ICE Deportation Flights Sending Illegal Immigrants Back Home & Border Technology

your tax money is now at work deporting
immigrants from Brownsville on a special report in partnership with border report
calm local 23 has exclusive video of unlisted flights leaving with passengers
restrained and in shackles our alfredo Quadra does this now we’re joined now
with Sandra Sanchez reporter report.com Sandra where are we why are we here
we’re at the Brownsville International Airport behind me we just witnessed two
charter flights take off full of deportees these are asylum seekers who
are being deported to various Central American countries we know for certain
that some of the deportees are being sent to what the mala we aren’t exactly
sure what the other plane was these charter flights before they take this
one flight was supposed to take off at 7:35 and the second plane just took off
at 8 a.m. it’s significant because under the asylum cooperation agreements ACA
which president Trump’s administration’s recently started with these Central
American companies countries we’re allowed to deport asylum seekers to
these countries and so it’s evident by what we saw this morning that they are
doing that it was a total of three buses I believe we have been told by witness
on the border which is a group that has been holding a vigil since mid-january
that these buses are coming from Port Isabel Detention Center we’re not
exactly sure and that’s part of the question is this is taxpayer funds where
are these buses coming from how many of these people and how much are these
airplanes costing US taxpayers we’ve requested from ice to be on a flight but
gotten permission to do so yes Thank You Sandra and thank you Alfredo for more
details on the deportation flights to Central America
check out report.com mixed signals from President Trump and Governor Cuomo they
are battling over the federal government’s ban preventing New Yorkers
from enrolling in trusted traveler programs President Trump tweeted quote
Governor Cuomo wanted to see me this weekend he just cancelled very hard to
work with New York so stupid Governor Cuomo is in Washington for the National
Governors Association meeting he says he did not cancel on the president he says
his office asked for a meeting to discuss the situation and he’s waiting
to find out about when that would happen yesterday the governor said New York
will sue over the ban the Trump administration says the ban is in
response to a state law allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for
driver’s licenses DHS secretary Chad Wolf’s secretary you know on the China
situation it’s amazing to me that they’re criticizing the United States
for limiting travel meanwhile they’ve got everybody locked down in their homes
in China I mean so you know this this coronavirus situation is serious thank
you for addressing it now please address the New York situation New York and the
administration yeah let me every state by saying that this has nothing to do
with again the law that they passed regarding providing driver’s license to
illegal aliens again that’s wrong that’s dangerous and that’s irresponsible but
that’s separate from what we’re what we did this week New York is the only state
now that bares repeating the only state that restricts CBP access to their DMV
data across the board not only for immigration purposes but for law
enforcement purposes for customs purposes but also for trade and travel
facilitation purposes the only state which is precisely why we took the
action that we did now if if New York again wants to restore this access and
we’re happy to continue to process these applications but specifically what they
did is they don’t allow CBP to check their DMV database as they vet
applicants for a global entry or another trusted traveler program so what does
that mean it means that CBP doesn’t have access to indicate if an individual has
a DUI or has another aggravated traffic offence
either one of those are disqualification for the program so my job is to make
sure that that program maintains its integrity and so that individuals in New
York are processed and evaluated the same as individuals in Michigan
Minnesota or California and right now because New York took this action the
department had to respond and take appropriate action to make sure that the
rest of the individuals in these programs continue to be able to use the
public so so very clearly very quickly just should be clear secretary the state
of New York Governor Cuomo will not allow Customs and Border Patrol to have
access to the Department of Motor Vehicles website and the data in the DMV
Department of Motor Vehicles why do you need that data real quick real quick so
to vet a an applicant for a trusted traveler program we look at a number of
different data fields and databases and one is to determine whether or not they
have certain misdemeanors if you have a misdemeanor you’re disqualified from
participating in this program if you have a DUI if you have another
aggravated traffic offense whether that’s a misdemeanor or a felony you are
you are disqualified from this program without access we cannot run a proper
security check in a risk assessment and that that is simply dangerous I would
also say from customs inspection we have CBP officers at ports of entry every day
and they don’t have access law enforcement access to do their job which
is also very dangerous unbelievable all right secretary we’ll be watching this
situation thank you very much secretary Chad wolf joining us there tonight we’re
taking a deeper look at an issue that erupted late last week when the federal
government said New Yorkers will no longer be able to participate in
programs that expedite border crossings as 7 News reporter Aaron Bischoff tells
us here tonight New York State is fighting back New
Yorkers are no longer able to sign up or re-enroll for the Department of Homeland
Security’s trusted traveler programs programs which allow vetted travelers to
use expedited lanes to cross borders why the green light law which went into
effect in December allows undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses but
the law also blocks the Department of Homeland Security from
accessing DMV records acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli says that
information is necessary when vetting someone as a trusted traveler the move
