homes to rob , no income coming in how will they survive?😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. It's ok….as long as you sun bath whilst running around the circumference of the green for no longer than an hour.

  13. Dont be surprised this happened alot of people assume they wont get the virus when they know a very very tiny proportion of people in this country have the virus. Is there anybody out there who doesnt leave their home because the dramatic increase of stabbings?…

  14. Social distancing or are we in lockdown? If people sit 2 metres apart in the park, isnt that allowed??

  15. When we were aloud to go out, I really didn’t want to, now I just want to go to some shops

  16. Not long before the army are on shoot to kill orders for any non essentials on the street. Never understimate the attractiveness of power for governments, the stupidity of the general population and the willingness of soldiers to follow orders.

  17. lot's of hateful remarks in the comments section. Not really increasing the contagion more than shopping for food.

  18. Selfish people. Poor police having to deal with ignorant people.

  19. I'm very nuanced about this because not being allowed to sit down outside is quite hypocritical. Offices are still open, people are still working in confined spaces where air conditioning is simply pushing around all the droplets and people are walking past each other in close proximity in supermarkets simply because there may be no room in the aisles to keep that distance. The danger I really see in sitting outside is that people will obviously be more compelled to be in groups and that the wind can certainly transport droplets toward other people quicker. If the 2 metre distance is kept and limited to 2 people, I suppose that might mitigate it. Not just this, but do you really think that people will actually stay at home? No, many will congregate in groups inside, party around in each others houses, especially the younger folk etc. You want to make sure it is a proper lockdown? Then go the full way. Police on street corners on lookout, pretty much martial law style. Take inspiration from Jordan.

  20. Sadly in teesside area we have very little policing and,alot of people are going to the beach and hanging around in groups

  21. This is a tough time for all of us.stay safe British people. Love from Egypt!

  22. If they are keeping their distance from each other, I don't see the harm

  23. They are tenants who cant afford the rent anymore…
    Soon will be joined by landlords

  24. Boris " It's vital that people can exercise in the park" Police : "Please leave the park"

  25. Irresponsible, selfish people 😠😠 I think you can change the world but is too hard to change the stupidity . Just stay in your home don't kill innocent people 😡😡😡

  26. Seriously all you have to do is to STAY HOME what is so hard about that damn it!

  27. Going to the park for a walk and keeping away from people will not spread the infection. What will spread is when people shopping in crowded supermarkets, using same baskets and travelling by bus and underground.

  28. They should have a stamp that lasts six weeks and stamp there heads if they go to hospital they get turned away .fine will be useless as most of these people won't be intelligent enough to stay alive long enough to pay it .

  29. UK police lost all authority under Labour, it will take the Army with guns to enforce quarantine

  30. Comment section: why are people so selfish?

    Have you considered that the pandemic isn't actually that bad, and that we're overreacting?

  31. How the f can it be a lockdown if the government says we can go out once a day to exercise ????? It’s either lockdown or it’s not,

  32. It’s the 5g towers that they don’t want you to see it’s not about “coronavirus”
    Wake up people

  33. Millions of people are being TOLD by the government "they should go to work" through this supposed "lock down" even though their work is not essential. This is the real problem, not of few fools sunbathing.

  34. How many Times are the police going to have to do this go to Public parks and greens or commons Etc around the Country to tell people to go home because they shouldn't be in gatherings. The lockdown won't last as long if people weren't so selfish. With this behavior people are like I'm not I'll so il go out and gather around. Some people dont know they have coronavirus either that's the precaution and also to stop the spred of the virus and people still dont listen.

  35. I wonder if anyone will complain about police aswell being rude. I bet loads will say that they were rude saying it's not a holiday when the police are doing their Job are sick and tired of having to just tell people to go away in gatherings. Wake up England

  36. That’s it
    Going out shouldn’t be allowed at all even for exercise
    Stay home and so in your backyard or front or the TV. Safety forms first. It should be like in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 u are only allowed to go from 6am until 3 pm and even when u go out it’s for buying goods or hospital pharmacy that’s it and all shops should be closed

  37. Army will be on our streets soon to keep people in there homes it’s not a bloody holiday

  38. Need to stop being polite. Get of the green and go home. Need to start arresting people.

  39. Borris, When you suggest, 90% obey and understand & 10% need rules issued or it means maybe

  40. And yet they let the immigrants in, helping the boat loads in the channel to our shores.

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