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The following video contains stunts performed by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, death, and significant damages to personal property. Don’t try this at home. Survival games can put players in surprising situations that test not only their skill, but their resolve. Take the “Last of Us” here, which drops the players right into the middle of a zombie apocalypse and hangs them upside down as they fight off incoming infected. But come on, hanging upside down wouldn’t affect your aim THAT much. …Or would it? [intro music] So, we’ve come out here to our Rooster Teeth post-apocalyptic simulation center– Hey, Pete. Great job– to test whether or not our lab rats’ aim could be affected by being caught in a snare and hung upside-down as they fight off a nasty horde of zombies. Let’s go inside and see what we’ve got. Today’s experiment includes some tricky stunts AND several dozen volunteers from our RTX convention here in Sydney, Australia. …Where are the lab rats? Oh, great. Agh! Come on! Ah, you gotta be kidding me! *Michael and Gavin laughing*
Alright! Well clearly, that’s not how this was supposed to work. Guys, cut me down! I have been your mentor your entire career. Gavin: Look me in the eye when you talk to me. [Burnie drowned out by Michael’s laughter] …just cut me down. Gavin: I would, but I don’t have any scissors. Burnie: Michael- why am I even asking you? Michael: I don’t know. I really don’t know.
Burnie: Alright. Here’s the way this experiment is going to work. Just like in the game Last of Us, one of you will be trapped upside down, bound to the refrigerator, which is acting as a counterweight. While the other lab rat is trying to rescue you. You will need to work together to not only escape, but avoid the horde of zombies that stagger towards you. The hanging lab rat will be armed with a special gun to shoot the zombies as they enter. You’ll need to not only protect yourself, but the free lab rat who’s trying to get you down. In order to rescue the other person, the lab rat on the ground will have three combination locks to unlock. Once they’ve cracked these puzzles, the hanging lab rat will be released. However, each lock is color-coded with several hidden combinations. So, time will be of the essence. Gavin: So what’s stopping me from just sabotaging this chump while he’s upside down? Burnie: Ah, well Gavin, we thought of that. We’re going to keep track of how many zombies you killed, but also how fast you solve all the puzzles. So, if you get him out faster, he gets to shoot less zombies. It’s even better for you. MIchael: Also, I have a gun, so…
Burnie: That’s a good point. Michael: Don’t cross me. Burnie: All right. Gavin, you’re up first. Let’s get them tied up! Get those zombies in here. All right, well the zombies are ready, Gavin is suspended from the ceiling… let’s see how they do. M: How are you feeling? Pretty good?
G: Oh, I feel like if I throw up it’s going straight up my nostrils. yeah well not even look you doing it which way which way are they coming from I’d like to know so you’re facing that direction. It is very calm- before the storm. I probably should be working on getting you down right now in typical Michael and Gavin fashion they’re not even starting to just sit around talking. -I’m doing the combinations I’ll hook you up where my glasses at this time just so I can see him. -Jesus Christ Oh they’re coming? -Get cracking! Okay, you know the guys can shoot the zombies fine on their feet but upside down it should prove to be more difficult. -Dude, they are just really coming for you too. -My aim is off! -Your hitting them, though! -It’s kind of hard not to shoot them in the face -Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like it as hard as we thought it would be to shoot upside down. -Dude it’s like older zombies have died on the ceiling. -He has taken out this first group of zombies really quickly. – I tried one code didn’t work at -Oh it didn’t work? -Thank god they’re slow Oh my god, be careful, boy! They’re quite far for me. -Yeah, just let me know when I’m about to die I’m trying to figure out the combination is, I’m struggling. No! Oh shit! -That was hard. Hold on- I’m wedged the f-ing gun, Michael. -Oh you should unwedge it- *Popping noise* Oh, there you go you’ve unwedged it. -Now we don’t have any way for them to reorient themselves they’ve got to use their body movement in order to be pointing in the right direction. -It’s like swimming. Oh there’s a lot of ’em now. -That was a miss, Michael. Ohh Oh boy I got one open! -Alright Michael has managed to get off the first padlock. -Oh, that was a gut shot! -Gavin continuing to do really well with the accuracy. -They’re -kind of in my way here. Michael is completely blocked off from the refrigerator by the zombies, Gavin’s going to have to clear them out but already they’re coming through the garage. This is not going well between Team Nice Dynamite -Dude, it’s bright over there I can barely see what I’m doing -Can you clear them out by the safe there or the locks? -Okay, got one there. -Dude, you’re nailing them. -Son of a bitch, god damn it. -God damn- -There’s still more. *Hoop hoop* -There are a absolute bollocks load of zombies. Oh, I got two!
