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India. It’s hot, it’s busy, it’s beautiful It’s a country of colourful cultures
cities that run in organised chaos and sites that take your breath away. Last year 8.9 million tourists visited India, it’s destination on the rise
with one of the fastest growing economies on the planet. But despite all of this, India is also
one of the most difficult countries in the world to be a woman with gender equality and lack of female education – two of the biggest challenges women here face That’s why I’m here My name is Nadine Sykora and I’m a travel blogger from Canada I’m in India with Contiki’s Travel Project to meet with women who are challenging stereotypes championing females education and
encouraging other women to believe in themselves and what they are capable of
achieving. At Dhonk we are giving the women who
come to work a new skill set, so they have a direct buyer base where they can
sell and earn a respectable living. First when they have
a new skill set like stitching or block printing they are independent to go
outside and work as well. Some of the people have taken out micro-financing from
Dhonk and have bought their own sewing machines and have started working at their
houses They get so much more confident and it’s a sisterhood we have here, so
everyone is radiant, happy… they forget the stresses of home when they are here
and they hopefully go back and educate the other women about how they
are changing their own lives. – Thank you for inviting me to your house.
– Most welcome. So I’ll give you the instructions and you start, okay? So why do you think it’s
important for young girls to see women working and earning an income? It gives a sense of security if you have your own earning with you, it gives a sense of
security of purchasing, buying anything you want to. Of course you’re supported
by your family but that’s your own earning So then in the future how would
you hope that India would change so it becomes a country of more opportunity
for women? Opportunities are already there for us Just the awareness of
getting the right kind of education and getting into the stream with the support
of the family but we just need that, when they are educated they should be just
put in the correct profession where they want to do it by their passion. Meeting these inspirational women on my
journey through India, there’s one common thread that ties their stories together –
education. The gap between wealthy and poor and educated and uneducated is what
strikes you when you travel here and it’s this disparity that means
opportunities for many women are scarce but if women are equipped with skills
and knowledge the way in which they’re perceived by their families and
communities begins to change and even more important than that, the way they
value themselves begins to change. The Pink Rickshaw Company is a unique
initiative which trains women from the slums to drive e-rickshaws and take
tourists on tours of the city and show them the city in their way. Why is it important for girls to have their own jobs and to earn their own money?
– It gives you a way of controlling your own destiny so when they initially came to
us they weren’t confident, they were really not sure about their own
capabilities. I think that’s changed completely so it’s been tremendous I
mean they’re completely different. So what is Eat My Cake? So Eat My Cake is an ethnic bakery. The deal with Eat My Cake is we employ vulnerable women and
we give them training, the tools, the skills to be able to bake to give them an income
so the impact obviously, it’s to see them first, and
when you show the minority you are not any more afraid by that, so for them to
show that they are going to work every day even for their children it’s already
a big victory but I’m sure that India is really ready now to move away to a new
society because from Delhi to Mumbai Bangalore and even now in the
countryside of this big city we can see the change that the women really want to
take the power. An empowered woman is a force that is
felt in every woman around her. I’ve seen this in the women I’ve met during my
time in this beautiful country and across the world. Women are strong. Women are fierce. Women are unstoppable. I’m a woman of India I’m a woman of India I am women of India

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  1. Such an inspirational video – an amazing watch! Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. So excited for everyone to see this and be inspired. These women are amazing. #girlpower

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  5. This is so true and I am glad that women are empowering other women in India. We were in India two years ago, it was sad to see how society puts women down but it was great to also meet two inspiring women who persevered and now they are also running their own business.

  6. very nicely done… content and interview very on point!!!!! on a funny note: loved that Nadine used her lower voice instead of her usual high, high pitched voice tone in her channel, this brought a different feel to this documentary…. really enjoyed it PS: not a critic, i consume Nadine regular content too, just highlighting the difference in styles.

  7. Really beautifully done, Nadine! It’s incredible the difference these women are making πŸ™Œ

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    Eye opening for sure, not that I didn’t know just amazing to see beautiful strong women!

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  10. Such a beautifully filmed video! Great empowerment for the women of India as well.

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