Israel-Palestine conflict – summary from 1917 to present

One hundred years ago began a regional conflict that would quickly become one of the world’s most complex and controversial A conflict between two very different people for the same territory. To better understand its reasons and underlying issues, let’s retrace the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a map. We are in 1917, during WWI. The Central Powers were opposed to the so-called Triple Entente and its allies. Both sides suffer heavy losses and desperately seek additional support The then-British foreign affairs minister Arthur Balfour wrote an open letter promising a Jewish homeland in Palestine in return for support from the growing Zionist movement. Meanwhile the British tried to weaken the Ottoman Empire by supporting the Arab rebellion and promising them independence in liberated territories. At the end of the war, the Ottoman Empire
was defeated and its land carved up by European powers. The British give more
independence to Iraq and Transjordan It is in what remains of Palestine that
Britain wants to create a Jewish homeland where the Jewish community was a small minority. But immigration grows rapidly due to the tense situation in Europe. Especially in Germany where the anti-semitic Nazi Party came to power In September 1939, Germany invades Poland. Britain and France respond by declaring war, sparking the beginning of WWII In five years, the conflict claims more than 60 million lives including almost 6 million Jews targeted by the Holocaust. Following the war, Jewish immigration to Palestine grows, increasing tensions with Arabs. Overwhelmed by the situation, the British begin their withdrawal from the area. The UN takes over and proposes to divide the region into two states with Jerusalem being given a special status of an International zone. The proposal was accepted by Zionists but rejected by Palestinian Arabs, followed by a civil war between the two communities. The Arab League puts together a liberation army of several thousand volunteers who fight against the Zionists. For their part, the Jews organized an army by giving military training to its population and sending agents to Europe to retrieve WWII military stocks and sign arms contracts. On May 14th 1948, Britain completes its
withdrawal from Palestine, while the Jews proclaimed independence of the State of Israel. In response, the Arab League declares war. During the conflict, 2 truces would allow the Israeli army to strengthen its position and gradually take over. Finally, the Armistice Agreements were signed. Israel cedes new territory including Western Jerusalem. Egypt receives the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank was annexed from Transjordan to form Jordan. This conflict causes large-scale displacement. On the one hand, more than 700,000 Arabs were expelled or fled Israeli territory to refugee camps. On the other, Jewish communities in Arab countries, sometimes with a history of over two thousand years, are forced to take refuge in Israel or elsewhere in Europe. Eventually, many European Jews were reassured by the victory of Israel and choose to settle there. In 1967, following tensions with its neighbors, Israel declares war on Egypt, Jordan and Syria. In six days, Israel dominates the war and triples its territory by seizing the Egyptian Sinai, the Syrian Golan Heights and the West Bank. Israeli settlers begin to move into Palestinian territories. The UN reacts and adopts resolution 242 condemning the Israeli occupation. Six years later, Egypt and Syria launch a surprise attack to try a recover land. Initially, the Israeli army is routed and fails to repel the attack. Under the influence of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and Arab countries support the offensive, while the United States sends emergency
supplies of 22,000 tons of weaponry to Israel. With this boost, the Israeli army further continues to push its borders. After a ceasefire, oil-exporting Arab countries decide to punish the US and Israel’s allies by increasing the price of oil by 70% and decreasing production by 5%. This causes the first oil crisis of 1973. Israel under international pressure ceded Sinai back to Egypt and a part of the Golan to Syria, but retains control over the Palestinian territories where colonization accelerates especially in East Jerusalem. In 1980, Israel proclaims Jerusalem as
its indivisible capital but this decision was condemned by the UN Security Council. In the West Bank, tension mounts over water supply as Israel has the upper hand on resources which are unevenly distributed between
Israeli settlements and Palestinian areas. In 1987, the Palestinian population rebels and takes to the streets, mostly armed with stones. This was the beginning of the first Intifada, an Arab term meaning uprising. In this context arises Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist movement fighting Israel. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, set up in 1964 by the Arab League and in
exile in Algiers, proclaims an independent state of Palestine on November 15th 1988. Jerusalem would be its capital and Palestine would progressively be recognized by 136 states. After six years of conflict, a fragile peace is signed with the Oslo agreements which provide for mutual recognition. It also lays the foundation of introducing autonomy in the Gaza Strip and the city of Jericho. In 1995, a West Bank partition plan was signed, providing for Palestine-controlled areas, mixed areas and the rest under Israeli control. But the two parties are unable to agree on thorny issues, such as a status of Jerusalem and the return of Palestinian refugees. Negotiations fail and violence reignites. In Jerusalem, a visit by the head of the Israeli opposition to the holy site of the Temple Mount triggers the second Intifada, marked by numerous suicide bombings. Israel begins construction of a wall in the West Bank to protect the country, but in doing so encroaches upon Palestinian territories. The wall is declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. To try to calm the situation, the Israeli government, in 2005, decided to remove Jewish settlements from the Gaza Strip. But retains control over its borders. In the years that follow, tensions focus
around the Gaza Strip, mainly against Hamas which came into power. Israel imposes a blockade in the region, while Hamas regularly fires rockets into
Israeli territories. Several clashes take place and violence by both sides builds up under 2014, when Israeli warplanes pound the area and destroy 50,000 houses, a hundred schools, dozens of hospitals and the region’s only power plant. The population stuck in Gaza faced a humanitarian disaster. Today the situation remains complicated
and lasting peace is nowhere on the horizon. On one hand, the West Bank is divided up between Palestinian towns and villages and more than 150 Israeli colonies. So striking a deal to carve out a Palestinian homeland seems more complicated than ever. Then there is the status of Jerusalem, which both sides view as their capital. In 2018, the United States announced it would move their embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the city as the capital of
Israel. This decision was condemned by the UN by a large majority, while the Palestinians announced that the United States no longer has a mediator role in the peace process which at present seems indefinitely stalled.

