How to make a statutory declaration

This video shows how to make a basic statutory declaration in Victoria. A statutory declaration is a written statement
of information that is witnessed by another person who is authorised to do so by law. You can type or write most of the statutory declaration before visiting an authorised
witness – but don’t sign it yet! This needs to be done in their presence. Visit an authorised statutory declaration witness. A list of people who can witness statutory declarations can be found at justice.vic.gov.au. In each other’s presence you must both sign or initial any alteration to the statutory
declaration, sign or initial each page, and sign and date the statutory declaration.
If the statutory declaration refers to a document, you must sign a certificate attached to the
document identifying it as an exhibit to the statutory declaration.
In front of the witness, the person must say the required text “I, [full name] of [address],
declare that the contents of this statutory declaration are true and correct”. On the last page the person making the statutory declaration must sign and date it.
The witness must sign, and write, type or stamp their name, personal or professional
address, and their qualification as a statutory declaration witness.
You have now made your statutory declaration. For more information including a copy of the
form and a list of people who can witness statutory declarations visit justice.vic.gov.

Stephen Childs

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