How we plan to build a $100M+ Agency in an unorthodox way

When I talk to people, it’s like,
yeah, like if you’re really as good as you say you are, then
you’re going to do it. You’re going to do
pay for performance. This is why we hire
smart people in here. You know? Part of that is saying, okay, we
go to a SaaS company or whatever. We say, okay, you guys pay us $500
per sale or per lead or whatever, and then, you know, we start
helping them drive leads. We start helping them drive
sales and they will pay us. We’ll make money on
the margin there. Right. When I look at one of my friend’s
companies, I think I told you guys, $26 million a year, 10 employees,
like that’s a tight knit family and I want to keep it, I
want to keep it small. Ideally, I’m not opposed to growing
more, but I don’t think we need hundreds of employees. I want to keep the quality
high, the culture good. Cause if you add more people,
culture is going to deteriorate a little bit. So I want to maintain that because
that’s the number one thing for me. How do we do a great level 10? Agenda. Yes. And what do we do
when we get to IDs? We put a to do. Yep. Prioritize, get
stuff back on track. Go back into your work. Shall we begin? Let’s start with the
good news from last week. Starting with Hannah. My roommate had a friend’s
dog over for two days. And I’m, I’ve never met the dog,
but the dog instinctively kept coming in my room
and sleeping with me. His name was Dash and I’m in
love, so that was a good surprise. That’s awesome. I had a birthday party,
slash super bowl party. There was a lot of fun and people
brought a lot of food and I think I’m still full. How many pizzas did you have? How many pizzas? Had approximately one half. I have to be. Okay. That’s good. So a quarter. Yeah. Mine was finishing my manuscript
finally, so that took about seven hours over the weekend. Obviously the Superbowl is good
too, and just a lot of readings to too. How did the new topic do? It did okay. Interestingly enough, like we had
it, it was number one on on views and watch time. For some reason, we’ve got
negative four subscribers. It was weird. I don’t know. That’s fine, but it
was a marketing idea. Next one, customer,
employee, vendor headlines. Who’s got something JJ starting. Eric and I will be in Miami
next week until Wednesday. FYI. A lot of us are
doing jobs right now. Let’s say if. I got sick or let’s say noah got
sick though, we’re kind of screwed on the video side. Or if Ben got sick, we’re kind of
screwed in client side sales side. There’s a lot of
that going on, right? So we want to figure out how we
can prevent these single points of failure. And one of the things we wanted to
do was to, um, cause we all do a lot of different things. We want to identify maybe a top
three all the way up to 10, things that are critical to our job and
then potentially start to document them. So I put together this memo, I
shared it with Selena, Zach, and Zach and Brynne, you can go
through it, you can comment on it. So go through the document, take
five to 10 minutes or so, and then just leave comments in there. And then everyone else
here has a physical copy. So, I’ll start the clock for about
five minutes and I’ll check in. And then yeah, those of you that
are here, just write down your questions and then we’ll
go through the questions. So this is .What is that
white powder over there? That was from me. In fact, in December, we partied there. Shin noodle is a staple
for Asian people. So shin cups, it’s really
unhealthy now that you look at it. 1300 milligrams of
sodium, but who cares? like 360 calories? So it’s healthy, right? Is number one the number one
customer at this restaurant. So Hatch Yaki Tori
by Daniel Shemtob. We’re going to see if
they have the ramen today. If they don’t. I’m gonna smash your Camera in. Hey, how’s it going? Good. Do you guys have the
ramen back or no? Unfortunately we don’t. All right, let’s go and start. If you’re getting emails from me
from a mysterious email address that’s asking you as you have a
spare time, please don’t respond to them. It’s going to probably get to go to
your spam anyway, but this happened to Eric, I think last year. Yeah, he’s speaking up. It will be beefing up our security
probably sometime next year. The next part of it is still asking
if you have time and then if you respond, he’ll say. Please go buy $100
worth of gift cards. He was leaving to go buy
the gift cards that Eric asked for. The Bhag is obviously 10 years
out, so we ended up reading a book called the three hag way, and the
three hag is a three year highly achievable goal. So we want to put one in place
cause three years is kind of where the longterm meets the short term
goals and it’s something that we can achieve and we
can build out a plan. It’s kind of hard to
build out a full plan. How do we get to a 10 year goal? But you can build
out for three years. Some people have only been here
for three years, so it makes sense. So in terms of identifying where
we’re going to focus, obviously we don’t want to do
every single thing. We want to know what we’re good at. Our target market is really going
to be that saas that Eric was talking about and you know, kind of
fleshing out what that looks like. E-commerce. We’ve had some success with the
eCommerce brands we’ve been working with, and also Education just