Stephen Childs


  1. Israel is nothing but An America’s creation, it should be called new Poland

  2. I think you need to mention that in 1967 Egypt, Jordan and Syria were surrounding Israel at the border planning to attack. Israel had no choice back to make a pre+emotive attack. Starting by eliminating their Airforce. The way you said it is like Israel just felt like attacking and starting a war which is not true

  3. Jews were persecuted for centuries and want just tiny bit of land to call their home, why cant the arabs just shut the fuck up and make peace!

  4. Biased leftist anti israel video. So much lies. Learn history and then do a video about the situation

  5. this video makes israel sound like sparta rather than the tiny nation and population that was created and survived thanks to millions of lives and trillions of dollars spent by allied nations

  6. 7:50
    Why didn't you say what gaza did to israel?
    Why didnt you say why israel bombed gaza,its not because their bored.the terror orgenazions in gaza shot over 10000 rockets to israel and shut down most of the country.
    Until that moment the video was great

  7. What about Romans and the JEWS in ISRAEL???, Not Acknowledging that time. This is CRAP

  8. thank for such a great video but you forgot a few things.
    a. Hamas is a terrorist group which terrorises its own civillians and Israeli ones .
    b. in 7:50 forgot to mention that in more than 50% of those buildings there were hidden stocks of ammunition and rocket projectors , and that Hamas used them as human shields even when Israel warned that the area would be bombed, its true it is sad when people die , its more sad when your country values other people lifes more than yours, so Israel couldn't do much about it .

  9. What re you talking about ? are you trying to rewrite history ? your report is full of shit

  10. So defending against the entire Arab league and their claim that Judah is an Islamic holy land when he said in his previous video saying that Islam was created after Christianity is attacking LMAO.And the fact that Judaism was created before Christianity lmao.

  11. The Jews have no legal right to what they call Israel. They believe might makes right. The Jews living in Israel have broken every agreement they've ever signed. The Orthodox Jews do not support Israel. Read Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. Thanks.

