I Faked Being At Work On Instagram For A Week

this move I’m about to try is a very risky play and they grabbed me by my neck like this so I just got called out for being a liar so I kind of messed that up I’m really hoping Aria doesn’t yell at me it’s all my friends know I’m very very sorry already well this has been one hell of a vacation hi there I’m Aria and I’ve had quite a bit of a year so I definitely need a holiday but I’d also like to not lose any vacation days at work so with the trend of youtubers tricking their Instagram followers with fake trips I want to flip that on its head by seeing if I can fake being at work while actually on holiday for a week my Instagram following is not quite as large as these influencers so the goal here is to primarily convince the people I actually know that I’m still in Los Angeles while I’m actually abroad for this challenge I’m aiming to post at least two pictures on my feet during the week at least two stories a day and I can’t have more than three people suspect me of lying by the end of it okay so I’m here at BuzzFeed with my buddy Jack two weeks before my actual trip because we’re gonna spend the whole day today taking the photos and stories that I’ll need to post while I’m on my little hiatus I have a lot of doubts anyone that you know and see on a day-to-day basis I think they’re gonna know that you’re not at your desk or not at work can you get in trouble for this to assist me on this challenge I wrote bin maro Merle’s job while I’m gone is to be my inside woman at BuzzFeed providing content to assist me in pulling this off I think we could do it oh you’re you’re you’re just gonna take full credit for it I mean I’m your strongest asset at this point do you have a boss here who’s you’re higher up do they know I’m here in Rome it isn’t 1 p.m. and today’s the first day I’m supposed to be back in the office today I’m gonna post a video of me driving to work and then Merle is supposed to post a story that we took before I left make it seem as if I’m in the office so I kind of messed that up I left a calendar reminder in my own calendar last night to wear the black dress and I’m wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and sweat pants I’m not posting the video today because I think it’s a risk sorry aria so the plan is already changed on day one I’m going to be posting what I was supposed to post tomorrow today for the first day I decide to post a series of stories near the office with PD plastic an actor and rapper i’ve previously hired off of craigslist on numerous occasions thank you for coming PD how things been for you I’ve been pretty good recently honestly I got like dang Vegas like three weeks ago four weeks ago excuse me is that PT plastic I see over there PT plastic Keaney excuse me sir are you international rap superstar PT plastic oh yes I am that’s good I felt natural so I didn’t start off as strong as I had hoped in this challenge but I have redeemed myself because I checked are you in because class Acharya left his badge at home which he does all the time believable trust me and I said he’s going to visit Megan so Megan is gonna get a notification that aria is here I have a photo in my phone so when it asked me to take a picture after I send in under Aria I held the photo up and I got this Jim so Megan will know that Aria or Gollum from the Lord of the Rings is here to visit and all is well in the world and he’s back I’m feeling more confident than ever mostly myself mildly intoxicated right now in Rome we’re gonna do tequila shots so far so good I don’t think anyone suspects anything okay this is the end of my vlog I’m not too hungover I was and now I think I’m fine I mean was the coffee I did it the important questions that needed to be answered so I just posted the video Terraria of him drawing in a horribly insulting portrait of me I posted to my Instagram I’m wearing the outfit from the video so I think yeah our plans right back on track on my end I’m doing everything to a tee so I kind of messed that off it doesn’t work you can’t believe on me is what I’m trying to say so I kind of messed that up in addition to sharing a moral story I also throw up a quick poll on Instagram we had staged in the BuzzFeed canteen the BuzzFeed logo in there a little bit I will say that things are getting a little hairy right now I’ve received messages from several people asking if I’m in the office and why I’m not coming to see them specifically my dear friend and fellow producer Meghan I’m feel bad because Megan was out of the office for a little while I told her I would see her this week when I got back to the offense and I’ve get that stopped by her desk so I’m sure right now I’m making things I’m a bit of an asshole all my friends and co-workers at work that are watching this now know I’m very very sorry buongiorno I will say I’m loving Rome and whenever I seem to yell buongiorno one day on Saturday I make my way to be a Multi coast but the weekend still presents its fair share of challenges now that it’s the weekend I’ve already received messages from friends that want to hang out and so now I have to find a way to talk my way out of those plans by making up other plans I think that makes it a little trickier at the fact that this isn’t just a regular weekend it’s a long weekend today what I’m posting is Jack and I filmed a segment before I left where we went to get ice cream together so I’m gonna throw that up as a poll for the