In Defense of Immigration

Hi, this is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer
and founder of visaplace.com. A lot has been discussed about immigration lately, during
the election in the media, and most of it has been generally negative. Candidates have
been calling to build a fence, immigrants have blamed for virtually everything, including
unemployment, crime, terrorism. I am not denying that we don’t have problems, especially issues
of national security, but historic history seems to repeat itself, because it seems that
immigrants are the ones being scapegoated, in most cases. Let’s put things into perspective. Remember
that you wouldn’t have your iPhones, your cars, your refrigerators, your houses. All
the goods and services you take for granted would not be possible if it wasn’t for immigration.
This country was built and is being built by immigrants, and the vast majority of immigration
is positive. Immigrants come from all over the world to seek a better live for themselves
and their families and who benefits? Well, they do. But who also benefits? We do. It’s
always a win-win. When an immigrant comes typically speaking,
they come with a lot of hopes and dreams. They come from countries where opportunities
just don’t exist in the same way they exist here. They’re extremely motivated. Think about
it. Uprooting your life, moving to a foreign country, learning a new language in many cases.
You think they just want to do that just for the sake of it? It’s a major, major life decision
to make a move, and yet they do it. And they do it because they believe they can make better
lives for themselves. Now that’s not to say there are people who
come here to take advantage, there are people who commit crimes, and sometimes you have
situations where there is terrorist infiltration. Those are issues of national security and
I totally support initiatives that are, at least, measured initiatives to combat that.
But to say that immigrants as a group are a threat is really shooting yourself in the
foot, so to speak. So let’s step back and get some perspective here. If you are not an immigrant yourself, your
neighbor is, and if they are not, their parents most likely are or their grandparents. Open
societies thrive and are successful because of immigration. Consider the alternative,
consider the societies where there are real walls that have been erected and keep immigrants
out and keep citizens in. Let’s talk about North Korea. Let’s talk about East Germany
before the wall fell. Let’s talk about the Soviet Union. Are those societies you want
to live in? Consider what immigration really means for immigrants and for us. Hope you
enjoyed this video. Always join us at www.visaplace.com.

Stephen Childs


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