  12. All the comments are barking about history temple blablabla mean while china claims massive area south china sea based on their traditional fishing grown and everyone loose their minds! So shut tf up, the history doesn't matter that much in this kind of conflict

  13. Is amazing to me that no one here seems to quote the Holy Scriptures I'm not a religious folk nor anything like that ,but it was stated by god that once Israel left Egypt under the guidance of Moses that god would take them to the promised land this land sits in what today is the year 2020 and beyond I'm so in shock to find out that during world war 1 and 2 the British were planning to take the Jews back to the land where God
    took them many hundreds years back is like prophecy came to pass and the British followed gods command without even they know about it to put it simply this land was already occupied by Israel many hundreds years back they were drove out of the land and then by political interests they went back to same land god told them it was for them way before world war 1 and world war 2 before the discovery of the new world this was written.

  14. Bushit history video. So many lies. Not objective atall. Bashing Israel as usual.

  15. Let's create a new Jewish state on the moon. Maybe then the 🌎 can have peace. #FreePalestine

  16. The murders of hundreds of Israelis by the PLO during the 1960s and 1970s is not even mentioned.

  17. It’s NOT the “West Bank.” 🤦‍♀️
    It’s JUDEA & SAMARIA — Read the Hebrew Bible 👍 👌 ✡️

  18. There's a reason why the Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years – they are a fucking menace!! That's their history in a nutshell.

  19. “That’s what we get for supporting Israel 🇮🇱” – Goofy In (family guy)

  20. I dont understand, why british promise zionist a land? i mean what power zionist have that can help british fight with nazi?

  21. It's always been the Jews land they have been there since the BC period..their temple ruins litealrly prove that. Way before the Muslims built their mosque on the ruins.

  22. Grandfather fought in world war one and I can see people still are sheep. Hug each other and make up. You can either live by killing each other or live in peace, which I think most people want ,quit following terrorist leaders that only going to lead you to death, while they hide in bunkers.

  23. The U.N. did not create Israel – it only implemented international law & treaty.

    In sum, modern Israel may credit its legal recreation to the Supreme Allied Powers and its April 1920 San Remo conference which incorporated the 1917 Balfour Declaration as international law; thereby reconstituting the Jewish

    National Home in Palestine in 1920 with the British as trustee for the Jewish people and its implementation by The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, and its de-facto existence to the impatient belligerence of its enemies and the consequent resolve of the Jewish people to survive.

    There was also the 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement which stated that all of Palestine is for the Jewish National Home while the Arabs received over 13 million sq. km. (6 million sq. miles) of territory with a wealth of oil reserves.

    After the British abandoned its obligation as trustee to implement the terms of the Mandate for Palestine aka The Land of Israel. The U.N. recognized that the Jews in Palestine-Israel have become a majority; as stated in the terms of international treaty and therefore the Jewish people can assume control of its own sovereignty. That took place on May 15, 1948. The Arab countries terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets, businesses, home and over 120,000 sq. km. of Jewish owned land for over 2,600 years. (They also expelled the Jews from Jordan and confiscated all their assets and prohibited Jews from residing or owning property in Jordan. Most of the million expelled Jewish families and their children now reside in Israel and comprise over half the population.

    AFSI – American Friends For A Safe Israel

    YJ Draiman, Los Angeles Chapter President

  24. The announcement made by our President Donald Trump, in an official statement recognizes Jerusalem as The Capital of Israel.

    It reiterates an existing U.S. Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 and meets the U.N. resolution below.

    The consequence of the 1947 U.N. Resolution 181 to Jerusalem’s status in our time.

    If you believe that the 1947 U.N. non-binding resolution 181 is valid, which it is not valid; since the U.N. can only recommend; which is non-binding with no legal standing?

  25. The U.N. is a useless organization and counter-productive – Issues Non-binding resolutions with no legal standing that includes the ICJ advisory only.

    The U.N. cannot create State or modify borders, they have no such authority.

    In a Democratic legal system if you have decision that you think is erroneous or unjust you can appeal that decision and many times it is reversed.

