It’s No Fun Having A Broken YouTube Channel PS Happy Holidays

hey what’s going on coin-op TV subscribers Robert Welkner here happy Holidays to you it’s almost the end of 2016 just wanted to make a quick vlog say what’s up to you guys in video form wish you happy holidays let you know that I’ve been sort of a little bit out of Commission the last couple weeks cuz i went to the PlayStation experience and a caught the nerd flu and it just kind of killed my throat I literally felt like a frog or a big ball or something in my throat made it really hard to talk in fact i’m still kind of coughing and a little scratching out on my voice as we speak I’ve got a struggle to get things out but that’s why I made a few skylanders 101 videos without and commentary because i wanted to get this videos out to you guys as soon as I could couldn’t really speak trying to some live streams but I was really having a hard time doing that like my Rogue One review just didn’t turn out that great cuz hutches so ill and it just was also barks when I saw my was like kind of coffin and sniffling and and you know not feeling so great so anyway forget the nerd flu forget all that soon things will be better i’m slowly you know feeling back to normal but something else to mention that Spence about my mind but has really been the talk of youtube as of late the last couple of months for sure you know last few years for sure definitely is this whole YouTube being broken a thing and um my channel has really taken a hit hits gone down i was looking at views and view counts like that for just this year alone and it’s crazy how far things have gone down I mean to give it to you simply in like january-february 2016 I was averaging about 4 million views a month things are cool people watching kids youtube was sent him up hits out to subscribers people are watching them loving them leaving comments like and share them all that is great now fast forward it to like august-september october november and december move man the views are all gone huh the views are like dead in the water my channel is completely broken i’m smiling but you know it’s not it’s not fun because they let me put it to you bluntly here i know a lot of you guys have been saying the comments and other people’s videos now youtubers they gotta get a real job allport youtube is going to get a real job actually have a real job youtube is not my real job youtube is sort of like this fun thing is fun hobby few bucks come in i put it back into equipment buying microphones computers cameras server stuff i have reviewers working for me I gotta pay for shipping costs to send them products that’s kind of the way youtube works my real day job and somebody that i work for a company and that’s how I support myself and my puppy scout bar food and clothing and stuff like that so here’s the thing that strange people you know leave that comment they’re like oh well you know people gotta get a real job and it just it makes him sound like idiots because a lot of us me included make videos to share with you guys and if you guys subscribe to our channel that should mean that you should be able to see our video if you if you subscribe to quantity should be able to see the videos and you do is just doing something really strange we’re just kind of cutting that out the changing up the algorithms are the changing things up so much when you go to the homepage it’s just all carpool kick carpool karaoke and late night with jimmy fallon and those are talented shows those guys are great but I don’t subscribe to any of those channels at all and that’s all I get on my feet right now I’m not getting into epic rap battles i’m not getting Chad’s videos i’m not getting you know other people’s videos out there that I subscribe to that I like that are watching videos and I know that this is happening for you as well because my views are reflecting this a lot of people who become insane like Rob you you’ve bonded your channel that’s why you have no no fuse and a bunch of subscribers as well as the hens crazy I’ve never bought in my channels I don’t pay for fuse or advertising things like that I try and let things grow organically and i would i would get rid of all the all the money whatever is monetization like you candy monetize my channel that’s fine if in return youtube gave the subscribers my quantity subscribers the feet of all my videos so here’s how it goes I’ve been around for 12 years making videos the first five or six years did not make a dime in fact i was burning get credit card debt and savings debt a whole my pocket and it wasn’t until you to start monetizing things and i actually started getting some good views and Skylanders kind of blew up but that helped out a lot but before then I was cranking out videos weekly monthly without making any money so i’ll gladly kiss all the money goodbye and keep on cranking out videos if you guys can actually see them that’s the thing that’s kind of a drag but i’m kinda facepalming scratching my head about is that you know there’s the this is just something definitely terribly wrong about that all but anyway listen it’s the holiday season it’s the end of the year i’m looking forward to 2017 I’ve got smile on my face I’m hopeful that the powers-that-be youtuber working on making things great again lot of people are you know just in a weird place right now we want to be creative we want to be active we want to do things but it’s just really weird because it’s like this wall see how this wall behind me feels like there’s this wall in front of our subscriber fanbase user base that you know you guys can’t sort of get get to her house and stuff so they’ve they’ve added this thing where you can press the little bell next to the subscription box you can press a little belt to get a notification and I just find that to be the most retarded thing possible because if you subscribe to somebody’s channel you should be getting that notification already you should begin that video but now YouTube makes it harder and harder they want you to do like a two-step process so um so anyway you might see things changing a little bit you know I’m trying not to get to click baby on my titles of my videos I try to make things kind of topical obviously around lego dimensions skylanders and other video games coming out but as you can see my views are just pretty terrible and you may see some experimenting here and there so just leave comments if you watch video just say hey rob i love what you doing with this maybe not so much with that and i will take into consideration you know your feedback and see what happens also have another little project on the horizon and i’m going to launch completely separate from gaming completely different youtube channel that i’m working on a new idea that it’s been kind of boiling for like about a year that i’m going to try and launch and see how that goes maybe I can sort of find some balance with that it’s really daunting to like trying to start a new YouTube channel knowing that the one that I’ve been growing and grooming for ten years is completely broken and you know in the dumps shall we say it’s almost like the middle child or something that’s been just all forgotten about but but I haven’t forgotten about my channel my corner to be channel and haven’t forgotten about you guys so thanks a bunch for watching this video in the meantime have a great holiday catch up on some movies TV hang out with your friends your family if their snow where you live have a snowball fight make a make a snowball snowman if you’re living in California like I am wear wear shorts in penn t-shirt and enjoy the great weather and if you’re over in the UK k or Asia or somewhere else have a great holidays that’s it for this video for corner TV will see you guys next time

