Insurance Information : How to Start an Insurance Agency

Hello, my name is Vic Schumacher with HPE
Financial Services. I’m an Insurance Broker representing a variety of different agencies.
What we’re going to talk about today is how do you start an insurance agency. Like with
any particular business, no matter what it is, you’ve got to start off with a respectable
business plan. You have to understand where you want this business to start. Are you going
to need a building. Are you going to operate in a variety of different fashions. Who is
your customer. Who is your target audience. Who are you trying to seek. What products
are you going to offer for these people. After you have designed a business plan along those
lines then you’ve got to go back and figure out how am I going to fund it. Where am I
going to get the financial stability to roll this product out, roll this agency out. You
can go to banks, you can go to small business through the government and get a loan. You
can start off small just by yourself. You can roll out this agency, you know exactly
who your going to sell your products to and your revenue is therefore produced by the
sale of those products. Starting an agency is a difficult thing to do. I suggest you
have a couple business partners with you. My name is Vic Schumacher. The company is
HPE Financial Services. Helping people everyday.

Stephen Childs

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  1. not enough info. this boring guy should at least point viewers to other help resources

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