audience issues when I order my friend Nando wants to hang out this weekend but what I’m going to do is I’m going to message Nando and actually invite him to come to the ice cream shop with us the Nando is very notorious for being late so I’m thinking I’m going to invite him with very very short notice I’m gonna give him maybe a 20-minute heads-up and I’m hoping that he sticks true to fashion and is unable to make it it’s a risky move because if he does actually say oh I’ll meet you guys there that I don’t know what I’m gonna do I messaged Fernando inviting him to get ice cream of Jack and I first Fernando questioned why I’m getting ice cream so early in the morning Fernando then decided to complain about the fact that I have made plans to hang out with Jack despite not seeing him yet and ignoring him all week so yet another person that thinks I’m an asshole I’m a captain I don’t forget that maybe we can get a drink later I feel that’s a very dangerous thing to say cuz it definitely seems like you won’t have a drink with him like later well I’m about to go to bed right now it’s the end of day 3 I just posted a photo that Jack took of me so hopefully people believe I’m still in LA it’s gonna be a little tricky now because Fernando kind of expects me to hang out with him tonight I guess it’s a night for him it’s gonna be one sleeping here and leave hopefully I don’t wake up to a bunch of messages well turns out Nando decided to have a night ever lucky me I’m definitely a little stressed because a bunch of my friends are supposed to be hanging out today and I’m telling them I can’t go because I’m going to a Ringo Starr concert there’s no the concert going out tonight so it works out perfectly I need two previous people that I’m the one of us just can’t Wingo with you go Rango Rango Rango Rango Ringo a part of this is fun but I also feel pretty bad lying so profusely we’re gonna walk back air babe you know and then I have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to close my stories all right they’re supposed to the stories of my brother and I at the Ringo Starr concert as fun as this whole challenge has been at times you know waking up at 5:00 a.m. on holiday probably is the best way to spend a vacation so moving forward I’m just now gonna be more cognizant of the fact that I am on holiday and just not let this challenge disrupt it too much more I think my stories last nights into work the only things I’m posting today is something to my close friends list the close friends feature on Instagram is one where you can only have to select people view your stories so this is my first time using the close friends feature I’ve added all my friends and co-workers to my close friends list and I’m gonna post a story that was shot at my apartment so hopefully they just think that I’m home today okay so I find myself in a very very interesting predicament because this man this older fellow keep sending me pictures of his genitals I block one account sends him again under a different one I blocked that one he says it again I’m a different one I’m mildly intoxicated right now I’ve keep receiving messages from people my close friends list suggesting what I do with these nudes I keep receiving I feel a bit bad it is Tuesday which means that all my friends and co-workers are getting back into the office today so as an excuse for me not being in the office most of the day today I’m there people that I employ off-site to film an interview with Elaine a woman that was captured by baboons for twenty nine days to help me stage a fake video shoot I hire Elaine balance an actress I’ve found on Craigslist I’m thinking you know we just get you in front of a chair and you just tell us a harrowing story about how you were captured by baboons for 29 days I was there with the baboons and let me tell you this day is definite risky because the whole story of the lane being captured by that moon for 29 days is kind of ridiculous and so hopefully some of my more savvy or coworkers or friends don’t find it too suspicious pairing this is horrible ties a little bit but I I couldn’t believe it I thought oh my gosh I spent all my money my life savings what’s gonna happen to me hopefully people believe aliens acting and they grabbed me by my neck like this I will say that before I went to bed last night I posted a story saying I was gonna film this video with Elaine and I asked my followers for any questions they may have come up with very vague answers that I could just throw in and I actually got a fair number of responses from my followers including several of my co-workers I knew who they were their names and gave me a couple yeses in a couple of noes yes ha no definitely no yeah well I was in Mozambique in Africa you know baboons only live in Africa Arabia and I took the safari in Africa however before I can celebrate too much I receive an unfortunate message so I’m about to go to bed and I just received a message from one of my friends Adriana and she accuses me of being a liar I think everyone just thinks she’s a very eccentric woman but Adriana see if they think something is up and that’s a little worrying because they drown it may talked about it with some of my other friends and then if they start putting two of the two together this could all go down in flames apparently Adriana googled this story and she’s questioning why there’s nothing on Google or on all about Elaine which is a very valid point I think what I