How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native

Stephen Childs


  1. Wow, so cool! Nossa muito bom de mais, vaya! Esta genial, valeu pra caramba!

  2. Thinking in English is most important thing about learning English. If you want to learning Norwegian, Deutsch, Turkish or another one, try this in that language too. This is really important. 👏👏🍃

  3. Actually my exact problem is finding a native friend everyone has prejudge about Turkish people but you shouldn't guys

  4. Thanks so much for your video! You help me a lot really!
    And your Spanish and Portuguese are perfect, a new suscriber from Argentina.

  5. Я устала читать субтитры на 4 минуте

  6. my question is out of topic ,but what’s the name of the song in end of the video?

  7. I am so happy!!! I could hear and understand everything you said. No subtitles. IM IN FIRE BABY

  8. Hey.I wanna practice English language with people having Intermediate level and above.If you have suitable level,you write your number below.

  9. Y loved. Y learn any time with music conference apeak myself and enjoy thank you

  10. Hello… I´m from Angola. I´m learning Inglish and your video is help me to grow. thanks, I will keep on to study to be better.

  11. I don't have anyone to talk in English. I have to practice alone. Can anyone help me out how may I do that? Please.

  12. I really like your recommendations, I think they are very helpful to me. Thank you very much for this video and I just subscribed to your Chanel.

  13. We can comment videos in english it is a really good exercise to think more in english!

  14. The most difficult for me is to speak or Write in english because of the grammar (I Know : english isn't a difficult language… it is less difficult than french but french is my native language so it is easier😅)
    When I read or listen english I understand all (except some words or sentences but I always understand the global sens) so I'd like to speak and write more english but I can't speak or write in a other language without search a word (except for this commentary so sorry if I did mistakes)
    Anyway thanks for this video ! Now I want to progress so I think I Will progress😁

  15. Interesante y motivadora manera de enseñar. La profesora Gaby tiene un lenguaje claro, preciso, con excelente dicción y se expresa a un ritmo que es posible seguirla sin necesidad de leer los subtítulos. Me he suscrito para poder recibir más videos de ella. Congratulations !!!

  16. Si no se buscará la tradición de inglés , los americanos o ingleses no tuvieran necesidad de buscar diccionario para ver el significado de una palabra de inglés a español

  17. I'm so happy learning English quickly, I have to practice speaking and listening everyday.

  18. Thank you for your kindness. Someone told me " If you dream in English that's mean you start to think in English " 😁
    I love English. 😘

  19. Well, you just turned the wonder on me to watch a Netflix movie in english. Please give me some advice, so we also have a little talk. What is your favourite show on Netflix?

  20. Hi everyone! There is someone who want to practice eng speach? We can talk on facebook 😊 i'm from Italy

  21. Web don' t understand conversational English because english people are always in a rush and speaks quickly.They don't take in account the listener.

  22. i do not understand english and speak englesh is most difficult for me

  23. This video was awesome! I understood about 90-95% of this video! Thank you for do it and congratulations for your Portuguese! You're learning very well!

  24. i have understood almost the whole video with subtitles on. now i trying to improve my listening. Its so difficult understand what are people talking about. In the begining i'm thought that you was brazilian haha Brazil its watching you!! obrigado!

  25. how happy I am… I've understood the 90% you said withoud reading the subtitles. Great!!!!!!! Cuai bella!!!!!

  26. Thanks a bunch for all of these perfect tips I really enjoyed your video… Keep on sweetie

  27. hi i need American peoples to speak in WhatsApp thank you ♡ . i love America

  28. Omg, I'm so happy cuz I have improved my listening, and I was able to understand everything about your video, thank u! ♥️✌️⚡

  29. Right. I definetely agree with this video.
    So when I drive or take a shower, I try to speak in English in some virtual situation which I just imagine. But it's really hard.

  30. wow it’s totally works! right now when I fully listening to you it’s like I really understand everything you’ve spoken! thank you very much! cmiiw on writing because I don’t really know how to use grammar 😅

  31. pq vc falou livro em português? kkkkkk vc é muito linda, gamei…. comecei a treinar em inglês, de uns dias pra cá deu vontade de aprender inglês que estranho, espero que nao seja fogo de palha…

  32. Wow! when I was watch some video in english before, i was didn't understand a large part of it. But in this video I understand almost everything. Thanks for that! Subscribed 😉

  33. -_-"

    Pues yo pensé que hablarías en español, porque para mí sería fácil decirle a alguien que aprende español, OYE, piensa en español, no traduzcas en la mente… xD

  34. Close your eyes and think everything in English. If you do that you will be a English Speaking Master ! Everything that you see in your life

  35. Hi,,, sister.,,,,,💕New friend here.😘 I have Bangali language . I am not well in English.❤ It's really helpful channel for me,,,,,,👌👌Thanks for shearing.👍👍Stay connected❤❤ dear.

  36. Like me when I came to the US before 4 months ago it's was hard for me to speak. Because I used to Translation to my language after that make it in English . But it’s wrong way to speak

  37. I tried everything and end up to the thought that if you truly want to learn English, you have to teach yourself in your own way. No one can help you in your case as it is your personal identify that is really different than any others. (Srry for my bad English btw)

  38. hi, i'm from indonesia… i'll try to learning and speaking english… please corrected if i'm wrong, thank you

  39. Estoy aprendiendo inglés y Vi tu vídeo y lo entendí casi al 90% eso es buena señal!!!

  40. I 'm Japanese!!
    I want to talk with foreign people.❕
    if you can, please tell me.
    thank you.
    whoever ok!!!

  41. Olá, boa tarde, ótimas dicas, sou brasileiro, se quiser bater papo , estou disponível, estou começando a engatinhar no inglês, mas estou adorando

  42. maybe is terrible when you start learn english and you can't understand this video.

  43. You are right in the points you made you are perrty amazing person. Im supize that you can speak and write arabic.english is languge of since and universal languge

  44. You lived and travled to many counties im sure you have seen a lot and learend many thing though your travling im syrian guy who dreamed of trvleing and learing new thing like tou do but cilvil war burst in my country from 9 years till now to get to power icoundt achive my dream becuse of has destroyed my life so i joined to police to make liveing. And i am looking to things that go worst in my country and to my life that ended qhen i joined to police to make liveing my deam was to learn english as native speaker and travle to many counties like you do i want always to learn new thing i feel allways like im hungry for knowlge and to see more of world im like orochimaru in Naruto anmie who is a sainticet who trying to unlock the mystry of the nuture in saintafic way

  45. Learn english as it is dont translate it to your frist languge to improve your english

  46. Your tips are extremely inspiring!!! I would add another suggestion..find an English partner who does not speak your native language (and who is not interested in learning it…) 😉

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