    U.N. opinions and or resolutions are (non-binding) biased, unjust, arbitrary and capricious (the same apply to the ICJ – International Court of Justice).

    The U.N. has issued numerous opinions and non-binding resolutions that are biased, unsubstantiated and contrary to historical and factual evidence. This U.N. collusion with corrupt and biased countries and the issuance of non-binding egregious opinions and resolution has eroded the credibility of the U.N. beyond repair.

    This has raised the ire and an outcry by many nations, politicians and institutions to de-fund the U.N. and dismantle it.

    It is well known that the U.N. and the ICJ can only offer and issue a non-binding advisory recommended opinions and resolutions which carry no legal standing or affect. They can only issue a non-binding recommendation and resolution and if it is accepted by all parties in writing, then their recommended opinion and resolution is applicable (Provided the parties abide by the terms). Otherwise it has no meaning, validity, and no legal standing.

    Therefore, my suggestion is stop panicking and aggrandizing these biased criminal organizations. Their recommended non-binding opinion has no meaningful value and no legal standing.

    By reacting to and citing the non-binding recommendations of this criminal organization as having any validity, you are misleading the public that the recommended opinions by these criminal organizations might have some validity, which it does not.

    It is time to expose the fraud and deception by these unethical, corrupt and unjust organizations and dismantle them completely.

    It will also save a substantial amount of money and resources that could be put to a better use.

    YJ Draiman

    P.S. The League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations, since the league did not accomplish its purpose. The U.N. has not accomplished its purpose for what it was created to perform ethically and honestly.

    In today's society the Nations of the world can function without an organization such as the U.N.

  26. so, "palestine" is just all made up? no historic claim at all to the land? lol

  27. Armenia got invaded and culturally enriched for 2000 years and I don't see them complaining. But the Koshers they seem salty af.

  28. Jews are also living In India when they receive harsh treatment from everywhere in the world except india.

  29. So many mistakes!! If you already make videos like this please get it right!! Hamas is a terrorist organization not a movement and there are no Palestinians – those ppl are Egyptians and Jordanians! And Israel gave so much land to pursue peace but the Arabs just don't want peace!

  30. Bro when I saw the states that recognised Palestine, All african countries, all Asian countries, all South American countries, but Western Europe and America, hmm something doesn’t look whiteght

  31. Wrong information puted in this video…al aqsa mosque is different from temple Mount…dont mixup both mosque..both mosque are situated in Jerusalem..

  32. Wait…why don't they just rename the whole damn place Palestine like it was and call it done?

  33. Israel is on Palestinian land. They came as a minority and today they grabbed the land from PALESTINIAN.

  34. Please do proper research and learn better diction. Lol at prol's trying to get above their station

  35. (Bit of a pretence here, what I’m about to say is simply stuff that I believe, and I believe this from evidence I have gathered and was taught. I commemorate you for your un-biased approach of the last video and thank you for the fantastic job you did on the Jewish history)

    now let’s begin.

    Ok geo history you thought you were smart disabling the comments on your first video, but that was pretty scummy and smart. Smart because there was probably going to be a huge massive flame war and scummy because I wanted to say some stuff.

    Now onto saying what I wanted to say for the last video

    in 750 bc the Jews indeed worshipped many gods. However there were some people who only worshiped Yahweh and some kings who did. Before 750 bc about 200 years before that the Jewish people only worshiped Yahweh.

    you said in 400 bc the Jewish religion was organised and the Torah written, you are mostly correct except for the Torah was re-written after being rediscovered, and the Jewish religion was organised before of only worshiping Yahweh, in about 1100-900 bc

    that said, the two Jewish states that you started off in the video was israel and Judaea. You are correct, they were indeed those Jewish states. However before those two states, in 1050-900 bc those two Jewish states were unified under 1 Jewish state. (With supposedly king Saul, king David and king Solomon) the Jewish state in that time was much larger, with half of Palestine, subjugating both Moab and ammon and half of Damascus-Syria

    however before that unified Jewish state there was the 12 tribes of Israel united in a ‘loose confederation’ that had a shared culture, ethnicity, language and land. These states existed from about 1200/1300 – 1050 bc

    before 1200/1300 bc the Jewish people were supposedly in slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Wether they built the pyramids or not is highly contested but they were slaves to Egypt in that time period.