Stephen Childs


  1. It was Skylanders Spyro's Adventure that brought me here and I have been here ever since. Also hope you better soon, it's not good to be sick near Christmas.

  2. It's sad to see views dropping. It's driving me crazy as well, I hope they fix it with something, and not make it worse.

  3. I don't get what's going on. I feel like I'm getting all the videos from the channels I subscribe to on my subscriptions page, but lots of other people say they're having issues.

  4. Merry Christmas Rob and also get well soon. FYI I'm the middle child and I was never forgotten. Not funny Rob.

  5. Robert I hope you have a great Merry Christmas and sorry what is happening to your channel

  6. I'd be extremely nervous if I was a professional YouTuber. I'll keep watching, I hope stuff works out well for you!

  7. I agree with you about the "Bell" to get notifications. What's the point? I subscribed means I want to watch their content.

    I've been intending to ask you what all the hub bub was about with some of the tweets you've been tweeting and/or replying to… I guess I have my answer.

  8. Robert I hope you feel better soon. I've enjoyed your vids for 6 years. I'm sure they will fix this, they are greatly upsetting the big youtubers. that can't last.

  9. I totally relate. As a smaller channel I don't see it as bad as you do, but I understand the frustration. I've had the bell on for you for a while so don't worry 😉 As you said this is a hobby, not a job. So as long as you have fun doing it, don't stop!! Don't let anything get in the way of what you love doing. That's why I began to do YouTube. I saw it as an opportunity to interact with my fans, the people that looked up to me, just as I look up to you. Anyway, I appreciate it if you read this far, have a happy holidays and great new year!

  10. Keep it up brother If It was not for your help I would not be were I am with my channel.

  11. Yeah YouTube has changed the algorithm and the whole "bell" thing. I hear that things will balance out over the next year because of the changes. Lots of BIG channels are feeling this also and YouTube has not admitted to whats going on, what they are saying its "Your problem, make better videos" etc. I hate to get all tin foil but I think this was done to surpress certain channels. Keep doing what your doing.

  12. Glad to hear your point of view of this. It shines a light on the negative perspective of all the other youtubers and still shows hope and happiness. Never stop Rob, love your content!

