How to Pronounce These 9 American Government Agencies

Welcome to English Challenges where
you’re going to learn how to speak English naturally and confidently. Today
we’re going to learn about government agencies. The reason I’m doing this video
is because we use acronyms for most government agencies, but I’ve noticed
that ,for example, in Spanish, they say SIA, but in English it’s C-I-A. Sometimes we say the letters and sometimes we create kind of a word for it. Can be a little
confusing, so I want to clear it up. Your challenge today is to tell me in the
comments which is your favorite government agency and why. For example. I love the CIA because I really enjoy watching spy movies and reading spy
novels what about you if you’re a challenger hi and if you’re not a
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tips and videos from me okay now the first agency we’re going to review is
the FBI so here we say all three letters f.b.eye this stands for Federal Bureau
of Investigation so Bureau the spelling is kind of weird so just focus on the
pronunciation HBU you view row row right like it
doesn’t sound anything like the spelling so the Federal Bureau of Investigation
is the FBI next on the list we have the NS a the NS a so notice here we have the
FBI the NSA so we have the article NSA stands for National Security Agency
National Security cute-cute Security Agency notice that an American English
the T often sounds like a D so instead of security there’s no air so security
again NSA National Security Agency next up is the c.i.a so the CIA Nazia
I a you want to say every letter and I also find that for the eye you want to
make sure you finish the eye before you get to a so said of CIA see IIIi CIA and
this is the Central Intelligence Agency so the Central Intelligence Agency is
the CIA EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency now this one’s
interesting because we have environmental but Americans often don’t
pronounce that T there are you noticing a trend the T for us it’s there’s so
many variables okay so in this case environmental or environmental sometimes
you’ll hear depending on the region where the persons from you’ll hear it
completely reduced or it’s very subtle so the Environmental Protection Agency
the FDA is the Food and Drug Administration now the drug in this one
does not mean like illegal drugs it’s talking about like pharmaceuticals so
the FDA is the Food and Drug Administration listen for the reduction
here food and drug the D and and is dropped so food and and the D links to
the a Food and Drug Administration FDA IRS is the Internal Revenue Service
Internal Revenue here you hear the T there is air internal internal revenue
so not new way but new new Internal Revenue Service IRS NASA now this one we
don’t say na sa it’s NASA NASA NASA and this is the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration NASA sec this is the Securities and Exchange Commission
and here we have the end notice an American’s drop the D in and a lot so
securities and securities and change commission and mix change there’s
no D so the SEC is a Securities and Exchange Commission not to be confused
with the SEC in American national football so if you here use for football
that means something totally different and finally the USPS the United States
Postal Service USPS United States Postal Service notice here that we have United
the T is so subtle and then postal Postal it’s really they’re so United
States Postal Service this is something that now that you know by the way there
are like five different ways that we pronounce the T in American English so
when it sounds different to you it’s because it is so it’s okay with practice
you can master it just take it one word or one expression at a time so whatever
words you use the most for example in this list which of these government
agencies do you talk about the most master that one and tell me in the
comments so which one do you use the most which and you know the most about
or which one is your favorite and why and as usual sharing is caring so share
this video with someone that you know maybe who works for a government agency
and wants to master their pronunciation or someone who loves American English
like you and me thank you so much and great job I’ll see you next video

Stephen Childs


  1. I have a soft spot for the FBI because Dana Scully and Fox Mulder worked there for several years. 🙂

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