How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: Happy Holidays Cards

Hi this is Brenda and today we are working
on our pop-up cards. We need our 5 x 8 index card stock. We’ve got our glitter, glue,
markers and scissors. Today for an interesting touch, we are going to be using cookie cutters.
If you don’t have artistic ability and you find it hard to cut out different shapes,
you can use cookie cutters for your template as I have today. I’ve got some holiday shapes
here and let’s say we are going to use the bell shape for instance. What we would do
is put it on a piece of paper, take a marker and draw around it and cut it out. This is
what it would look like. Like this. To add a little extra to it I put some school glue
on, shake on a little glitter and this would be our finished product. Like this. You can
just write a little message down here and we have an under liner like this to cover
up the cuttings. This style we used that we showed you earlier where we cut out two little
slits in the paper and we made a little shelf. So what we did we adhered the bell to that
little shelf so when we open it up, it pops out at you and glitter is a little extra added

Stephen Childs

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