  13. Merry Christmas Robert. I'm sorry about the YouTube being broken thing, we've suffered with it for 2 Years now off and On. We averaged 8 million views monthly…now it's like maybe 1 Million. I'm not going back to being a Game Journalist though, that Job almost killed Me X_X. for a decade. Still Rob Keep plugging along My Friend, with more people suffering our YouTube…Bugs. Maybe just maybe they will fix it again. Tis the Season for Miracles =) Merry Christmas Rob & Happy New Year!

  14. Part of it is probably because toys to life is in decline. I've been hearing that Skylanders might even be cancelled. And I feel like Lego Dimensions probably won't go on too much longer either.

  15. youtube has been really messed up lately. you now have to press the bell to get the notifications. it makes no sense

  16. 2016 has been such a odd year, first off losing Disney Infinity has had a big impact on the channel, and obviously for you, Skylanders dropping off must have had a big impact… up until about a month ago, I had put everything down to basically have to "relaunch" the channel once infinity died, even though i had been covering other games & news for a good year plus before infinity died…but once the "youtube" issue came to light, it has made me feel like it maybe wasn't the content i was creating, but just that youtube has changed… I've been trying lots of different things over the past few months, different styles etc,…… I'm currently in the process of planning things a little different for 2017, i'm going to be posting my content on different platforms and start doing some live streaming (can't decide on twitch or youtube), youtube has shown it might be the biggest, but i get more views on Facebook now..as you said, i'd rather 1000 people saw my video with no $$, youtube seem to want us creators to pay to promote content..hope you have a good xmas and new year!

  17. Never let youtube take that big smile off your face 😀 , keep doing what you love because you do a great job Rob !! – hope 2017 will be better for everyone.
    Happy holidays and get better soon!

  18. Been awful going on almost 2 years now for me. To the point where the effort that I put in the video isn't really worth it to be honest. But like you said we will see what happens. I have noticed plenty of people kind of dropping off this year probably because of their frustration as well.

  19. I really enjoy the livestreams, even if I'm not there to watch them live, so keep up the good work and merry Christmas! 🙂

  20. Merry Christmas Rob, sorry to hear about your channel issues. I like your news videos with SCL Matt and Disney Dan. I will continue to watch for news about Skylanders and Lego Dimensions.
    Keep up the Great work!!!

  21. I was subscribed to this channel years ago, I loved all of you skylanders content, I introduced my cousin to the channel too. I unsubbed a year or two ago, I guess I grew out of that stuff (I am 18 now lol). Saw your comment on Piddleass's video and came to see how you are doing. I am genuinely shocked, I loved this channel it is so sad to the view counts I really hope things pick up for you. Best of luck!

  22. Yeah, the feeds getting filled with all of these garbage 'comedy celebs' is frustrating as a viewer… I can only imagine what it's like as a content creator… and to those that whine about YT not being a 'real job,' those clowns obviously are completely ignorant and clueless as to how much time, $, and effort goes into making that content. Keep it up Rob. Be well and enjoy your holidays. peace!

  23. ya ive noticed that people i dub to i dont get notifications. at first i wondered if i go blocked somehow. i had to physically go to each youtube page in order to see if there erre any new vids.

  24. YouTube outgrew itself… plain and simple… i see your video, actually i haven't uploaded in awhile cause of YouTube killing channels, I got 4 kids at home to look after, can't be soaking to much time into dead space. 2015 was a great year though!

  25. hey rob how do i update lego dimensions i just gotted i cant go other advanture worlds needs an update how do i update again

  26. Have you done a pain-yatta 101? if you havent i really want to see that and hopefully you get better soon:)

  27. Sounds like everyone got sick from that convention, ugh! Sorry to hear about how your channel has been affected by this Youtube thing, awful stuff. I don't get a lot of views as is, and I'm definitely having less traffic on mine as well, and totally agree with you. The part I'm most frustrated, and furious about, is that I can't see all the channels I'm subbed to. Here's to the future and I'm looking forward to seeing what the new project is about!

  28. Am I the only one who is not experiencing this? I get the content that I subscribe to.

  29. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing your videos. I turned your bell on! I will be getting notifications from your channel now. YAY! I agree it's a lame system. 😕 This was a good video to let your fans know what is going on. So thank you. now I know how to get the videos I 'subscribed' to…. Have a happy new year Rob! 😄

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