    at 1600/1700 Bc Abraham allegedly came from the city of UR in Mesopotamia, specifically on the banks of the Euphrates and near the Persian gulf which at the time was ruled by the Chaldeans. He migrated west to the land of modern Israel which did not have the states of Phoenicia, Moab, ammon, etc. there his family grew for 3 generations there until in the fourth generation they moved to Egypt and in the 5th generation were enslaved. 

    now I’m not saying that this is all facts and you should replace those facts in your last video or say that you are wrong. I am simply saying that this is what I believe from evidence I gathered and was taught and simply would of like these to have been added in the video or at least just able for me to point out. People have different opinions about these things, and when it comes to thousands of years ago there is no single “1 way of how things happened” 

    I commemorate you for your simple and un-biased presentation of Jewish history in the last video

  36. Israel also didnt "expel" any arabs during any war. In fact, when israel conquered east jerusalem, they offered its arabs citizenship for free, which they denied.

  37. Fyi, thats not how the intifada worked. Israel signed a treaty with the shiekh or whatever of the palestinian authority (which for some reason you didnt mention) and that treaty is known as the oslo accords. They arabs promised they wont revolt and cooperate with israel and this happened. They screwed us over.

  38. Thank you everyone checking the facts in the vid! Gonna get more perspectives right away God bless!

  39. Honestly I think the only solution that will actually bring peace would be to just let them fight it out.

    I don't think that's a good solution nor do I favor it, but with the way things are, that's the only thing that I foresee that could bring peace to the region any time in the next 50 years.

  40. "No mention of…"
    "You omitted…"
    "You left out…"

    Jfc it's a short overview, how long do you expect the video to be??? I guess he should've started with the big bang and gone through literally everything that ever happened anywhere ever up til now.

  41. Time for an International Tribunal regarding israel and their countless crimes.

  42. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷Allahu Ekber

  43. I feel like this i/p conflict is one of the most complicated and confusing conflict ever.
    Like for two-state solution
    Comment for binational solution

  44. Being British, I cannot agree more with this old Iraqi saying : if two fish fight in the Tigris, the British are behind it.

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  46. so basically you cant trust a JEW…he will eventually try to take over….if they kept their lands in 1967 there would be no WARS…but no…

  47. this points out the biggest problem with the human race perfectly we are not working as one but as individuals different countrys different races different languages but we all live on the same planet and we are almost at the point where we can work as one as we evolve we get more intelligent and intelligance brings change but first we need to undo the damage allready done

  48. Good work on presenting this mindless game of invasions happening in the Levant region since times immemorial.
    The issue of access to water (and oil) and repression of women is another reason why A LOT of the countries in said-region have a recurring history of violence and rebellion and revolution.

  49. For an area that was supposed to be filled with "Milk and Honey", the only thing in Palestine is a desert. There's nothing there for either side! So why all this fighting for an area that really doesn't have any value?

  50. Im from Gaza this city is a graveyard for humanity i wish to die but i cant i have family no help the world left us to die at this plot

  51. Some of misinformation…
    Isreal didn't colonized, is decolonize from the British

    Hamas hides mussels and RPGs under these places, under the floors

  52. Bias Video. Says Jews were only 10% of historical population in Palestine. Fails to recognize massive population of Arabs into Area, and Jewish immigrant ban by the Brits. Fails to recognize that Arab fought with Nazis, and Nazi promised them territory. British promises came later the allies won the war, to divide and conquer, as the Brits were leaving Middle East.

  53. So basically its a conflict that is so overly complicated that it makes no sense.

  54. There will be no peace in seven if Palestine even if it gets it independence . It will be war between Fatah any Hamas

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