I Am AFGE Prelude

If this is what comes to mind when you think of Federal Employees you are not alone. Despite misconception Government employees are as diverse as the people they serve.They are families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers
and they work around the corner on Main Street, in our neighborhood and our communities we
call home. They help Veterans who are returning from a decade long war.They issue Social Security checks, protect our boarders, provide clean water and food, and keep our skies safe. They keep drugs off our streets, small business in operation, dangerous virus in check and
safe equipment in the hands of our troops. Many go about their lives quietly. A quiet
pride for what they do and the people they serve. They do there job just as in other
American citizen and play an internal role in sustaining our community community. The American Federation of Government Employees is proud to represent over 670,000 of these dedicated
public servants throughout the nation. In a new a series AFGE will introduce you the
Women and men that make America great each and everyday. We want to tell you not only
about the key services America provides but about the Patriotic Men and Woman who provide
them. AFGE members are of all colors, creed and religions. They come from all 50 states
and abroad but they are all connected by one abiding idea That the American people deserves
the best Government services that they can offer. So join us hear their stories, engage
in the campaign and let’s change the conversation about those who make the American dream possible each and everyday I am. I am I am AFGE. They are Americans, they are you They are AFGE!

Stephen Childs

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