decide I’m gonna do is I’m going to tell Adriana that I’m making a video about disseminating fake news how easy it is to make up stories online and see if you don’t believe it I last way to keep quiet and hopefully she will hopefully she’s the only person that thinks about googling this woman I have two days left on my trip and I am celebrating not just because I’m in beautiful Amsterdam but because I was able to convince Adriana to keep quiet about her suspicions no one seems to suspect that I am not in LA right now I have two days left to pull this off throughout the week I continue to receive messages from friends and co-workers asking for me which continues to make this challenge quite difficult it’s Wednesday which means we get free catered meals at BuzzFeed and so the plan is for Merle to make me a plate at work and then take a picture of it for me to post on my story friends have already expressed their displeasure at the fact that I seem to be actively avoiding them this is yet another day where I’m supposedly in the office and not seeing them so I’m gonna have to find a way to dance around that it’s all a risk at this point all right I just got Aria his lunch I took a photo of the lunch originally he asked me if I would put meat on my plate I am vegan and I said no I will not put meat on your plate because I’m gonna eat this food after I take a photo of it looks like our he’s going plant based on the old Instagram that’s very trendy these days anyway so good for you aria so we’re gonna take a photo here at this green wall because a lot of buzz feeders they love to abuse this wall before I go to bed I’ll post up the pictures Jack took with me from the green wall but I’m gonna say that Merle took the photos I think everybody employed that I follow has taken at least one photo with this wall I have yet to do so until today that’s 4 a.m. and my alarm has just gone off so I can post the story of me at defiant Jim okay I need your shoutout to define Jim always a crazy workout here if you need a place to Train my tie this is the place at this very moment I won’t lie I’m very much looking forward this challenge being over I actually don’t enjoy lying quite as much as I thought I would have Nando and I have already made plans to hang out tomorrow but I guess he doesn’t know that some car trouble isn’t coming for my final day of posting in order to get out of plans at work and with friends I bring in Roy Allen another actor I’ve hired off of Craigslist my car is for lack of a better word it’s quite beaten up it’s quite rundown I must have gotten that off Craigslist – what we do have here is we have a smoke grenade the smoke grenade will only be able to be used once so we have one take with a smoke grenade we’re gonna put it near the hood and we’re gonna add it kind of just smoke I’m gonna snap a couple of videos from my phone and it’ll hopefully look like the car smoking and then at some point you’ll come by and we’ll film you fixing it this talk improvised what in the world did you do to this thing good heaven looks like it hasn’t been maintained in at least five years yes keep using your acting skills in heaven alright everyone I am okay the smokey stopped this nice gentleman here he came by made the smoking stop somehow okay and it’s just been a few minutes since I posted the story and I’ve already received a whole bunch of messages from people concerned about my car situation and I do feel very bad as the night progresses my phone continues to blow up with concern messages from friends I got missed these times and that’s just from some of my friends I didn’t feel very bad right now about causing this whole commotion with my story I think the difference is that when other youtubers or my co-workers have done this lying to their followers there’s a different dynamic than when you’re lying specifically towards people you know especially your friends who are invested in your emotional well-being and something I didn’t really think about or take into consideration before this I really feel bad that I’m making them worry luckily for me though it’s the final night of the challenge and the next day I fly back to Los Angeles but not before making a quick pit stop at the office on my way home it is currently 5:45 so I’ve made it into the office before 6:00 p.m. on Friday itself because I’ve been in Europe Abbadon Europe what what let’s see no you haven’t no I saw your work posting on holiday was not the hard part I think lying to people was the hardest part especially people I knew that boon lady fake car accident fake car smoke grenade mmm yeah crazy man that man was I hired him off of Craigslist you’re you’re a psychopath big girl no brownie oh yeah there’s been a success and I’d like to say that it is in in large part because of me and my efforts she should be just as angry with morale honestly if not more so more angry with her than me I bought them all souvenirs though so hopefully hopefully they can forgive me see you overall this was a fantastic trip what I do this challenge again no I feel bad about having lied to so many people but we managed to pull it off I got Fernando a Dutch gay magazine it was very thoughtful look at those beautiful uncut man I need more hair they’re quite shame these they’re all shades I don’t understand are they mostly circumcised or uncircumcised this big and this is Europe so they were all gonna be on cut [Music]

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