B: Alright, Michael has two padlocks open. They are almost done with this. M: I can’t find the last one, I’m thinking we might be in trouble here. Oh shit. Shit balls! Holy crap! Gav, do you see…? Do you happen to see any green while you’re hanging upside down– Dude, there’s so many of them! G: If you think that I’m thinking about anything other than the SWARM of zombies, then you’re having a laugh, son. B: Michael looking for something green that’s where the combination for the green padlock is -Got a number, got a number. Where the fuck is it? -Oh shit me on the ass! Oh god! Micheal I threw an empty clip up and it almost hit me in the face. Sorta forgetin’ about physics. -I.. I got it! Hang on! You know, these are getting real damn close! Gavin we are getting kind of surrounded here! -Sorry! Uh… Uh… -Oh God it’s jammed Micheal! (unintelligible) At the worst time! (Scream) Hold on boy, I’ll save you! -Gav, um, I’m struggling here! There’s a shitload of ’em! There’s like a lot! -I’ll save you! I’ll save you! No I won’t! (Scream) Oh shit! (Scream) Oh my god, I almost died there! Micheal are you alright? -Jeez! Oh! Oh fuck! Oh god I’m dead, I’m dead! -Oh Micheal got caught by the zombies that’s it. Gavin’s acuracy was surprisingly good but unfortunately for him it wasn’t good enough to keep Michael safe before getting that third lock opened let’s see how Michael does -Dude this sucks -Yeah, do you want anything? -It was way better when you were hanging here and I wasn’t. Okay well I’ll tell you, hey I’ll tell you… -Alright their here! Their here! Their coming! -Yeah you got some… -Yeah get those guys. – … you got some zoms there. Well that one bounced. Uh. Oh there we go! -Micheal employing a strategy where he grabs the back of the gun. That’s really interesting. -There’s some coming just so you know. -Are they near me? -There we go! I’m getting the hang of it here. -26… (groans) I bollocked that up, Michael! -Michael doing pretty well with the accuracy. Ugh, Gavin just can’t open the lock he has the combination he just can’t figure out how to lock works. -God damn it I suck at looks Micheal! -Well… -I’m no good! -Not great for either one of us really. -I’m going to try a different one. -Shit! -So in this round lab rats are relying on Michael to stay calm while Gavin is the smart one this should go very poorly. -That one’s green. That one’s red… where’s the yellow look even? -I don’t fucking know! -Oh here it is. -Back! Back you bastard! I’m reloading so you might want to get the fuck out of there. Gav there’s one right next to you buddy. -(Scream) Micheal I suck! I’m working on it I’m helping I’m helping. Damn, I’m amazing! I should hang upside down all the time. Oh fuck, Gav they’re coming that way! Gav: Are you getting dizzy, boy? -A little bit. Oh, well, okay there’s a bunch coming. Shit. did nothing come out of that? -Oh I got one! B: Gavin got one lock open. M: Nice, boy! (Sigh) Fuck. -(Grunt) Oh we got it! Which way up is this? Alright… Dude I feel like it’s too much stress and I’m not handling it well. – Well, you take -I’m good don’t worry my brain’s just slowly oozing out of my nose. There’s a lot here Michael. -There’s SO MANY, dude! -Yeah -Michael’s doing a tremendous job; he has been hung upside down for a while now and he is still amazingly accurate. God dude this is getting sore! -Ah Michael, they’re on my asshole here. Oh God, oh son of a bitch. -Oh fuck fuck fuck. Don’t run into them! -Sorry dude there’s such a pile for me, I can’t even get to the safe, Just gonna work my way over the slime. Ah! -Damn I’m good! That was like through the fucking ladder! Boy you got one coming behind you boy! -We’re at? -Like i don’t knowI think it’s behind you, it’s hard to tell from my perspective. Can you get the fucking lock open please? -Yeah hold on…- What out, she’s grabin’ -Oh I got it! I got! -She’s reaching! -I got another one! -Gavin has two locks off if he can get another lock, they win. Alright another group group of zombies coming in, they are headed for Gavin -26… I’m almost there. -They’re shuffling! -Every day they’re shuffling, man. -Uh…Oh! More coming! More coming! -You’re doing a great job, boy. -Yeah you get a lot coming in. -Stop coming! Stop it! They’re close, uh oh. I gotta reload this isn’t good. -(Gavin whimpering) -You’re gonna wanna hurry up. -Got it! -Are you serious? -Yep! -Alright thats the three locks they got it they completed the round! -Oh shit! -Coming dude! -Dude you did it! -Well Michael’s accuracy with the spot on, he dominated in zombie killing allowing Gavin to unlock all three locks. All right Gavin and Michael you did it you survived one of the rounds! What was the toughest part? -Locks. -So what was the tough part about the locks? Why were you struggling? -I feel like my.. -Yeah that’s the question -All of my blood was previously in my head right and then I came down and rushing back through my limbs and penis and stuff and it made me thick. -Michael what was the toughest part for you? -Like reloading the gun was kinda tough upside down. -Yeah, was putting the clip in? -Yeah putting the clip and actually like ratching it! -The gun was a bit jammy. -Yeah yeah but other than that it wasn’t that bad actually. -You guys both were amazingly accurate. you guys missed only a few shots the entire time. -It’s a good gun. -All right I in such a reward a winner of some of science. So let’s just give it to Micheal. -Yeah -Since you shot more zombies congratulations. And since Michael won science for shooting most zombies I’m sure they’d like a chance to thank him. -Who would? -Oh shit dude! -You’re…No! Yeah so congrats on the win. -No you’re dead! -I’ll see you later. -No I killed you! NOO! AHHHHHGH!

