Stephen Childs


  1. 8:28 cela nous donne une petite idée sur l’avenir des Wooden coaster 😃 j’espère qu’un parc commandera un jour un modèle de ce type !

  2. Dommage qu'on aie pas d'informations supplémentaires sur le Méga de Walibi et sur le Blitz de PA

  3. This is a great interview. Really good questions and nice, open, honest answers from Sascha and Daniel.

  4. Very good interview, but honestly for the outward-banked turn inspiration, the answer was three letters long, haha! (although the insights on how the layout was created was even more interesting than the initial question).

  5. Really nice interview. Some of the footage shown in the background actually is equally exiting as the interview. I have already seen a few pictures of the new Intamin concepts (Single Rail, Power Splash, …) but seeing the Single Rail Power Splash Hybrid in Video Form was really interesting.

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