affects travelers enrolled in the Global Entry Nexus century and fast programs
travelers currently enrolled in these programs will still be able to
participate in them for now but will not be able to re-enroll that’s expected to
affect 150 to 200 thousand residents over the course of the next year coach
Nelly says another 50 to 80 thousand New Yorkers in line for the program’s now
will be tonight Governor Cuomo called the decision pure
politics and an abuse of power he announced Friday that the state will
file a lawsuit we’re going to disclose this political intrusion into government
this ham-handed political tactic that once again hurts New Yorkers to make
their political point US senator Kirsten Gillibrand agrees with Cuomo saying in a
statement quote once again the Trump administration is misusing the federal
government for political retribution meanwhile congresswoman Elise Stefanik
is criticizing the green light law calling it reckless and saying it has
hampered efforts to enforce federal immigration laws and is continuing to
have harmful implications for New York Erin Bischoff Seven News well you may
have seen them on the shores of Lake Erie at sturgeon point or just south of
Dunkirk well they kind of look like settlers but they’re actually radar
towers so Border Patrol can watch for people illegally crossing Lake Erie from
Canada George Ricker takes us behind the scenes and tonight’s special assignment
you’ll see only on 4 but I can tell you they are significant and they’re they
are the highest quality last August this latest one went up just south of Dunkirk
at a cost of a million dollars a radar tower equipped with video surveillance
it is similar to ones that have been up and running for years at sturgeon point
and in Ripley their purpose is to watch Lake
Erie for anyone trying to cross Canada illegally into the United States the
international border line is a few miles out into the lake these are primary
radar our cameras are good and they are significant but this is a radar facility
they use coastal surveillance systems they have a camera package attached to
them but it’s the radar that makes them just so critically useful useful
u.s. Border Patrol allowed us inside one of the most elaborate communication
rooms on the northern border it’s on Grand Island but monitors not only those
towers along the lake but all the other cameras watching bridges and waterways
closer to Buffalo and Niagara Falls they can often pick out how many people are
on a boat even in the dark of night well its thermal imaging so our cameras have
the capability to do thermal imaging where heat is your primary signature on
those cameras Border Patrol also has a helicopter based in Niagara Falls
because the Buffalo sector for Border Patrol stretches all the way from the
Thousand Islands region through Niagara Falls Buffalo and down to the
Pennsylvania border it’s covered by 300 agents that’s the biggest challenge here
at Buffalo sector is the the border is is the attraction up here we have
recreation yet businesses out there doing charters you have just all sorts
of things going on the water you have tourists out here so it makes it a huge
challenge for our agents to find that needle in the haystack this gives us
that little bit of an advantage to watch what’s going on the water
if these radar towers capture anything suspicious day or night out on the lake
the folks back in the communication center can dispatch agents by land boat
or helicopter to go check it out typically is people that are legitimate
traffic boaters fishermen recreational stuff but we do get guys that are coming
over and we are able to stop them there until they make landfall we usually
don’t play some under arrest we will turn them back and say hey you need to
do this this is a laws last March residents of Brazil were caught trying
to gain entry by jetski off Grand Island that case was significant because
Border Patrol and local authorities we had to rescue a young lady that the
smuggler basically abandoned out on the water on broken ice and he abandoned her
just to save himself so the next time you see these 200-foot towers at
sturgeon point Dunkirk and Ripley know that’s just part of Border Patrol’s
round-the-clock watch on the US Canada border it’s good for people to know that
this is out there that this technology is out there that we are improving our
infrastructure that border patrol has continued to progress to our technology
to help make our nation’s border safer George Richert news 4 Trump
administration policies have sought to stop illegal immigration and target
undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. most of the attention has been
along the Mexican border but these same policies are playing out along the
Canadian border to mike ben david and producer daniela Fierro got a closer
look at what happens along our northern border and if agents are focusing on the
migrant farm workers in our region the Sergent immigrants along the Mexican
border and the political battle over the border wall have been the primary focus
of the immigration debate in the last few years but America’s longest border
that’s to the north including a long largely unprotected section right
through our region the Border Patrol it’s broken down into sectors including
the Swanton sector that’s what covers right in our region is a 295 mile
stretch across New York Vermont and New Hampshire now we got a chance to get a
closer look at the work border agents are doing to enforce immigration laws on
the us-canadian border agent in Charge Richard Ross is on patrol we’re
responsible for detecting and interdicting illicit cross-border
traffic between the ports of entry Ross oversees 32 miles of the Swanton sector
in two of those miles include Lake Memphremagog right now that Lake is
frozen with anglers ice fishing there are a few people on the Canadian side
one guy right on the line and that’s that’s a common occurrence that’s what
we see pretty much everyone is this okay yes and why is that yeah they’re all
right they’re there they’re on the line they have not crossed that’s where the
they’re set up that’s the kind of challenge border agents face when
Americans and Canadians are living as neighbors in some places directly across
the street from each other all of these houses that we’re looking at here are in
Canada so that neighborhood is just right off the road yes but most of the
