Stephen Childs


  1. A person's brain naturally seeks comfort and trust, speaking from the point of influence is note worthy but what, and why should be done if anything at all, because everything is an influence in some shape or form.
    I believe it should be left alone because we do not know enough about all the algorithms, and natural laws of necessity.

  2. Zipf's Law is what governs all human tendency. Ideology is a barrier, not a gateway. There is no 'door' to open.

  3. If it’s so predictable mathematician would rule the world, but they’re not

  4. smart people dont trust anything in 2020, history teaches us to duck and cover from the coming global fire storm that will kill billions of people do the the shower of burning meteors that will blanket earth in the near future! 9/11 was an inside job, building 7 did not hang itself? but no jet hit it and we have clear video it was a controlled demolition and there are thousands of engineers with many letters in front of their names that demand a honest open investigation and was one of trumps pre election promises !

  5. My reading Ayn Rand in the early 1980's made me ideologically libertarian. But I did not start voting that way until after GHW Bush violated his "read my lips, no new taxes" promise in about 1990. Since then I have always voted Libertarian for President.

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