because of the foundation of the company and what the focus is. We’ve seen success there is also
going to bolster our own efforts of trying to be a greater educators
in the space for marketing. But we’re speaking to a coaching
group last week that that’s looking at helping us, and he said he had
originally didn’t want to take the call because he heard agency and
he, he’s like, those agencies not even want to talk to them
because they don’t add value. But as you started talking more
and more about kind of the, all the stuff that Ben is talking
about right now, it’s like. Yeah, I love to work with you guys
cause you guys are actually focused on driving value like, but I don’t
want to work with any other agency. We want to specialize
for a couple of reasons. Number one, we know we
can be good at this. This is where we
put our efforts in. This is where we learned, but also
because a lot of agencies do try to be a Jack of all trades
at every single thing. And that’s something
that we’ve never done. We always want to be really honest
with clients about what we can and can’t do. And that’s something we want
to continue forward with. And that does include
where our specialties lie. So when clients come to us. Like, if we can help them, we
will, but we know exactly what our strengths are. so Zach, I mean, he wanted to
congratulate, Noah and Hannah for hitting, output numbers. It’s not an easy thing to do. I’ve actually been
harping on it quite a bit. so we’re right now publishing about
35 ish pieces a day, and we’re trying to wrap that up even more. It’s really aggressive with the
amount of people that we have, and I know that. so congratulations. Can you explain what is the belt. The belt is given to the person who
exhibits our values the most that we, whoever has developed that
week, give it to someone that they see ‘personifies’ as made audience. We have. It’s during the week. So now like no one else deserves
it, but that person, it’s his personal best super bowl party. This weekend I had a really
good call with Zach today. He just closed a clip flow client. We’re just figuring out how to do
a really easy pass off put for the single grain, which is exciting. Click flow is a software that
Eric’s been building for the last couple of years that works with
your website to find some automatic suggestions to improve
your content overall. So. the term they use is
content intelligence. And what it basically does is it
looks at your site and it says, Hey, you’re not
optimizing this content. if you change the title and the
upgraded to this, you’ll get a better click through rate. you can get more traffic this way. Or this, this really amazing
article has been performing really well, but in the past, but maybe
now it’s not performing as well. If you made this tweak,
you’d see some improvement. And that software has really
enabled us to have a lot of different conversations with. Different companies who may not
be suited for agency services, but they can really use the software. Wanting to give you a little
context about what click flow is. Now we can go back to the
vlog and carry on our story. I cleaned my apartment this
weekend, which is like a big thing when you finally, no, no, no, no. I didn’t clean it out. I didn’t like throw stuff away. I literally cleaned like, like,
yeah, like Cinderella style, you know? are you sure? had the sniffles. Alright. Alright. The personal best. I took a break yesterday to watch
bad boys for life and now I have a new crush. we are hitting – the content team’s
hitting all of our output goals and some are like surpassing them. So that’s impressive. Yeah. I sat through the entire John Siena
playing fire movie with my little sisters. And enjoyed it. Keaton Michael Keaton does his
thing, and then we laughed. I was like, I can’t
be mad at this movie. Now I did see Noah’s carousel thing
and don’t necessarily get to see all this stuff that’s a little bit
more innovative, a little bit, more cutting edge in a sense. So normally I would do a sort of
co champion, but there’s another brought it up. Let me give it to him. There’s also. A, the chance that
he may not infect me, not that I get sick, but
probabilities in his favor as well. So we’ll go with noah A warm compelling speech.

Stephen Childs


  1. Great video Eric! Loved the belt thing. I always learn so much from your videos, greetings from Argentina

  2. I like Eric that you have such a purpose in mind. However, high expectations discourage and demotivate. It's better to pay attention to bringing more value as you do on YouTube or Marketing school, only then to get 100M in revenue )) Of course, I'm not a prominent judge with not a big Russian and Ukrainian agency. Just my opinion. Never mind ))

  3. Cool culture focused video. Compliments your channel that has tons of great things to learn from, and this shows a practical application of what you’re teaching.

  4. Hey Eric, great video. Quick question. How does your content strategy come into play with attracting your ICP’s in Saas, Ecom, and Edu? Are you still going to continue to create broader content around various marketing topics or moving forward will it be specifically catered to those verticals you’re trying to reach?

  5. Love seeing the other faces in the office! And that specific brand of instant ramen was my entire diet in college

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