border in our region runs through fields and forests unguarded areas attractive
to people looking to smuggle in drugs or illegal immigrants into the United
States Border Patrol uses a combination of
manpower cameras and relationships with neighbors to stop illegal crossings over
the last couple of years we’ve had an increase in traffic you know last year
sector-wide we’ve got people from 52 different
countries coming in places right like coming in places that look very much
like this this shows the last 10 years a number of people detained by Border
Patrol for illegally crossed into the swine sector after trending downward for
seven straight years to a low of 291 in 2016 the number of people caught
illegally crossing the border soared to over a thousand last year now why is
that Border Patrol points to a change in
Canadian immigration policy which has led to an increase in undocumented
immigrants mostly from Central America trying to come through Canada to the
United States anywhere there’s an area to exploit will be exploited by
transnational criminal organizations so if whether it’s people or contraband
they’re gonna attempt to smuggle in any number of spots along the along the line
here and we’re seeing that in 2020 oh absolutely
but Border Patrol is not just focused on the border ages
for jurisdiction in all 50 states together with ice Immigration and
Customs Enforcement they have the authority to detain people living in the
u.s. in violation of immigration laws we’re patrolling the border some of
those some of those roads there’s farms integrated throughout the entirety of
the of the area of responsibility for Swan’s sector that is a great concern
for undocumented migrant farm workers people living and working on dairy farms
in our region who’ve told us they live in fear of Border Patrol it was I’m too
scared to leave because I know I’m not safe Ross says his agents would not be
called upon to raid a local farm but if they encounter someone they suspect to
be here illegally they’ll do their job we’re not obligated to ignore that and
we’ll we’ll deal with that like we would if I caught somebody just coming across
the border we have to determine what the status is and and how to proceed in in
dealing with that individual Border Patrol makes it clear that they are not
looking for undocumented farm workers but Mexicans do top the list of
nationalities intercepted in this wanton sector last year followed by Romanians
Haitians Indians and Guatemalans well I quote about the mobile checkpoints that
we’ve been seeing yeah agent Ross told me this is nothing new within a hundred
miles of the border agents have the authority to search without a warrant
when we asked why the mobile checkpoints have picked up in the last few years he
says its operational tempo and I’m told that refers to the timing location and
frequencies of the checkpoints making them a little more unpredictable but
this has not been a change in policy a good report I can thank you thank you in
Lansing I’m happy very happy you know that kind of stuff don’t need a have
around yeah you know we have a lot of that kind of stuff going on right now
you just don’t need it in re you know so I’m really happy they got it Jim Pruitt
runs West Berry’s hardware it’s right next to the Somerville Hayes
neighborhood where Gonzalez was arrested during the trap
stop one in Lane yesterday morning Berkeley County a system the US Marshal
Service and ice in the arrests Gonzales is wanted for of charge in Cummings
Georgia Pruett tells me knowing the arrest was just around the corner from
its business is scary very scary you know that kind of stuff lead like I said
it happens a lot don’t never see it happen around here when it start to
happen around here you gotta get scared and I’ll meet your lucky doors keep
everything you know security he says he feels safer knowing Gonzales is off the
streets no really just really happy that they did their job you know I stand
behind law enforcement ice is handling the case from here on out in Ladson I’m
Raymond Owens count on to president Trump says construction is accelerating
on his signature project a massive barrier along the Mexican border with a
construction price of 18 billion dollars it stands to be the world’s most
expensive wall and one of the biggest public works projects in American
history a report by The Washington Post says those costs may expand
exponentially because such a structure may require billions of dollars in
annual maintenance the Department of Homeland Security spent 274 million on
border fence maintenance in 2017 there is no official estimate for maintaining
president Trump’s anticipated new wall but the administration recently spent 1
million dollars just to paint a single mile of border fencing with military
labor experts interviewed by the posts a maintenance cost will be prohibitive for
the 30 foot tall steel bollard fencing plus its access roads lighting
surveillance cameras and other technology the border wall is expected
to require construction and maintenance of hundreds of storm gates to protect
its structural integrity in 2011 debris and surging floodwaters collapsed a
40-foot section of border fencing in the Arizona desert the Trump administration
has completed construction of a hundred and ten miles of new border barriers
adding to 650 miles of previous fencing it is budgeted 11 billion for 576 miles
of new barriers and plans to use an additional 7 billion in defense funding
to extend that to 900 by 2022 the president campaigned hard on
the wall in 2016 and is doing so again in 2020 now we’re building the wall it’s
gone up and it’s gone up rapidly and very soon we’ll be building about a mile
a day and we should be up to over 400 miles by next year the end of next year
and shortly thereafter it’ll be finished and it’s already having a tremendous
impact NPR reports that construction costs averaged 20 million dollars a mile
that’s four times the cost of Israel’s wall in the West Bank and five times
greater than border barriers built by president george w bush the new wall
designed to be far more difficult for unauthorized border crossers to breach
than previous versions is being tested by smugglers who have sought away some
heavy steel posts and recently a new section of wall freshly set in concrete
was toppled by high winds in California crews rushed to make repair

Stephen Childs


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