Stephen Childs


  1. No offence Gavin and Mike’s aim isn’t that good right side up lol

  2. Sad they didn’t do a stealth horror situation, where the infected were blinded but could still hear that would’ve been fun.

  3. You could make some minecraft immersion.
    If you do it. Could it be about the wooden tools?

  4. So I'm a huge Houston Rockets fan and I just realized tonight that Daryl Morey (GM of the Rockets) looks almost exactly like Burnie Burns lol.

  5. There are many words I would use to describe Rooster Teeth staff, professionals is not one of them.

  6. This was uploaded ages ago! If you're still doing the show (I don't think so?) what about duck hunt? But with the creepiness of it?

  7. It's been two years, but I'm still not over how fun it was to be a part of this. It always makes me feel happy just watching it again, being reminded of all the fun

  8. Burnie: They are just sitting around talking.
    Me: Don’t you mean STANDING around talking?

  9. 3:16

    Where have I heard that before?

    Like if you get this, or don't if you don't want…..or something.

  10. 6:38
    I've been paying attention over the years, and can relate to, that Michael trembles and sweats easily..
    I find myself using my other hand to help stabilize a lot of specifically light objects, in an environment where you have to perform, it can get real out of hand (all puns intended)

  11. Round 2 was literally Lazer Team, Gavin has the helmet and Michael has the gun

  12. Wow guys! what a great season premiere! cant wait for episode two!


    "aaaany day now……."

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